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as there is a Guild Wall and a War Wall for explaining to members of the guild about how a certain guild does war, could we possibly have a surge wall added for the same thing? different guilds do surge differently and some people don’t actually understand how to do surge, so I think a wall in a future update would be a good edition?



Well, if you get the hint at the beginning for it, you would know how to do surge. It says exactly this:

“In Surge you want to defeat enemies with the least power possible.”

And that is true… while Surge Tokens at this point are… pretty useless to say the least, you can get a lot of gold by attacking a specific “easy” spot.


As Numi said, there shouldnt be that much of discussion on surge - hit as much as possible and donate the rest

But, another guild wall for sparring or line ups would be useful
We currently use the two we have access to:

Guild wall:
Rules, contact details, discord link, Invasion lineup, and counters for most difficult heroes

War wall:
War off duties (refer to War QOL requests for more information on this)
Spars for targets

There is no space for practicing or posting counters for most common lines, as both these are pretty full already and things get lost quite easily.

Hopefully something the team will consider for the future.


There was a post a while ago requesting player ideas for improving War Chat, I’m still hoping that we see some of those ideas one day


oh, I know how to Surge. It’s my area, but some people don’t communicate properly & answer their messages, but they read the walls, so having a surge wall would be good for the same reasons we have a war wall

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well you could just pinpoint it to a general guild wall?

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