Support not understanding English

So who else is having trouble with support not understanding plain English?

I even supply screenshots showing that only one Tangled character can advance their hero mastery collections count and they turn around and tell me that Rapunzel is working…

That’s all fine and dandy but there are three others that aren’t and they just repeat the same line like a robot that they’ve looked at my logs and they can see that I’m advancing Rapunzel.

That’s not the problem it’s impossible to advance mother gothel or Flynn Rider or Maximilian…

But they just repeat that I’m able to advance Rapunzel and then they give me the standard well you can only advance them in creeps surge and so on and so on

I would love to have a support crew with English as their native language

It’s obvious from the pictures there’s a problem with the other three but I don’t think they understand

The C does not show that a hero is able to gain collection points, it shows that the hero has gained collection points and is not yet completed.

So the behaviour in the screenshots is correct :stuck_out_tongue:

The behavior in the screenshot is not correct because those characters not showing a c such as Maximus, mother gothel and Flynn Rider were zero, they hadn’t completed anything they were zero I was not able to use them and gain collection points.

I kept complaining because only Rapunzel had a c by her name and allowed me to collect anything and they finally fixed it.

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