The Disney Telltale Series Chapters 11-16

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Chapter 11: Recovery

Quaz: [70/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Jasmine: [90/100] :sunglasses:

Arthur: [0/100] :neutral_face:

Elsa: [40/50] :+1:

Moana: [15/50] :+1:

Will: [5/100] :neutral_face:


Experience (Level 3): [1300/1500]

Charisma: Unlocked
Manners: Unlocked
Agility: Locked
Cunning: Unlocked
Strength: Locked
Weapon Knowledge: Unlocked

Dueling: Unlocked
Hand to Hand: Locked
Heavy Weaponry: Locked

Discovered Kingdom skills:

Wizardry: Unlocked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked

Your group is sailing back to the island of Montonui having successfully acquired the second artifact, a compass fashioned from gold with dried blood on it. For whatever reason you cannot get it open. You pat your pocket where you deposited it then put a hand in your pack, gripping the handle of Excalibur. You have two of five.

Will inhaled the salty sea air deeply, now that it was morning his skeletal form was replaced with a rugged handsomeness.

Will :neutral_face: : I missed the sea air, and the way the ocean rocks you to security.

Will squatted down and dipped a hand into the water.

Will :neutral_face: : I haven’t been on a raft actually used for sailing before. Where do you keep your cannons?

Esmeralda: I think some things have changed since you were lost on these waters.

Will :neutral_face: : You mean there’s no longer a need for cannons?

Moana :+1: : These waters are a part of the Water Kingdom. Through diplomacy everyone has come to an agreement. Pirates aren’t around anymore.

Will :neutral_face: : Guess that’d make you all ripe for the plundering then, no weapons to protect you, I mean…

Will coughs as Moana shot him a cold glare.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Do you think we can throw him back into the sea? He won’t drown.

  • No, we made a promise.
  • Not unless he misbehaves.
  • Yes, let’s do it.

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You: Eh, I guess as long as he doesn’t cause us any trouble, he can stay.

Will leaned away from the edge of the raft and chuckled nervously.

Will :neutral_face: : Right, well, no pillaging for me then, I’ll be on my best behavior.

+5 Will Favor.
+5 Quaz Favor

Quaz is now loyal!

Moana :+1: : Well, I’ll be keeping an eye on him. If he gives me trouble, there will be trouble.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Sounds like a plan to me.

Will sat quietly, fixing his eyes towards the island slowly getting closer in the distance.

Will :neutral_face: : So that’s Montonui, eh?

Moana :+1: : Yes.

Will :neutral_face: : What’s it like?

  • It’s chaotic
  • It’s beautiful
  • It’s ancient

0 voters

You: It’s beautiful, like two worlds combined. Beach and palm trees on the outside and rivers and forest on the inside.

Will :neutral_face: : Sounds peaceful.

Moana :+1: It is.

Moana stared out across the ocean towards her home, a faraway look in her eye, and a gentle smile across her face.

Moana :+1: : It’s a very special place.

+5 Will Favor.
+5 Moana Favor.

The boat soon reaches the island. Once again, Moana raises her oar and the ocean swelled before depositing the boat on the beach. Will found that both strange and amusing. Everyone was still on the island, except for Attina. Evidently she was continuing the hunt for her father. They all stared at Will, nobody masking their distrust at all, except for Elsa. Will whispers quietly to you.

Will :neutral_face: : Hey, Captain, why does everybody look like I have raided them on a pirate ship before?

  • You explain that Will is going to help break the curse. (Requires Cunning.)
  • You tell everyone he is a fearsome Pirate.
  • You let Moana handle it.

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You: This is Will. He’ll be helping us break the curse on your island by journeying with me in my quest to collect the artifacts.

Powhatan :handshake: : Then we thank you for helping our people.

Tui :handshake: : We look forward to the day when we are truly free.

Will :neutral_face: : Uh…I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen… Yah…

Powhatan :handshake: : And your daughter has helped to find the solution to lifting the curse she may not be chief, but she will be of great help around here anyways.

You: Moana was very helpful in our quest, and there’s quite a story she can tell.

