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Greetings, I’m hoping to get some perspective regarding a recent support incident.

On October 9th, Server 21 went down temporarily. Unfortunately, the 30 minute downtime happened to coincide with the last 30 minutes of four items that I had in effect. The items were Double Team XP, Double Campaign Gold, Double Normal Campaign Drops, and Double Elite Campaign Drops.

I understand that these items last for 24 hours, however, I was actively making use of the items when the server went down, using stamina & consumables that I had saved up, and by the time functionality had been restored, the items had expired.

I contacted PerBlue support and explained the situation. Any review of my activity logs would clearly indicate that (prior to the downtime) I was making full use of every possible item in attempt to maximize my gains before they ran out. I inquired if it would be possible to replace to items, even if it was just for the 30 minutes that was lost due to the server downtime.

Disappointingly, I got a flat “No” from PerBlue’s support team.

I’m not looking for a handout, just an opportunity to make up for the lost time in some way.

I welcome any guidance regarding this situation. If I’m in the wrong, I will accept it, but I’m curious about any thoughts that our community members may have. I would greatly appreciate any advice as to whether I should persue the matter further, or if I should be like Elsa and “Let it go.”

Thanks in advance for any wisdom, and thank you all for being such fantastic community members.

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I don’t understand why they can’t expand those items for merely 30 mins when things were clearly their fault :thinking::thinking::thinking:
@Loutre, could you guys help this guy out or at least an appropriate answer to this thread?


I mean 24 hours should mean 24 hours, not 23 and half. I don’t get why perblue can’t make some sort of coding that it pauses during server down time (just like auto collect stamina from mid day energy a lot can’t collect when servers go down wish they would add too).

I don’t see perblue helping though Becuase it sounds like the issue when people were getting a deal that shows for two items, they buy two items and only get one and perblue didn’t want to help players then.

Hope proven wrong and they do a right thing for you though. Be nice if there was more compassion and empathy for the player base, especially in things like this.

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I reviewed the ticket and I do not see anything wrong with how the support member responded. As the downtime was only for 30 minutes we are not giving out compensation. As the support member had said “We’ve encountered an issue where Server 21 players had temporarily lost access to their accounts. This issue was identified and fixed within 30 minutes. We will not be able to compensate for this situation because the server downtime was only 30 minutes.”

I’ll be closing this thread now.

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