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I plan on creating & working on a few teams over the next few weeks. I was wondering if I’ve made good decisions. What do you guys think?

Study Team: Maximus, Stitch, Pleakley, Gizmoduck/Li Shang, Basil

Maximus will study the hero with most basic damage at the start of the combat, Pleakley & basil will amplify the study & deal crit normal damage to studied heroes. Stitch will slow down the movement & remove the armor. Confused on healer or hardy. Suggest changes & give feedback

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Maximus and li shang(front) gizmoduck(mid) pleakley and basil(back). Actz u dont need to some study characters. Its too many and also all of these guys dont have any cc or defeat the cc skills. So Change some characters

If you plan to make a study team with those 6 characters, Stitch should be the one you remove.
Also Barbossa should probably be there, in place of Shang or Gizmo.


brilliant. i am working on various collections too.
able to show the heroes and their individual ranks but still wip in analyzing the best study teams out there

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What website is that?


here you go. my contribution back to the community

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