Team Combos

So i know some of you have already found some REALLY great combo for teams like sully, jack, and maleficent or Elastagirl with other heroes who deal fantastic damage so the way you find combo teams are by looking at what heroes thrive and struggle in, look at skills, and even gameplay, just play ti’ll you find that great combo team

my combo team is Mickey, Moana, Olaf, Goofy, and Robin hood

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I use a weird combo team, I center around Judy Hopps and her Felix disk.

Three support heroes, Judy Included as well as Woody and Kevin Flynn soon to be replaced with Miguel. Then I add Baymax for shields, and Jack Sparrow to…decimate enemy teams. It does not work to well in campaign cuz it lacks Fantastic damage, but it works.

Once Judy reaches 5 stars with Felix disk, in total she will increase basic damage by a whopping 1500% which is crazy in itself.


I use Scar, Baymax, Quorra, Zurg, and Miguel. Scar to silence and damage enemies; Baymax to shield allies and study enemies; Quorra to kill off tanks and heroes that increase attack speed at 50% HP (like Mr. Incredible and Merida); Zurg to scare enemies and deal lots of damage to enemies with his active; and Miguel to heal allies constantly, give allies a skill power boost, and decrease an enemy’s armor