Terms of service becoming unbearable

The terms of service are being quoted in support tickets like religiously and are beyond easy to break and infringe on freedom of speech and actions taken with ones own property id love to hear more about how the community may be effected and if there any suggestions you could loudly state for perblue to hear.

Yes, it is true that freedom of speech is a right in the US Constitution.

However private companies are allowed to impose rules that limit freedom of speech.

This is a simple idea that many people do not seem to understand. Private companies can make their own rules in the Terms of Service. Once you play the game you agree to those Terms and thereby agree to the Terms limiting certain speech.


Ah yes the terms if service are vague and can be dictated in any direction at any time so even when you are doing nothing wrong your still is violation is that honestly justifiably right?and i didn’t check no agreement box for terms before playing there was no guidelines that were mandated to be shown before playing in full you have to search for them and they are not accessible considering the waves of menus here .hard and even when you follow them as i said is right for guidelines to be so tight it punishes its players and i know im not alone over three years ive watched hundreds deal with this into silence and concordance with its terms to the point servers struggle.so really as support ticket like your response is it is not what i asked to be posted.i wanna hear others experiences so that maybe perblue can hear them too

Just saying there more to it then what meets the eye.

I sincerely doubt you “did nothing wrong”

Companies have policies in place to protect the players and themselves, however these policies are still required to be in line with the Google and Apple and Amazon stores so they can’t put something in the TOc like "every second you play we will take $1m from your bank account.

When you downloaded the game you concent to the TOC, which can be viewed ingame at:
Support - Privacy, Conduct and Terms - Terms of Use

Writing here won’t help, and unless you give the community the accurate information, we won’t be able to undersgand what happened.

And if this is all not in agreement with you, stop playing - it is as easy and pressing delete.

Looking forward to your reply.


Im not here to complain and magically get my issues solved or debate with you or each commenter about my personal scenario as im pretty sure this game is a lost cause at this point for me .i really didn’t do anything wrong and i dont need to clearify it or prove it to each indivdual that questions it and my issues wasn’t to protect a player or themselves as a company .it was completely and uttelry
malicious effort by elliot the support staff and was uncalled for .it was disrepectful to a dead player and my family and i know this isnt the place as they dictate here too with utter prejudice thats why i hit tiktok/reddit first before posting here .again im asking the community to SHARE THEIR BAD EXPERIENCES with the so called terms of service when terms where being followed and they are being twisted so your in violation regardless of actions or non action not question mine as a first response .i look forward to a lack of response from you unless its on subject i asked about and not an opionon about me or my scenario that does not matter to perblue whatsoever just like how important their players are to them .none at all .

Well I guess there is only one option left for you:


I’ve seen people with legitimate gripes against PerBlue, and I’ve seen people who’ve misinterpreted, twisted, or totally ignored what PerBlue said in order to portray themselves as the victim. Not sure why I should assume you’re in the first group just on your say-so.

So, it’s wrong for PerBlue to restrict someone’s free speech in any way, even in the course of running a game that has an obvious appeal to minors, but it’s OK for you to dictate what people can say. Got it.

Anyway, you can now look forward to my lack of response, as I’ll just be an observer for the rest of this thread, however long it lasts.


Way to respond not once but twice off topic seriously .defend a game thatll ban you just as quick for just as lil .there’s plenty of options and allowing a company to abuse their players and hiding behind the terms of service as an excuse isnt one of them .you can state all you want but really what’s needed is change not repetitive and enabling attitudes like you carry.unlike you id rather help others not go through the same.and as a company perblue can only improve and criticism should be utilized if you dont like it stop responding cause as far as im concerned you have nothing to say that matter on the subject and would rather just nitpick cause you dont like the vibe and wanna defend a game that wont defend you id say thanks for the input but it was really pointless for you to even comment back .

Not off topic…

It probably would have been flagged by now anyways.

Okay… if this is annoying you this much, maybe read the terms of service! That way you will know what the rules are and what not to do! There is an easy solution to your problem and yet you refuse to do it.


Personally i find your response fair play .but i wasn’t dictating i was stating my opinion amd only that on what id like to hear back as they did as well.most are ignoring rhe subject at hand and focusing on me.which is off topic.im not the point. The restrictions are when you follow them and still suffer.that is it .there is nothing i can do about it.

Hello! Just looked into your ticket and saw that we received an email saying that the account was given to them. This is against the rules and TOS to share/trade/buy/sell/give away accounts. There is no “freedom of speech” in Disney Heroes as it is owned by PerBlue so you have to follow our rules and TOS. The accounts are also not your property, but the property of PerBlue.

I’ll be closing this thread now. Have a great day and make sure to follow the rules and TOS from now on.

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