Surge glitching


Surge is stealing heroes without depletion… Freezing on load. Then taking heroes. Showing defeated but then they are there. Not showing regions cleared when passed and finished. Starting surge before hitting load then dying in seconds.


It happens every now and then, but it’s usually due to a poor internet connection


I don’t know about other servers, but server 1 is having widespread lag issues today. The most important thing to do when the game starts lagging is to not panic and give it anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two to catch up. As long as you don’t panic and start hitting the back button or trying to start another fight or anything like that, it will catch back up and then show the result that you are expecting.


Same thing seemed to be happening in War. 3 of our members had clean sweeps, then showed the red box around the car and opponent they attacked. When the red box cleared the opponent was untouched and they lost their attack. All 3 hit war around the same time.


Has this been happening to others?


Yes @Polaris . Server 4 is experiencing major lag and having a hard time completing surge, losing battle in arena and Coliseum. And also making war glitch also


We’re looking into the lag on the servers.