Team Suggestions

Hi there!
I’ve been using this team:

-Maximus Fl
-Disgust Sa
-Ian Go
-Cheshire cat MH
-Pleakly Ju

All R8 at this moment.

At this moment I feel like something is missing. Pleakly is pretty good but… Well, not like is doing any miracle. I’ve tried Shan Yu, but he dies too fast. I’m wondeing if Muchu could be a better choise? (playing along with disgust would be amazing).
I don’t know.
Any ideas, please?
It’s a bad synergy team?
What sugestions you guys have for a good synergy team?
Thank you so much!

Welcome to the forums!

Pleakley is a really good Damage unit, but I think the reason you may not be finding him all too impressive is because he doesn’t have the greatest synergy with the rest of your team. Disgust, Ian, and Cheshire Cat all have an emphasis on Fantastic Damage whereas Pleakley does only Normal Damage.

If you have them built up, I might recommend replacing Pleakley with Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Their Green and Blue skills have great synergy with the rest of your team, and their White Skill can be really nice to have.


Thank you so much!
I have so much to learn about this game.

So, in order to work, I should use a team of characters that deal the same kind of “things”?

Lock, Shock and Barrel, that will be the first time I’ll use them. They can be better than Muchu in that case? I’m wondering because of his 100% more damage to silenced enemies, wich could be interesting with disgust.

However, I might try the Lock shock guy :grin:

Don’t worry if you have a lot of questions about this game. I am also a relatively newer player (since Halloween last year).

First of all, there are three types of damage in this game: Normal, Fantastic, and TRUE. Normal Damage targets an enemy’s armor, Fantastic Damage targets an enemy’s Reality, and TRUE Damage will always do its full damage to every enemy regardless of their defenses. Most units do either Normal or Fantastic damage.

Although you don’t necessarily HAVE to use a team of just Normal or just Fantastic damage, it can sometimes help to focus on one (usually Fantastic Damage since most units tend to have lower Reality than Armor, with some exceptions).

Mushu certainly isn’t a bad choice for that team, and you’re right that he synergizes very well with Disgust. The reason I suggested LSB is because they will be more beneficial to the team you currently have as a whole. Their Green Skill can lower enemies’ Reality, allowing Disgust, Ian, and Cheshire Cat to all do more damage, and their Blue Skill can Scare enemies, which would allow those 3 to crit and do EVEN MORE damage against enemies.

If, however, you did want to try using Mushu and Disgust on a team together, you certainly could. Silences, and just disables in general, are very useful in the meta. In that case, I would recommend using Sadness and Angel, as they both also benefit from Silences. Sadness is an excellent tank, and Angel can really help your team’s survivability.


All I can say is THANK YOU!

You already helped a lot by explaining those things.
Thank you!

I’ll start leveling up my LSB and maybe the idea of the mushu could be something to use in other teams.
Alright, that was a HUGE help :grin:

Thank you kind player!


Of course! Let me or other people on the forums know if you have any other questions.

What server are you in, btw? I am in Server 21.


I’ve started at server 2… I don’t know if it was a good idea to start here since it’s one of the older servers, but it’s too late already :sweat_smile:

Maybe I’ll play a bit on the new ones :grin:

… Pardon my bluntness, but how long have you been playing for? :joy:

I mean, if it makes you feel any better, you’re already miles ahead of where I’m at. I only just started unlocking Orange rank for my characters about 2 weeks ago.

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I’ve been playing since jully I guess. However, I wasn’t much assiduous. Played like 1 day a week :joy: and didn’t even try to learn much about the game until now.
I might start play on the new server 24.

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Ah I see.

Well, welcome to the forums, again. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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