Sulley's Laughter in Invasion


maybe this was mentioned somewhere, or Maybe I am crazy, But I do not think Sulley is activating his Healing Laughter skill at the end of an Invasion boss fight.

Sure it kinda makes sense that he doesn’t when they boss is not destroyed, but he doesn’t appear to do it after the boss is defeated either…

Is this just me, am I seeing things? Idk.


Sulley only activates his green skill when the battle is continuous. For example, at the end of each wave because another wave comes, but if it is wave number 3/3 it does not activate it anymore, because the battle ends. Same in the Breakers campaign, Sulley always uses “Healing Laughter” because the statistics of your heroes are saved for the next battle and if a hero must have, he will most likely die. However, the Boss battles for being something like an Arena tournament, the skill is not used at the end, because you must face the boss with the status of your heroes as they were.

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Oh, Makes sense, thanks for clarifying!! :smiley: