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My last post got way off topic so I decided to start another that was more focused on what I’m needing now. I’ve collected quite a few characters now but can’t seem to get my characters to work together or my characters will just stand there letting enemies beat on them. Everyone is lvl 51 and I’m on Server 22. My current team for most things are Stitch, Jack Skellington, Elsa, Minnie Mouse, and Sally but my real trouble is the multiple team activities such as Arena, Colosseum, and Guild War. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I’ve tried crunching numbers and I still get beat by teams that are half my power.

Here’s the list of heroes in order of power.

Team Level: 60

Elsa 3 star P1
Stitch 4 star P0
Jack Skellington 3 star P0
Kevin Flynn 3 star P1
Powerline 1 star P1
Felix 2 star P0
Scar 3 star P0
Kristoff & Sven 2 star P0
Minnie Mouse 2 star P0
Sally 2 star P0
Belle 1 star P0
Vanellope 2 star P0
Finnick 1 star P0
Frozone 1 star P0
Dash 1 star P0
Yax 1 star P0
Elastigirl 1 star P0
Peter Pan 1 star P0
Ralph 1 star P0
Maui 1 star P0
Nick Wilde 2 star P0
Kida 1 star P0
Timon & Pumbaa 1 star P0
Judy Hopps 1 star P0
Mr. Incredible 2 star B2
Mushu 3 star B0
Gizmoduck 2 star B1
Hiro Hamada 2 star B1
Raffiki 2 star B1
Rapunzel 1 star B2
Quorra 1 star B1
Simba & Nala 1 star B1
Syndrome 1 star B1
Olaf 1 star B1
Sully & Boo 2 star B0
Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo 1 star B0
The Queen of Hearts 1 star B0
Dr. Facilier 1 star B0

List updated as of 6/30/2020

If you need more info just ask. Most of the first 3 skills of each character are lvl 25 primarily at the top of the list. Still trying to work my way down. I tend to get new characters through the video chest every morning. Today I got Quorra and Raffiki. I’m currently trying to get Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and Calhoun so I can continue the friend campaigns. Lastly it looks like the guild I’m in is dying out. Need to figure out how to get into a more active guild. I play everyday almost all day so I’m constantly upgrading my characters where I can but I need to know who I should focus on. Thanks again for any help.


That can depend on what heroes you like using, but I’ll sort the heroes you posted into a rough no-disk tier list. :slight_smile:

Tier Damage Support Control Tank
S Peter Pan Timon & Pumba Powerline (white can do huge damage)
A Elsa, Belle (good for support), Nick* Kristoff & Sven (only good for freeze teams) Minnie
B Scar, Stitch, Quorra, Belle Rafiki, Kevin Flynn
C Skellington, Elastigirl Judy Finnick Felix, Sally
F Vannelope, Dash, Calhoun Yax Frozone Maui, Ralph

*Great for CW and Invasion, not great for pvp

An easy team for beginners to use is the Olaf/Elsa/Kristoff & Sven “freeze core”, and two other heroes of choice. I’d suggest WALL-E and Powerline, though because slows are included Finnick (preferably with his Judy disk) could substitute for either.

(EDITED to include the heroes he said he’s working on)


Some question first.

For which Mode du you need this Team?
Inva, coluseum, Arena?

From your heroes you should, Focus only some.
You wont get All maxed.

Stich (Inv)
Elsa (col&are)
Belle (all)
K&S (all)
T&p (all)
Powerline (col&are)

Maybe Minnie.

You need also:

Randall (col&are)
beast (All)
Gizomoduck (inv)
Mulan (all)

Maybe i forget something :sweat_smile:

I would hold off a little bit on Coliseum and focus on Arena first. Then when you have more stronger heroes, then you can work on Coliseum. Shining Diamond’s tier list they made is a great start. Once you have more heroes, you can look at full tier lists that others have made and posted here.


I won’t agree with this, both are great (A tier), but of course with red skill. And for long term playing it’s better to look for future too.

I would suggest… Minnie, Powerline, Timon, Kristoff and Belle
A lot CC, big buffs and heals and finally, damager and hardy stacks source :slight_smile:
Powerline could play role of tank with such support and his blinds.

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Elsa, Kristoff and Powerline are great as a freezing team for Arena Defense for example!

