Team recommendations!

My current colosseum lineup:

Any advice or heroes I could use?

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pretty good, i’d replace maybe Prince Phillip with someone like Aurora, Syndrome, Dr. Drakken, Clawhauser, Sadness, or Angel.

Meg works better if you give her Kermit’s spot, cause it gives reflect to three heroes at the start of the wave

I can tell u something: your team needs a pattern of some sort, by boosting on your allies skills (ie. Using Kristoff and Sven with Elsa or Honey Lemon.) or diversifying your team by ensuring that at least one ally can boost the whole team in a way (ie. Timon and Pumbaa provide extra armor for the first 10 seconds and Rapunzel has buffs for the frontmost hero). Some heroes like Zeus, Baymax, Powerline (delayed) have start of combat skills. Take advantage and deal early damage if possible or buff the team early temporarily. Mad Hatter’s red skill allow allies safety for 4 seconds, so disables like Mulan’s rockets (stun) can be avoided.

I do not have red sills yet.

In the meantime, try to find some team that can complement (even without red skills). Honey Lemon can extend freezes and blinds so that’s a perk that can come if your team has Elsa, Powerline, Mulan, just for reference.

I’m not sure if I will want Bagheera, because Bagheera can only deal massive damage with his red skill. But his buffs is something worth noting. For Mother Gothel, her only form of direct attack is via her basic attack or by the brothers. Sure, the brothers function like Kristoff and Sven (he has his own hero stats), like Sven, these sub-heroes are very prone to disables and debuffs, so they may be attacked first. But in this case, Mother Gothel only has basic attacks to deal damage. It may be a disadvantage, so consider someone else.

Have u considered using true damage heroes?

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