Super crit?

I have read the meaning of super crit on the “outher stats” but never understood what it differences with a normal or fantastic crit.
In an example.
Mushu (Gerald)
Jack skeliton (Sally or hatter)
Sully (woody)
Mushu has 100%to super crit scared enemies (with full stars) but what is different from Jack sk to fantastic crit scared?
Exanple 2
Stich (hatter)
Robin Hood (nick)
Gizmoduck (launchpad)
With full stars on nick disk of Robin Hood any ally has 100% chance to super crit so what is the difference between using the disk and super critting and not using the disk and just normal crit?
Also these two teams are the ones I m build has main study and scared.

Pretty simple:

Normal crit = 200% damage
Super crit = 300% damage


Can a toon crit on an invasion boss?

That^ . Also heads up, super crits do not consider your crit damage which can raise the damage of a normal crit to a super crit. Unless support told me wrong, still that makes Robin super critting not so effective

You can crit on anyone so long as your crit value is higher than the enemy (or bot) level or they are studied/scared. You can study/scare the boss

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One last question are the teams good to build for and what disk should I use for Jack sk when I finaly have his red skill?

Both discs are good, you can focus on more damage over time or more healing and scares.
Mainly if you have in mind to improve Mike and his red, I would prefer to improve Mad Hatter’s, since the scares followed by the three ducks would be very high damage with both red abilities.

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