Stitch is only ever useful for Invasion boss fights when his Maui disk is maxed. Outside of Invasion, he isn’t worth using.

But red skills are practically irrelevant to a player at TL51, so putting them in A tier would be misleading.

Thats what i said? :thinking:

But you can use him also with a Piggy, meg, Tier comb

My bad. I didn’t realize (Inv) meant Invasion, silly me. :sweat_smile:

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Without Olaf (Mo) it would be less effective, yet good.
Add here Belle (a must!) and Minnie/Powerline for another CC.

I said for future…

Thanks for all the info. So I need to focus one Elsa, Kristoff, Powerline, Timon & Pumbaa, and Belle by the consensus. I have yet to unlock Invasion yet. I only unlocked Heist yesterday. I would have to say my only preferred characters that I would like to use are Jack and Sally. Nightmare Before Christmas is me and my wife’s favorite movie. That’s neither here nor there. I’m needing Defensive lines for Colosseum and Arena, attacking lines for both as well. Can’t seem to figure out the guild war and heist yet.

Just picked up Sully & Boo and Hiro Hamada.

That should work very well.

No, and no.
Sulley with red skills is great, Hiro from R10, he claim nice badge here.

Stay with the 5 mentioned before, it’s practically meta line.
If you would have extra resources, use on Minnie and Nick.

Don’t have Nick yet. Still working on the elites to try and get him along with Judy. Need those two to continue friend campaigns. As for Sully and Hiro, I’ve been getting one to two characters out of the diamond quest box. Just picked up Simba & Nala and Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo in the marketplace.

You can build a decent defensive line with Jack Skellington, Randall and Hades as a core. But you need the red skill for all of them. They are best if used with a good control like Jafar (Scar disk) and a heavy hitter with fantastic damage like Powerline or Goofy (Jessy’ disk) to enhance the Jaffar’ first attack.

You can use Baymax(Ol) instead. His first attack will freeze the enemy team and will give Elsa energy (red skill needed). I usually pair them with the mad hatter(Alice) because all of his attacks give slow and also has the possibility to charm. So they are frozen, slowed and or charmed all of the time.

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They are really good. Easy to counter, but they should do a great job with healing! By far your best option for a healer.

As for Hiro, I’d like to say that he’s really, really, REALLY good (like, nearly top control) once you get his disk with Darkwing Duck. So, I highly recommend you work on him if you can get it.
If you can’t… better focus on the freeze team for now.

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Thanks again for all the info. Just picked up Dr. Facilier from the markets. Still need to get most of the characters that you guys mention. I usually get 2 out of the Diamond Quest which seems to be daily if I keep clearing my quest list. I can usually get 1-3 out of the marketplaces depending on how many chips I got the day before. I’m actually thinking of editing my original post with updates to my character levels. I still have 81 characters to collect wither for their friend disc or playable character. Also how do I earn Badge Tokens? I’ve noticed it’s the only market i don’t have some form of currency for and there are characters I can get there as well. As for the infamous Freeze Team, it hasn’t been working all that well yet. Elsa is pretty strong because I got her early on and have been working on her since. As for Belle, Kristoff, T&P, and Powerline, I’ve actually been having a hard time getting them leveled up. I think I’m going to try and focus on one at a time rather then trying to level them all up at once.


Well of course it isn’t working without a strong frontliner. If you got Meg, you could drop Powerline and add her, she turns the frontmost character undeadly as long as she’s there

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That’s the weirdest way to say “invincible” I’ve ever seen, lol. But yes, Meg is great. She’s especially great in pvp with her Shank disk (linked ally is invincible for up to 7.5 seconds when she dies).


You buy them, invasion or in the weekly contest. You can’t earn them in a regular fashion.

Ok. Since you’re asking for what you already have. Build a slow/freeze with Elsa(Fr), Felix(Fr), K&S, Stitch (Ma) and PowerLine. The three disks are a most. Is a long way for getting the other two disks but you’ll get there. Those should be enough to help you in arena. I would recommend first move on in arena and then try to catch up in coli. This way you can gain diamonds. Save them.

If you need another two teams for coli try :
Skellington, Sally, Minnie, Peter Pan and Kevin Flynn.
Dash, Maui, Belle, Scar and T&P

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