Team Help! Thank you

This is what I currently play with, but I would really be grateful for constructive feedbck. Team 1: Hades, Disgust, Sadness, Cat, Tron
2:Elsa, Kristof, Shang Pooh, Ian
3: Mulan, Hiro, Fear, Max, Jim
This is my 1st post so sorry for the mess, but thank you for any help. Much appreciated.

Sure, happy to help if I can :-).

First of all I think that if you could post your characters like this it would be really appreciated, like that way I can more so see how strong your characters actually are, that way more able to give you good advice. (I don’t necessarily recommend the older characters here to newer players, but they work for me).

But yeah, in terms of your team I imagine that it would be best if you switch Elsa out for Honey Lemon who is better these days, same for Hiro maybe and Mulan and Pooh.
Not bad characters, just maybe better with newer characters if you have the option to get newer characters :-).

I don´t have team recommendstions :sweat_smile:
But I like to see a strong HDL

Well, Huey, Dewey and Louie aren’t that good compared to new characters these days, but they are pretty decent and for now useable in my view :-).

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I use my purple HDL regularly as a Mulan counter if various other ones are used or unavailable

Mi recomendación es Winnie Pooh ya que el regenera vida y ataca mucho también te recomiendo a Ian a tristeza a desagrado y a wasabi esos son los que yo utilizo

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