Team Building questions 6/14/19

Looking for help building teams. What are the best characters? Who do they perform well with? Which disks should be applied?

Scar (QH, Ma if low level), Baymax (WA), Quorra (EV), Zurg (Re), and Miguel (El)/Buzz (Zu)

The earliest to unlock is Buzz’s Zurg disk

I have a lot of success with a freeze team.

  1. Olaf (Moana disk required!) This little guy is your powerhouse tank, dealing massive damage on a deep freeze (stacking freezes). Must have.
  2. Elsa (either disk depending on the situation, but I prefer Olaf in general)
  3. Frozone (Eve disk for the heals)
  4. WallE (Flynn disk)

There a lot of variations if you don’t want to go full freeze, but I’m not going to cover those. Instead, I’ll focus on the best options for 5th slot.

  • Merida (Elastigirl disk): great damage, but she makes for another squishy toon on an already squishy team. Good option.
  • Baymax (Olaf disk): Meh. He’ll only freeze on that initial flyby, which is a cool headstart… but they’ll dethaw before Olaf can get a deep freeze on for major damage. You’re better off with the extra armor/shields from Baymax’s WallE disk.
  • Felix (Frozone disk): You see this one a lot, but don’t use him. Hiding behind Olaf, Felix doesn’t get to damage sponge. That’s what he does best. So really, you’re just wasting a slot here.
  • Genie (Elsa disk): lol, don’t.
  • Miguel (Elsa disk): Way better healing than Frozone, plus all frozen enemies lose armor? Yes please! Olaf and Elsa will hit even harder, boosting both your offense and defense. Miguel loses his stun, but he replaces them with freezes. Which is kinda the point of this team.

As you can tell, I lean towards Miguel (Merida a close second) for the 5th slot. At least if you’re doing full freeze. But why half-ice it? Don’t get cold feet; go for the freeze.

If I left any options out, that’s because I forgot them. They’re probably worse than Genie though, so…


I use an interesting team:

Judy Hopps (Fe): She is there with her Felix disk as a must, to increase basoc damage by over (at five stars) a whopping 1500% what she usually does. Why? Cuz I have two other supports. 500% for each=1500% total.

Woody (Je): Take advantage of his ability to deal with those backliners by bringing em to the front, stunned and then use Judy Hopps massive increase in basoc adamage to wipe the floor with the weak in HP, Armor and Reality such as Elsa, Maleficent, of even take out Miguel easier!

To top it off, he also increases basic damage and has a charm. He has a slight heal, but after you get high least lvl, it does not do too much.

Kevon Flynn: Protect ypur team from freezes, stuns, etc. He also has a heal factor plus a bonues with Baymax disk, but both disks could be used.

Note: I plan to swap him for Miguel once I finish lvling Miguel’s skills and get Miguels friendship disk (Je). Not only will Miguel’s heals from his basic get even more insanely stronger thanks to Judy, but he also protects the back line from a charms. Plus he is just a terrific healer.

Jack Sparrow: We all know it, Jack Sparrow is supper powerful, granted Merlin is now a direct counter, but I have not had time to work on Merlin to replace Jack Sparrow, Not Sure I want to either.

Baymax: Even though I have three support characters, my team is still strangely e vulnerable. So I added Baymax for hid shields, and study.

Obviously my team can be countered, but I use it anyways :grin:


Merlin, Baymax, and Barbossa(Tia disk)… and 2 others.

That’s pretty much the meta in one sentence. My suggestion for 4th option would be Aladdin(shank disk) as he gives several quick crits to get merlin going. 5th option could be any normal damage heavy hitter such as Robin Hood or jack sparrow.

So as I have said the team I use, here is the reason why:

My team is a multi-purpse team, meaning it does many things

Scar (QH)
Scar can become undetectable at the beginning of every wave and deals strong attacks to enemies and they can’t do anything to fight back. Scar also heals himself whenever he damages an enemy. I recommend his Queen of Hearts disk because whenever an ally is K.O.’ed, he gains 10% attack speed (when the disk is at one star). With Scar’s active, he deals a bunch of damage and silences enemies

Baymax (WA)
So Baymax can give you a headstart in damaging enemies and shields your allies at every beginning of a wave. Baymax’s shields are very powerful and useful against medium attacks (not Jack Sparrow’s “Avast”). Baymax studies enemies for some time and makes allies’s normal damage attacks deal twice as much damage. He also grants allies armor, and when allies are dealt critical damage, it deals 40% less damage