Tui :handshake: : Well I look forward to hearing it.

Moana looks at you gratefully. You see Elsa purse her lips, but they upturn slightly.

+10 Moana Favor

+5 Elsa Favor

Elsa is now your ally.

Elsa :handshake: : I am pleased to hear that you have succeeded in this endeavor. Where will you head next?

You: I was thinking of going to the Animal Kingdom.

Elsa frowns.

Elsa :handshake: : That will be…difficult. The Animal Kingdom is in civil war. It’s quite the dangerous place.

You: Nevertheless, we must go there.

Elsa nods absently. Before she can respond, Moana interjects.

Moana :+1: : We will be having a feast in your honor, Troy. Surely you will join us before you leave?

Quaz :grin: : As much fun as that sounds, surely we must be going?

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Agreed, I’d very much like to head out. We haven’t the time to party.

Will :neutral_face: : You guys are too much into all work and no play. Let loose for a while, I bet they even have rum of some kind!

Arthur :neutral_face: : We’ve been running for our lives nonstop. I want to rest on a beach for a while.

Esmeralda: I bet I could dance these natives away.

Moana :+1: : Surely you don’t need to go so badly you can’t stay for a little while?

Everyone turns to you. Evidently you will make this decision, but it’s hardly a choice. You all need a break, and this is the perfect opportunity to have one.

You: We’d be honored to attend your celebration, Moana.

Moana :+1: : Wonderful!

Will :neutral_face: : Crank out the rum! If I’ve had a few I might even sing some shanties.

Arthur :neutral_face: : Forget the rum, I’m going to sleep!

+5 Moana Favor

+5 Arthur Favor

Arthur now likes you.

+5 Will Favor

Jasmine :sunglasses: : I thought this quest was of urgence? but we’re staying here to party?

Quaz :grin: : If Master Troy wishes to relax, then perhaps it is a good idea, but I hope we spend some time planning our next move.

-10 Jasmine Favor.

Jasmine will no longer follow you to the ends of the earth.

-5 Quaz Favor.

Quaz is no longer loyal.

Esmeralda: Come on you two. All work and no play and you’ll stress yourselves out.

Before long, several natives are drumming out a beat. Esmeralda and Will dance, their time and cultural differences have them dancing severely differently, but they seem to be enjoying themselves nonetheless. You see Moana join them.

At the table, Arthur has a massive plate full of food which he couldn’t possible fit into his wiry frame, and yet by all evidence, that’s his second plateful. Elsa sits near him. She has a polite amount of food on her plate, but she scarcely seems to be eating it. Something is bugging her.

Off to the side, you sea Quaz bring a plate of food to Jasmine, the two exchanging furtive whispers, no doubt ironing out your next mission. What will you do first?

Tutorial: Every now and again you may have opportunities to go to different events. Spend time with the different groups present to boost the favor of those people, if you make the right choices. You never know if you’ll have time for everyone so be sure to prioritize who you think needs it most. However, since it’s your first time, we’ll tell you that you have time for everyone at this party so go and be merry.

; )

  • Check in with Quaz and Jasmine
  • Dance with Will, Esmeralda, and Moana
  • Speak with Arthur and Elsa

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You wander over to Quaz and Jasmine who go silent when you approach.

You: Am I interrupting?

Jasmine :grin: : That depends on whether you’re going to tell us to stop planning and enjoy the party or not. We’re trying to work out our next move with the animal kingdom, but it’s going to prove difficult.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : With the two factions in war, we’d seem like a spy from the other to both sides, We need a safe way through.

  • Maybe we can claim to be diplomats here to resolve the conflict?
  • Maybe you’ll have a better plan in the morning. Come relax.

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You: What about posing as brilliant diplomats from an outside country here to resolve this in the way to best unite the people?

Jasmine :grin: : Hmm. I mean, that’s an idea?

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Unfortunately, they’ve been very vocal about not wanting the other kingdoms to get involved. They promised not to let their war spill over and involve the other kingdoms, and they are exporting more than ever before. It’s a good idea, just not viable in this situation.

