Team xp level by level


Please could someone share how much team xp is needed per level?

Is there a chart anywhere?

If not can we compile one? Please share your team xp level and how much xp the next level is. And I will create a list here:


90 and higher 10.000xp per level


85** and higher: 10,000 XP per level


After 100 lvl it increases by 1k for each.


Awwwww after 100 they put an increase… without having another quest daily quest for team xp…
Really @Polaris??

And you guyz going to implement cap lvl 105 in just few weeks for s2-8, we dont even have mod yet…
Hayssssss (sighhhhhhh)

Can i ask a question, how long did the s1 remain cap lvl 100 to get to cap lvl 105??? They say it was for a few months???


Here you go:
76, 5.9k
77, 6.1k
78, 6.3k
79, 6.5k
80, 7k
81, 8k
82, 8.5k
83, 9k
84, 9.5k
85 -> 100, 10k
101, 11k
102, 12k
103, 13k
104, 14k
105 ->110, 15k


I wish I could like this a thousand times

Thank you!