Quorra (EV)
Quorra also gives you a headstart for she damages enemies at the start of every wave. She can deal lots of damage to enemies with her active. With Zurg (his scare) on the team and her EVE disk, she can heal lots of HP

Emperor Zurg (Re)
Zurg can scare enemies giving a boost to all Fantastic Damage, so his active can deal lots of damage and his Rex disk helps him deal more damage to tanks, and almost every team has at least one. His active can last a long time since his Blue Skill allows him to gain energy whenever he deals damage

Miguel (El)
Miguel heals constantly and keeps allies on the battlefield, especially Zurg, who has low HP and armor. Miguel also weakens armor with “Flatten”. When he uses “Crescendo,” he stuns enemies and heals an abundant amount of HP to allies. But with his Elsa disk, he freezes enemies instead stunning, and for a longer amount of time

If you want a scare I strongly suggest Jack Sk(MH) over zurg, since he has more sources of scare and healing and since he has much more survivability.
Also, if you are using zurg I suggest using goofy or woody to make his white skill deal more damage in less time. Zurg + goofy + Jack Skellington is very fun to watch when it goes right.

That being said, my current team is:
Darkwing Duck(Ni), Shank(Va), Jack Skellington(MH), Mike(Su), Maleficent(Ja).

Darkwing Duck
Heavy hitter with a lot of survivability. His nick disk also allows him to punish calhoun and baymax’s shields. He, shank, and jack are usually the ones there for the lategame.

She hits very hard and is an amazing damage sponge. With her vanellope disk for armor sharing and her green skill for boosted skill power, she also doubles as my support.

Jack Skellington
Damage boosting and solid sustain for my team. Mad hatter disk allows him to destroy the enemy backline very shortly and should shank’s green skill proc, his healing is absurd.

Mike Wazowski
Mike is a good source of crowd control as well as damage. His sulley disk allows him to repeatedly hit with his stun and heavy damage.

Mal serves a similar purpose to mike. They both deal bursts of fantastic damage as well as crowd control. I run jack disk on her for the splash damage for maximum healing from Jack. She also gives mike a stun to gain energy from to get his damage loop started.


The team I’m using (didn’t get all the disks yet):

-Shank (Va). She deals an amazing amount of damage and is a great tank. Sharing her crazy high armor is always good.

-Jack Sparrow (Ba). He’s the main damage dealer in my team. His counter is lethal and his Avast even more. He and Shank are a great combo, bc if the opponent has a normal damage based team, they won’t die and keep doing insane damage, and against fantastic damage, like scare and freeze teams, Shank will die pretty fast, triggering Jack’s blue and making him even more lethal. Also, with Barbossa disk, he gains more HP and heals A LOT every time he uses Avast. Nick’s disk isn’t bad either.

-Moana (Me). Another great damage dealer, who also has good survivability. She’s like a “second Jack” if the real Jack dies too fast. I use her Merida disk to make her attack backline while Jack destroys frontline. I guess Mickey’s disk could work too.

-Hiro (Either disk). I needed a control, and Hiro turned out to be the best one (I don’t have Merlin though). He may seem pretty weak at the start of the battle, altough his backline stun is helpful. However, when he triggers his Megabot Call, the battle will mostly be won in a few seconds. His 5 seconds team stun will allow Jack and Moana to crush enemies without being damaged. And even if they’re already dead, at this point Hiro and Megabot can easily handle a whole enemy team, since that bot has more HP than Sulley and can deal damage pretty close to Jack’s. I often win battles against teams with more than 10 TL over mine with just Hiro and Moana surviving. Both disks are great to improve his crowd control.

-Miguel (Je). OP healer, and also a great support/control in other ways. He’s particularly good with Shank, since she will be healed A LOT while driving her car. I recommend Jessie disk to make him heal faster.

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Which is why I equip mods and have Miguel on the team… to grant skill power

I guess. Still, whenever I’m using zurg I try to use an attack speed buff to make his shots come out significantly faster and give him more energy. Zurg kinda demands that his team be built around him.

My ideal team is hades ( meg disk ) so he can give boast to damage over time skills plus his own skill , then jack with better burning disk ( more damage over time ) mike for stun ( sully disk ) and crowd control plus huge fantastic damamge , maleficent control and with energy removing fog disk she’s giving u advantage over enemies plus she have damage over time skill booster by hades and lastly one of the best support ever Wall E , giving u energy boost plus damage over time skill ( not the more energy capacity disk go for the other one ) with that team I was able
To get 15 defensive wins in challenger arena

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