Jasmine :grin: : What’s important is you tried.

+5 Jasmine Favor

Jasmine will now follow you to the ends of the earth.

+5 Quaz Favor

Quaz is now Loyal.

You: I know you guys are planning this, but you should make sure you take a break too.

Jasmine gestured to her plate of food.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : I am taking a break.

Quaz :grin: : As am I, Master Troy. We’ll be fine.

You shrug, but step away and look at what else to do.

  • Speak with Arthur and Elsa
  • Dance with Esmeralda, Will, and Moana.

0 voters

You wander over to where Arthur is sitting and plop down next to him.

You: How in the world are you going to eat all that?

Arthur snorts slightly and color rises to his face.

Arthur :slight_smile: : One bite at a time…I don’t often get the chance to eat good food…

You: I see. That old man you were with at the party–

Arthur :slight_smile: : Merlin.

You: Right, Merlin, doesn’t he feed you?

Arthur :slight_smile: : Of course he feeds me, but we live out in the wilds and he’s a wizard not a cook.

You: Ah, I guess that makes sense.

You glance back at Arthur’s plate which is now empty again, somehow. You subtly glance under the table as if he deposited his food there, but there’s no massive amount of food in sight.

Arthur :slight_smile: : I’m going to get more food. Thanks for letting us have this feast, Troy.

+5 Arthur Favor

You nod as he leaves then turn your attention to Elsa, she looks up when she sees you staring.

Elsa :handshake: : Need something, Troy?

You: Actually I was checking up on you.

Elsa :handshake: : That’s very kind but unnecessary. I was just thinking of something.

  • You guess she is worried about something.
  • You guess she is contemplating something.

0 voters

You: If I were to guess, you are worried about something. Want to talk about it?

Elsa sighed before turning to you.

Elsa :handshake: : This whole curse, a curse that takes away your happy endings… If it affects everyone, then that means it affects me. I just wonder what was better about my other life. I’ve lost my parents, my sister, and I almost lost my kingdom, but I struggled onward and now I have my kingdom back. I worry that I expect too much of what I lost to come back to me by lifting this curse.

You: Hmm. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of what will come back. I can’t say I know what it is that will change, but I do no that you will be happier for it.

Elsa :handshake: : Perhaps you’re right, Troy. Thank you.

+5 Elsa Favor.

You stand up and stretch. With nothing else to do, you make your way to where the others are dancing.

As you step through the crowd and join the others on the dance floor, Esmeralda is showing Will and Moana a gypsy dance. Will particularly struggles with it, but he seems to be getting it.

Esmeralda: Ah, Troy! Show us a dance the nobility of Agrabah would use.

Will :neutral_face: : Hear Hear! This curse is worse than I thought. I can’t eat, or drink, but it won’t stop me from being merry. Show me the worst dance you got.

Agrabah’s nobles don’t really have much in the way of dancing, the one dance you learned could work to the beat, but that doesn’t mean it should. Rather than make a potential fool of yourself, you could deflect and ask Will to show off his own dance instead.

  • Dance
  • Deflect

0 voters

You whisper something to the drummer and he is soon pounding out a different beat.

Will :neutral_face: : Ooh, I like this.

You: This would be the dabke. It’s supposed to have several dancers, but for our purposes…I can make it work.

You close your eyes to avoid seeing the gazes of everyone and let loose to the beat. In many ways, it stings for you to dance like this. You remember when your father taught you this. After he died, you never danced it anymore. It was a painful reminder of how lacking your own happy ending was. Someone takes your hand. You look up to see Jasmine dancing to the beat next to you.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Who puts dabke on and doesn’t expect me to join in for a dance?

You and Jasmine continue the dance, and soon Will, Esmeralda, and Moana have linked up with you, as well as several other people.

Will :slight_smile: : I can see why people dance to this!

Esmeralda: Indeed, there’s something to Agrabah dancing after all.

Moana :+1: : And here I thought Troy was too stuffy to let loose.

+5 Jasmine Favor

+5 Will Favor

Will now likes you

+5 Moana Favor

Moana is now your ally.

