Support not replying in time

I began on Tuesday, by trying to recover a lost account, gave the information requested within 24 hrs and now since the last email, havent received a response in 44hrs.

I’ve lost out on so much effort/time and the ability to lead my guild because support won’t respond in a decent time. What can I do to expedite this or at least report to your support manager that this is super unrealistic and terrible customer service?

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Over the past few days due to the S21-22 issues, they’ve probably been overpacked with messages which is why they can’t answer everyone on time. So eventually they’ll probably answer, but right now you may have to wait…


Have you heard of a thing known as patience? You should try it sometime! :wink:

I understand you want quick responses, but that is just not possible sometimes.


I understand about patience but 44hrs with zero response is terrible, even for a small company.

Let’s be honest, my recovery of an account shouldn’t be affected by what happened. The person in charge ticket had requested i do something on my end, which was completed. Its now on them to finish the last step.

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Actually, it really is not. Plus they got a ton of requests recently with what happened and the outrage that came with it. Also, the weekend is coming, so you may have to wait longer, and thus learn to be more patient.

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44 hrs without a response is a terrible amount of time for any help desk. Its almost roughly 16 hours worth of time in that 44 hrs to finish this ticket.

If you noticed, those who have sent in requests about the solo issues got blanket, auto statements. My issues should have already been resolved, the work itself isn’t hard to do.

The reason I posted here was to get any person to respond from the company.

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