Suggestion for friendship memory improvement

Has there been discussion on improving how to earn memories? Tokens are hard to come by and missions take so long! It’s hard to keep up! I spend, but not my life savings. On my server (19) there are not many memories available through missions. Such as goofy/Jessie! Which leaves a lot of us lag behind. Even the memories available payout is horrible. 20+ hours for 2?!

Just keep on doing missions. It may sound like putting too much effort, but you should get into the game every 2 hours to make the Goofy-Jessie level faster. Same with Rafiki-JackJack.

My goofy Jessie is maxed. I only have one mission for them that memories is not a reward. I’ll get onein a blue moon. That’s about it. I’m constantly checking back. I spend way too much time on this game. It’s very time consuming.

You can come back every 2 hours just to refresh the mission.

I’m aware of that. I do check back every two hours. I don’t see how restarting a mission that doesn’t reward memories even maxed can help. I’m currently 4th in overall ranking so I obviously put time in…

Patience is a virtue.

Just wait and do what you always do. F2P like me achieved the disk in just a few weeks.

I’ll keep on like I’ve been. That’s not going to change. As a guild we were just discussing why memory tokens are such a limited commodity. With more disk and toons coming it would be nice to catch up with the ones not only me, but my lower guildies have. Give the low guys a chance to get somewhere.

After about 3 months, I’m about to have my first 5 star disk. Just keep grinding missions and play invasion for those tokens. That’s all you can really do.

That’s what I’m doing for sure. Not even close to any 5 stars!