After awhile, the dancers change their beat again and Jasmine leaves, no doubt to continue plotting with Quaz. With all that dancing, you are tired. You sit down to catch your breath. Watching everyone dance the night away.

At some point, you were taken to a hut where you crashed. Moana awoke you early the next morning as fog rolled over the hills.

Moana :handshake: : Elsa and I want to show you something.

Still exhausted from your night it takes you a while to fully wake up, but you follow Moana anyway. Moana boards Elsa’s ship and the three of you are soon quietly setting sail.

You: Where are we going?

Elsa :handshake: : A while back, I explored the woods to the north. There, I discovered Attohalan. A glacier that marks the connection between the spirit world and our own. I want you to share in it.

Moana :handshake: : We’re going to teach you to gain the help of the spirits around you, but first we have to wake you up to their call.

You got both Elsa and Moana to allies, and as a result will unlock the Water Kingdom Skill.

You sail into an ocean. The waves battle around you, but Moana raises a hand, calming them. You easily push through and soon see an icy land mass sitting on the waves. Elsa smiles sadly as the ship pulls up to it. You, her, and Moana disembark. The air is chilly so you rub your hands over your arms in an attempt to warm up. Elsa leads you confidently through the rough caverns that gradually smooth out until the ice is so polished you can sea your reflection.

You: Who used to live here?

Elsa :handshake: : I don’t really know. My mother and father were the spirit bridge before myself and Moana, but they didn’t live here. Perhaps a long time ago…one member of the bridge lived here.

You: You and Moana are the bridge?

Moana nods slowly.

Moana :handshake: : I’m really just a place holder though. The other end of the bridge is supposed to be Anna, Elsa’s sister.

Elsa pushes open the door at the other end of the chamber. A dome of ice materializes around them, different memories from different times flicker across the ice.

Elsa bids you stand in the center of a large design. Upon doing so, it glows brightly.

Elsa :handshake: : You have quite the spiritual attunement. Fire, water, earth and air all you spirits pass through the veil. Unlock the eyes of them standing here, heed their call as you would my own.

The chill in the room picked up as a crisp wind blew into you. At the same time, you could feel a warmth surge in your chest, the ground rumble beneath your feet, and the dampness of the air around you. Each converges on you in an overwhelming force that drops you to your knees. When you open your eyes again, the air has cleared, but you feel much more alert than ever before.

Spiritual Assistance Unlocked!

You: Wow.

Elsa :handshake: : Intriguing, the spirits of the elements all responded to you in the exact same way. I suppose you may even be able to gain the assistance of them all.

You: So how does that work?

Elsa :handshake: : For the most part, wait until you have need of their help, and they will become available.

The journey back to Montonui is done in a peaceful silence. Upon arriving, the village has come to life again. Will is grinning broadly beneath his palm leaf braided hat.

Will :slight_smile: : There he is! It’s time to go! We gotta go fight in a place called Animal Kingdom. I’m not a hunter, but I’ve always wanted to become one!

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Don’t go into this ready for a fight or there may be trouble.

Will :slight_smile: : But a pirate always goes into things ready for a fight, it’s like a brand!

Esmeralda: I thought Pirates also said ‘argh’, ‘yar’, and ‘aye’, but you don’t seem to be including those.

Will :slight_smile: : Well, yar, we do, but there aren’t any other pirates to ‘argh’ with me.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Imagine that? There aren’t any other pirates to fight with you either.

Will :slight_smile: : …You guys need to have more fun.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Master Troy, we’re going to get a ride to the Animal Kingdom’s shoreline, but after that, we’re on our own.

  • Then we’d best prepare while we can.
  • Then we’d best enjoy our last moments in paradise.

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You: Then we’d better prepare while we can.

Will :slight_smile: : Or we can enjoy our last moments here! I’ve gotta say goodbye to the sand!

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : If that’s how you want to prepare to leave then…okay…

Quaz :sunglasses: : If you’d rather not say goodbye, you can stay. Just saying, we will gladly leave you behind.

-5 Will Favor.

