Surge is to hard its getting well out of control lol

Its punishing smaller toons they cant even raid the smallest areas its getting out of control tbh hardly anyones heroes get hired there a few districts what get done


I 2nd this comment surge has become literally no fun now with how high the lineups have become


I spend more gold on mercs to chip away on hp to finally clear a district than the gold reward. The effort is there but putting in effort is negating the reward.

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S21 second bottom district in surge have heroes lvl157 when we have lvl cap 145. How’s r1 heroes have 81k power with fully enchanted gear? Surge team power is way off their real strength


Surge is heavily dependent on the power levels in your guild… one top level player can skew the difficulty for the entire guild. I’ve seen this in my guild and verified with others that it seems to be the case.
In Endless surge in particular, the hardest district and the weakest district initially seem to be loosely correlated with the team power of the guilds strongest player and the team power of the guilds weakest player. Then, the districts get slightly harder every time they are cleared, by going up in hero level, but not necessarily anything else.

Source: Personally been ruining surge for my entire guild for a long, long time, so I surveyed a bunch of people I know in other guilds and servers to figure it out.

I can’t really fault the formula but I think maybe it would be more useful to base the difficulty on an average team power for the guild with a standard spread, rather than a spread based on individuals from either end of the spectrum.

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