Surge waves

Do the matchups get tougher in later waves of the surge?

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While the Surge team compositions don’t change, the levels do. More specifically, zones that are completed in the previous wave have their levels raised by 1. Untouched/Unfinished zones do not.

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Still working on getting my team stronger… Surges are pretty difficult for me

I’m a guild leader in server 12 that composed members for a tactical outcome.

Surge difficulty is comprised by amount of waves.
Surge difficulty of enemy is composed by [ the average of all your members] collective team level in -brackets- eg. District 1-3 are on power level of your most powerful members.

Surge waves do not change difficulty throughout the waves. But if you gain a new powerful member and they pass the 24 hour hold, they get added to surge log, increasing that day’s difficulty for as long as he remains.

So if you know how to work your averages, you can find a sweet spot everyone can attend.

My guild is very tactical that way. We 200th position finishing 11 waves. So we have plenty of new members coming in and getting good surge rewards.

Juat make sure that the same members attend nick/frozone combo districts since they know what to be aware of.
Any tricky districts should be discussed.
Any new member should come with notice from guild leader to everyone that the difficulty has increased [if you have over 30 members, enemy decreasing will go unnoticed]

Also keep it strict 10-27 if you want to finish. You dont have to do well but its imperative everyone exhaust their heroes [mercenary on the other hand must be for tactical reasons]

Sorry for talking to long.
Thank you for listening.

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