Swampy & Bambadee for Disney Heroes

Before I begin, I have something to say. I know these two characters are not really Disney characters like the ones we have but since they had a considerable influence in their specific games (Swampy from Where’s My Water and Bambadee from Club Penguin), they would be a perfect fit. I decided to put them together because they wouldn’t be so great individually as stand alone heroes. It would represent the computer/smartphone gaming side of Disney and have the opening for other Disney characters from all sorts of products that aren’t just from movies or tv. So… let’s begin!

Swampy & Bambadee


Swampy is an alligator who just wants flowing water. Bambadee is just a stowaway penguin. How they came together is not known.

(No good quotes for this character/s)

Stars: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Back
Trials Team: Blue

Basic attack: Swampy bites at the opponent as Bambadee stands aside to watch

Entrance: while Bambadee slides into battle on his stomach, Swampy runs over to catch up.

Victory: both heroes do the infamous club penguin dance

Defeat: they get splashed with mud and fall over, landing into a sitting position.


White Skill: Penguin Slide :fist:
Bambadee slides into battle, dealing x damage

Green Skill: Broken Pipe
A pipe pops up from the ground and breaks, spraying the nearest 3 opponents in water and sending them flying backwards.

Blue Skill: Card-Jitsu
Bambadee pulls a card and puts it down. It either is Snow, Water, or Fire. Depending on what type of card he plays gives these heroes a full residence to the certain opponents attacks based on their roles. Fire = Damage & Tank. Water = Control. Snow = Supporter. This move lasts for x seconds.

Purple Skill: Squeaky Clean
Every wave, all status effects given to these heroes are removed.

Red Skill: (none)


Swampy & Bambadee / Captain Hook
Campaign: Clean Misunderstanding
Allies: Peter Pan, Olaf, Baymax
Disk: Timeless Teamwork
Increases attack and movement speed by x%

Thoughts about this wacko idea for a hero?

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