Stupid seal!

I’m on the last chapter of Slinky Dog’s friend campaign with Powerline, but I can’t get past the first wave on the second level, because the stupid seal just keeps on healing - even when he’s FROZEN! Why can he heal while frozen? Give me a break!

Because it’s a passive… passives aren’t affected by disables.

I do not know if it’s possible, but you need to knock GMN back so they can stop healing and getting armor and reality


yeah GMN will be strong while on the rock… must knock back him… same as hard to get Mr Big disk when he face Slinky… they keeps shield even it frozen lol

See, that’s what I thought, but I don’t know how I can. I mean, I guess Miss Piggy might be able to knock him off, but I haven’t leveled her up and I’m not exactly made of gold or XP drinks at the moment. I wish I could choose an ally for friend campaigns.

Well, it nearly broke me (in gold, of course), but I was right. Getting Miss Piggy up to level 130 and maxing her skills was just what I needed, to finally win that fight and complete the campaign.

I do still wish I could choose my allies though, since the allies they keep giving me are often characters I either haven’t unlocked or haven’t levelled up.

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