Will no longer likes you.

+5 Quaz Favor.

+5 Jasmine Favor.

Soon your group is back aboard Elsa’s vessel. You wave goodbye to the two chiefs, Moana, and Powhatan before turning back to face the next part of your mission.

Arthur :slight_smile: : I’ve eaten food and had a good night’s sleep. Let’s do this.

Esmeralda: Ever onward, never looking back. We’ll save the world and pick up the slack.

Will looks back at Montonui with a sigh.

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Seriously?

Will :neutral_face: Yup!

Elsa :handshake: : Get comfortable, this will be a long boat ride.

After a week of sailing, everyone’s nerves are beginning to fray, except Will who sings shanties from the crows nest. Just when you begin to fear Jasmine would actually throw Will overboard, he calls out the most blessed of news.

Will :neutral_face: : Land ho!

Elsa :handshake: : That would be the Animal Kingdom’s shore. We’ll drop you off there, but then we’re leaving.

By Elsa’s bidding, her crew lowers down one log boat and you all pile in before being rowed to shore. Upon effectively dumping you on the island’s sand, the crew turns the ship about. Elsa waves goodbye from the deck, and soon you are alone.

Arthur :slight_smile: : Ugh, I wished I had said goodbye to the sand on Montonui too, because I want to say hello to this sand.

Your companions stand around, a bit dazed. Arthur pitches about, trying to find his land legs, but Will steps confidently towards the forest’s edge.

Will :neutral_face: : What’s the hold up here? Don’t we need to head off?

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Maybe after I get a couple hours to adjust to land again.

Will :neutral_face: : Oh…okay then! I’ll…get fire wood.

Will heads off to get firewood as the rest of you groan. He soon returns and you have a roaring fire to keep you warm and fresh fish for supper.

Quaz :sunglasses: : Who knew you could actually cook and things?

Will :neutral_face: : When you’re stranded on an island, you learn a couple things.

One by one, you and your companions drift off to sleep. At some point during the night, you hear the snap an crackles of leaves, but your exhaustion is so heavy you can’t force yourself to investigate it. The next morning, you awake to see Arthur still sound asleep, but all of your other companions are missing!

Chapter Status:

Quaz: [80/100] :grin:

Jasmine: [95/100] :sunglasses:

Arthur: [10/100] :neutral_face:

Will: [20/100] :neutral_face:


Chapter 12: Divided

Quaz: [80/100] :grin:

Jasmine: [95/100] :sunglasses:

Arthur: [10/100] :neutral_face:

Will: [20/100] :neutral_face:


Experience (Level 3): [1300/1500]

Charisma: Unlocked
Manners: Unlocked
Agility: Locked
Cunning: Unlocked
Strength: Locked
Weapon Knowledge: Unlocked

Dueling: Unlocked
Hand to Hand: Locked
Heavy Weaponry: Locked

Discovered Kingdom skills:

Wizardry: Unlocked
Spiritual Assistance: Unlocked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked

You’ve just awoken from an exhaustive slumber only to find all of your companions missing, except for you and Arthur. You bolt upright and nudge Arthur awake, careful to stay quiet, eyes trained on the forest and right hand gripping your sword hilt. Arthur groans once but soon comes around and joins your bewildered look with one of his own.

Arthur :slight_smile: : Everyone…left us?

You: I don’t know.

You slowly get to your feet. After another second, you decide nothing is about to jump out at you. You search through your bag and find Excalibur still within. Upon patting your pocket, you feel the compass also. They didn’t take your artifacts, at least. Looking around more closely, nobody took any of their things either, and they don’t appear to have been searched.


You draw your sword with a ring and turn to face the sound of a twig being crushed underfoot. A moment later, Will bursts out of the jungle, breathing hard. You gasp as you notice one of his arms missing. He isn’t bleeding at all, but he does cradle his stump.

You: Will! What happened to you? Where are the others!?

Will gasps out his response.

Will :neutral_face: : They…took them, I…couldn’t stop them.

Arthur :neutral_face: : Are you okay?

