Teams help - Suggestions

Hello! I’ve been thinking about some teams to use on arena and coliseum.
I would like to ask you guys some suggestions, analyze if the heroes I chose match… Good synergy.

The’re 3 teams:

Team 1
-Maximus (Fl)
-Swedish Chef (Bu)
-Hamm (Re)
-Kermit (Go)
-Kristoff & Sven (Ki)

Team 2
-Slinky Dog (Ti)
-Honey Lemon (Hi)
-Cheshire Cat (Ha)
-Disgust (Sa)
-Dash (Vi) or Dr. Bunsen (Gi)

Team 3
-Clawhauser (Po)
-Wasabi (Sy)
-Mulan (Co)
-Animal (Go)
-Jim Hawkins (Pl)

Server 24.
Level 90 (but I’m thinking about “end game” teams)
I accept any suggestions you have, no matter what heroe you think I should replace or switch teams or even about the friendships. Thank you so so much and have a good game! :slight_smile:


Hey friend,
You have some nice toons over there. Here are the teams I’m suggesting:
Team 1:
Clawhauser (Po)
Maximus (Fl)
Hamm (Re)
Jim Hawkins (Pl)
Fear (Re)

Team 2:
Wasabi (Sy)
Slinky (Po/Ti)
Disgust (Fl/Sa)
Ian (Go)
Megara (Sh)

Team 3:
Mr. Big (I don’t remember the disc)
Honey lemon (Hi)
Pooh (Go)
King louie (An)
Kristoff & Sven (Ki)

There are some things i want to say though. These are just some good lineups for defense, but not unbeatable. Right now, in the current meta everything is counterable. So your aim is to make your opponents struggle against your coliseum teams which are 3, not 1. Also, i wouldn’t say there is such thing as “end game” teams, since the meta is shifting all the time. These teams are good right now. Finally, some of these line work best if you have the red skill. And on some of them (i.e. maximus, ian) it needs to be maxed. I understand that you are lvl 90 and you still have way to go. But here is some help if you can open red skills soon enough. :slight_smile:
Also, i wouldn’t recommend animal, chef, bunsen or dash in defense since they are very squishy or situational. They are very strong in offence though. Mulan, on your level might be a good option to consider putting in your teams.
I hope i gave you some stuff to work on. :slight_smile:

Edit. How did i forget Chesire cat. She is also pretty strong at your level. Use her.

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