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What else do we use a bowl for!?

Lucas is a master tactician and weapon wielder, with the help of his Wrist Rocket, he gives his enemies a whack

Entry : comes in running.
Victory : Smiles and gets too excited and falls and then laughs
Defeat : Tries to use his Hand Cannon but hits himself instead.


Basic : Hits with his Wrist Rocket
White : Better than a bowl
Lucas throws three of his Fireworks that deal x damage to all enemies and blind them for 7 seconds.

The blind is reduced to 3 seconds if the enemies are over levelled

Green : Extra Force
Every 6 seconds,Lucas stretches the sling for extra long, gaining a super-crit and stunning them for 9 seconds

The stun is reduced to 5 seconds if the enemies are over-levelled.

Blue : Toughen Up!
At the start of each wave,Lucas ties his bandana over his head and applies black marks on his cheeks,giving him 10% boost in each stat,and every 3 basic attacks,Lucas crits.Lucas gains x hp everytime he crits

Purple : It was meant to hurt
Everytime Lucas crits,he stuns enemies for 4 seconds. ''Better than a bowl" now burns enemies dealing x DOT damage.

Red : Force Enhancement
All of Lucas’ moves deal 20% extra damage.Lucas gains 50% extra Hp from all sources.The healing is reduced when Lucas is over levelled .

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Great concept.i love stranger things :slight_smile: Just so u know,its wrist rocket what Lucas uses :slight_smile:

Plus pls make a concept about will,Steve, and of course,el.and pls,pls,pls the demogorgon if u can!!!:blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

Well, thank you for the appreciation, and oopsie!, Thanks to point the mistake. I will make a concept on Steve soon but next is … A flayed protagonist. @ULTRACHEESE_III,the next concept is will,and sorry,I cannot post the demogorgon bcz he is part of Will’s skillset. El will come soon

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It is there!!

Will uses his skills and knowledge in the battlefield.He uses the accidental powers he got to sense chaos and havoc.

Entry : Comes in and looks both sides,and gets alerted.
Victory : Smiles and jumps
Defeat : Falls on his knees and disappears


Basic: Kicks an enemy

White : The Spy
Passive : At the start of the battle, the player chooses an enemy to be under the effect of ‘spied’. Spied enemies take 50%more damage from all sources.
Active : Will stares at all enemies. All enemies undergo the effect of spied untill Will’s energy runs out. During this duration, when any ally deals damage to a spied enemy, they are healed for x hp. Whenever a Spied enemy is dealt damage, they are scared for 5 seconds.

Green : Felt it!
Will gives a random ally ‘Goosebumbs’. When any ally gets the effect of goosebumps, they increase their dodge rate to 70%.
Animation:Will touches the back of his neck, and his pupils grow.

Blue : Rolled a 7
Will takes out his dice from his pocket, and rolls 5 and a 2.when he does so, a demogorgon comes running dealing x damage to all enemies, knocking them back , and either stunning or scaring them or scaring them for 7 seconds.

Purple : Like it cold
When any hardy consuming debuff or disable is applied by an ally, the enemy is dealt x damage and frozen for 5 seconds.
This can be triggered every 7 seconds.

Red : Flayed
Will flays an enemy when using his blue skill, charming them for 8 seconds.
Will gives a stack of hardy, whenever he scares or spies and enemy.
The hardy application is failed on allies above level x.

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So smart,thankyou.i mean,I think the demogorgon ‘will’(see the pun I did there?:rofl::rofl:) be a great asset to his you mind if I suggest a few costume ideas?

Flayed what?sry I dont know what that is… :sweat_smile:

Ooh,just a little idea,maybe tou could make the mind flayer a character with the rats and flayed humans such as billy and heather.just a thought.keep it up with the great concepts!

Hashtagjusticeforbarb :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Lol, I will make Steve tommorow, stay tuned :wink:

Hi bro!wheres that steve concept?

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