TapJoy Support link broken


Good morning,
I have some TapJoy offers that haven’t paid out after several days. When I try to click their support link, it returns me to the Get Diamonds menu and the game locks up, requiring a force quit.

Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround?



Can you give me a screenshot of the link you’re tapping that isn’t working?


Apparently not? I cannot put images in a post, possibly because I made the forums account for the first time to post this topic.


Try now? I adjusted your permission level.


Hey it works! Thanks!

This screenshot is from tapping on a task that is in the Not Rewarded section of Reward Status. Tapping the red link is what causes the glitch/lockup.


Checked in with our Tapjoy contact, and they said the link looks to be configured correctly. Is it possible you’ve set the default app to open that type of link to the game instead of your web browser? You’ll need to look at the default app settings on your device and see if you can reset it there.


Was there a resolution to this? I’m having a similar issue. The request support button takes me back to the offer wall. I was able to request support from tapjoy before the latest patch.


I ended up being able to do it by getting the link open in my web browser and navigating from there. I don’t recall how I did that, though.