Sulley's armour...or the lack of it

Was wondering why my team got smacked down embarrassingly fast in Coliseum when I saw this: Sulley has absolutely no armour!

It doesn’t matter that he has a health value that’s a multiple of, I dunno, Mr I’s…with absolutely no amor stat he goes down faster than even Ralph these days (just kidding).

I know it’s been mentioned before in here but it finally hit me hard this time…what a pity, being such a good match with Mike and all.

Is there some way we could get him some love and renewed usefulness? With the current game meta being the way it is, battles these days are decided within the first 3 seconds…his heal, though impressive, becomes a distant memory…


The game is quickly becoming power creeped. Every hero released after goofy is ridiculously powerful. Almost every hero released before elsa, Olaf, and shank is useless unless they got a refresh, or have a strong synergy with a new hero. Sulley was once glorious but is horribly outclassed.


Keep working on him, he gets better. Unfortunately with the way the game works he will never stand up against the likes of Bo or Goofy but he definitely isn’t the worst tank (that’s Maui)


Don’t felix and rex exist?


No question they both suck pretty bad. But at least they serve some function (even if they do it badly).

I have never seen any positives using Maui.

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No he doesn’t, even in meta he’s useless, dies too quickly to do anything.
And… 3k armor in O3 isn’t good example of “gets better”.

Another trash-tanks.

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Actually I used Maui for a long time immediately after Duke’s release. His buff got Duke to activate his white faster and he would wipe any team before they could blink.

So gotta go with Felix as the worst.

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When mods are able to add armor and stuff maybe we will see him coming back. I have a feeling perblue decided to add these features to mods so that they could relax on the refreshes and have us do it ourselves by adding the stats we think each unit is missing.

Put Maui with Meg and he is pretty decent. Gives your time enough defense to get their whites off. Alone he is useless.

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I agree with @Aloch. Whenever maui has a little protection such as meg of hades he’s definitely a force to reckon with. What I really wish is that maui’s blue would activate the same way that Timon and pumbaa’s green does, that way it doesn’t leave him so vulnerable.

How’d you manage to get armor on that beast? I’m guessing it’s the Orange gear which my server doesn’t currently have…

I have 4 badges so far (from Orange to his current rank) which grant armor

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Yeah it really is disheartening.

I joined this game only a couple months ago and it showed so much promise: you could feel every toon bring useful in it’s own ways… Now I’m just seeing every coliseum and arena attempt melt away in multiple variations of “I can’t seem to make an impact yet the enemy hits their specials and kills multiple toons instantly” nightmares.

'Funniest thing is, I came here precisely to get away from another game that was going through the same thing. I understand power creep but I simply don’t understand why every game’s new shinies have to be this massively OP when they really don’t need to… It’s seriously bad for renewed business.

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He’s definitely one or the worst tanks in the game, tho in his day he used to rule the meta, until Tia Dalma and Quorra ended him and Baymax was released.

Lord skellington you know nothing sulley please him felix are terrible and Maui isnt that bad at all depends how you use him.

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Yes I think so

Heal for every stack of “courage”, annoying push back distance, killing shark bite, etc.

Yeah Maui isn’t the best. I’m only working on him in S19 for the Stitch friendship. Bo peep is def one of the strongest tank

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Use Maui properly then lol he can bite your head off kill you if you use him right. Better than sulley felix Ralph rex is dodgy because of evasion if you keep him alive he can help but theres not many teams that do that. I know of one.

If you’re on server one, there is a way to increase Sulley’s armor considerably, albeit difficult. If you have an hp mod on Sulley, advance it to +1 and level it up to lvl 30. If you can reach far enough into the tiers of invasion, you can collect the mod upgrade pieces that will give several thousand armor to him. It’s not a concrete number. It’s 2% of whatever his max hp is at the time. I myself have not reached it yet. You have to reach close to tier 30 in order to collect the necessary amount of upgrade pieces. It also requires that the invasion mod of the week be hp mods. I don’t think it matters what team color it is.

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