Will :neutral_face: :Oh yah, you should…see the other guy… at least…I’d say that if the other guy didn’t turn into a giant gorilla and tear my arm off with his bare hands.

Arthur gasped and Will offered a wry smile.

Will :neutral_face: : Don’t worry, my arm will come back to me all on it’s own, but the point is, I didn’t stick around to see if this curse could bring me back from powder.

You: Were you followed?

Will :neutral_face: : Maybe? I didn’t pay it any mind since they found us once already.

  • Ask the spirits to unveil any nearby threats to you. (Requires Spiritual Assistance)
  • Scout the area.
  • Pack up to head out.

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You close your eyes, remembering what Elsa said. You softly petition the spirits to show you any intruders nearby. To your great surprise, they answer, though not by speaking. The forest tree branches around you twist away, and the ground glows all around. You can see deep within the forest, and you feel certain nothing hides from your gaze.

You: Nobody is watching us, that means we can move undetected.

Will :neutral_face: : Can you teach me to do that?

Arthur :neutral_face: : And me?

You: Uh… I don’t really know how, besides…we have more important things to do.

+5 Arthur Favor
+5 Will Favor

Will now likes you.

+100 Experience

Experience: [1400/1500]

Will :slight_smile: : Right right, looking for our buddies…I am not a tracker…at all?

Arthur :neutral_face: : I am.

Will :slight_smile: : Wait, really? You mean this pipsqueak actually has a use?

  • You defend Arthur.
  • You laugh with Will.

0 voters

You: Well, for the record, the “Pipsqueak” now has been useful than you, so.

Will :neutral_face: : Ugh, fine…spoil my fun.

Arthur glances at you gratefully.

+5 Arthur Favor.
-5 Will Favor.

Will no longer likes you.

Arthur studies the ground carefully.

Arthur :neutral_face: :They were picked up and carried away. The tracks lead further into the jungle.

After you all gather up everyone’s stuff, Arthur slowly leads you further into the jungle. At some point along the way, Arthur finds, much to his disgust, Will’s arm crawling slowly towards the beach. Will scooped it up and snapped it back onto his shoulder, again to Arthur’s disgust.

Arthur :neutral_face: : They’ve been set down again. They’re being forced to walk at a pretty high speed.

Arthur plucks a piece of fabric that snagged on a bush.

Arthur :neutral_face: : And someone is leaving a trail for us. I think this is part of Jasmine’s skirt?

Arthur leads your group to the edge of a river, where he stops and looks around.

Arthur :neutral_face: : And…they have lost me.

Will :neutral_face: : Welp, excellent tracking then. We’re sure to find them now.

Arthur :neutral_face: : They must have continued in the creek bed, but I don’t know if they went up or down stream.

Just then, a young wolf emerged from the woods and sat down in front of you all. He scanned your faces before whining.

Will :neutral_face: : Can we keep it? Please?

Wolf: I don’t belong to anyone and that isn’t going to change.

You and Arthur gasp, but Will’s smile widens even more.

Will :neutral_face: : Oh come on! I’d be a great master, and you can talk, which means you’ll be my extra favorite! Barbossa and his monkey couldn’t possible compare to me!

Wolf: …um… no thanks.

A Very Squeaky Voice: Watchya got there, Mowgli?

An adorable rabbit with a big puffy tail hopped out of the forest.

Mowgli: This must be those strangers we’ve been hearing about.

Rabbit: Ooh, they don’t look as dangerous as I thought they would.

The rabbit scans each of you warily before pausing before Will.

A Timid Voice: Do you think it’s s-safe to t-talk to them?

A young deer slowly wobbled out of the woods.

Rabbit: Sure it is, Bambi, only that big one looks threatening, and I’m pretty sure we can take him.

Will raised an eyebrow and quirked his lips.

Will :neutral_face: : Take me? Heh!

Bambi: I don’t know… maybe we should tell Kerchak…

Rabbit: Maybe we will…after we play with them!

The rabbit leapt onto a nearby stump and bowed.

Rabbit: I’m Thumper! These are my friends, Bambi, and Mowgli.

