Summer Events

Any ideas what the next Summer Events would be?

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Not sure the summer never started in the UK :laughing:


Prob they wll add a spoiler for lilo

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Kovu and Kiara?

It’ll probably be the usual. All ports and/or trials open, double campaign drops, maybe a special crate. Double gold in City Watch and/or Creep Surge.


Nothing like anniversary event for sure where they gave us free Goofy for sure. Although i hope they give something free as gifts like more borders, or items like double badge and chips drops or double gold or double exp drinks or 4x stamina regen something like that. It’s not much but it is something nice to get.
I’d like a double xp drinks item. It suits the summer event since summer gets hot and drinks for sure can help my heroes to recharge and reach their maximum level power and potential hahaha (I’m reaching here lol)