Tenacity Feedback


So I know what Tenacity is, but I do not know how it works. Can someone explain it for my lack of intelligence? :grin:


shrugs I have no idea wot tenacity is.


For every point of Tenacity a hero has over the skill level of a disable reduces the duration of said disable by 1%. So if Ralph has 100 Tenacity and gets Frozen by Elsa’s Blue which freeze for 7 seconds and Elsa’s blue skill is level 50. Ralph would reduce the duration of that freeze by 50% or 3.5 seconds.

Edit: Tenacity caps at 90% reduction of disables.


Tenacity / its like armor negation and reality negation but its for reducing the time of stun freeze charm etc etc

Charm should not be part of this…
It should be like true time… its not working against quorra, thief, moana, mr inc etc etc with high tenacity, the charm is like blink of an eye with them…
It should be 5-7secs effect but it takes less than 1sec with high tenacity…


Great thanks alot!! :grin: