Teambuilding Advise Wanted, stuck on campaign

I am currently stuck on the campaign and want to be able to progress further for better badges and such. Who should I train up to do that? Here’s my current top 16 chars.
Maximus Fl, Merida El, Animal Go, Elsa Fr, Ian Go, Baymax Ok, Hiro Da, Randall Yz, Gizmo Du, Mulan Co, Krisoff Ki, Frozone Me, Hades Me, Launchpad Hi, Stitch Ma, and Pleakley Ju.
Thanks in advance

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First of all, welcome to the forums!!

To anwser your questions I first need to know a few things more. Can you post a picture of where in the Campaign you’re stuck? And maybe also how developed your heroes are (if needed in two posts)?

The names and disk don’t seem to be that bad (except maybe for Frozone)

Frozone was mainly up there because I used a freeze team for a while. I am on Chapter 36. And my heroes are pretty developed (all above R10 for the top 16) but can’t seem to get anywhere in the campaign. My phone won’t let me take screenshots (it hates me lol)

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Chapter 36 is actually way above where I’m at right now (I’m done with 28, waiting for 29 to be releashed in my server), so I don’t think I can help you if you’re unable to screenshot stuff. Hopefully someone else can help you

Bahaha me too. I mean maximus, Ian and mulan are all good, so you could use them if you want to use those names in the teams.

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