The Beginner's Guide to the City Creeps

Thanks, I’ll change it…

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For the blobs… same thing. They are very easy to defeat. I feel like this is the same for every creep…

For the backliners … you put mages. I can tell you copy and pasted

Does melee means fighting alone?

I guess it means not using projectiles. Swords, fists, whatever beats at the close range.

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You accidentally put Mages in the Robot tab.

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So helpful

Do we have confirmation that ninjas are damages? I always thought of them as supports.

A ninja… a support? Illogical

It says in the post that they do very little damage but buff others. You know what class perfectly matches that description?

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Thxs 4 the guide. :grin:

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I mean, they are Frontline, so making a Fronltine Support doesn’t make sense… but then again, there’s Rafiki.

EDIT #2:

  • Added the Purrickly Pears. They can be found in the Damage Section.

Will you add bosses. What are the names of them all

If you’re talking about the Mama Bot, you can find how to beat her here.

EDIT #3:

  • Added the Rapscallions. They can be found in the Control Section.
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… Those darn pears!

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EDIT #4:

  • Added the Coldsnappers. They can be found in the Control Section.

  • Arranged the Control Section Alphabetically.

You said that already I think you mean “Coldsnappers”


Wow this is great!

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