Bambi: Hello…

Mowgli: Thumper! You’re not supposed to introduce us like that! We’re supposed to be quiet and behave.

Thumper: Eh, come on! They are harmless, I mean look at them!

Bambi: It doesn’t matter how they look, Thumper. For all we know, they could be working for…the Beast.

Will :neutral_face: : So what brings a wolf, rabbit and deer together without two of the three running away from the third?

Mowgli: I’d never eat my friends!

Thumper: It’s just more fun to play like this, there’s nothing wrong with it…right?

Thumper raises an eyebrow and turns to Bambi who gasped.

Bambi: Oh! My dad told me about people like this… those are just regular humans!

Thumper: You mean…they haven’t got an animal to turn into?

Thumper turned to you all, offering an adorable look of sympathy.

Thumper: These poor people. Imagine not having an animal to turn into?

Mowgli: Sounds miserable.

Will :neutral_face: : This just got…confusing…

  • Ask them to explain what they mean.
  • Ask them for help.
  • Move along and try to find the others.

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You: What do you mean…turn into animals?

Will :neutral_face: : Seriously…I feel like they’re insulting me, but I’m happy I can’t be an animal…

+5 Will Favor
Will now likes you.

Thumper: It’s a…whatchmacalit. Bambi! You know about this stuff. What’s it called again? Poolya–

Bambi: Polymorphing.

Thumper: Right!

Arthur :neutral_face: : Oh, Merlin does that all the time though.

Mowgli: But you guys can’t? That’s strange.

Bambi: It–It’s kind of rude of us to be like this when you guys can’t be.

Bambi’s fur rippled and he squeezed his eyes shut. His fur folded in, replaceds by the cloth of a garment. In another minute, he stood up on his hind legs. Freckles dotted across his noce and his brown hair was slicked back.

Thumper now sat on the stump, he had silver hair and a woolen tan shirt. Mowgli sat on the ground now in human form.

Mowgli: So what are you guys doing here?

Arthur :neutral_face: : We’re looking for some of our friends, did you see them?

Thumper: Depends.

Arthur :neutral_face: : Uh…on what?

Thumper: On what’s in it for us. We can’t just go telling you any info you want, if you want it, it’s going to cost you–

Bambi: Tarzan and several others brought them by a while ago, he took them upstream from here. Not sure how far though.

Thumper: Oh, Bambi, you’re not supposed to tell them that!

Bambi: It’s not like you even saw them. It was my info to do with as I please.

Thumper folded his arms with a huff.

Thumper: Fine, off with you then.

You: Thanks for the help.

Arthur steps into the creek bed and heads up stream as Will offers the boys a lazy salute. A while later, Arthur climbs out of the creek bed, now once again following the tracks.

Will :slight_smile: : So…that dude who turned into a gorilla was Polymorphing. How do we beat something like that?

Arthur :neutral_face: : Probably most of them are harmless. Those three back there were okay.

Will :slight_smile: : One of them was literally a wolf.

  • If we run into them, we can take them.
  • If we run into them we’ll run.
  • If we run into them, we’ll talk our way out.

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You: If we run into them, we’ll just have to talk our way out.

Arthur :neutral_face: : Uh…I’m not really sure…

Will :slight_smile: : Great, well I hope the gorilla will listen to us long enough to understand before he pummels us to death.

You whirl around to face them both, the words coming to you with ease. You whisper “uguns bumba” and a ball of fire writhes into life in the palm of your hand.

You: And did you guys forget that I’ve got magic and spirits on my side? If we have to fight them, we will, but I’d rather talk my way through.

Will :slight_smile: : Okay, okay…you make an excellent point…but I’m hiding behind you.

Arthur :neutral_face: : Same.

+5 Arthur Favor

Arthur now likes you.

With them convinced, you continue onward into the forest. All at once you burst into a clearing. High walls consisting of massive spiked logs embedded in the ground block your view of what lies within. A horn sounds from a nearby tower and after a moment, a portion of the gate opens, revealing a young man with dreadlocks and a loincloth. He has his hands balled into the fists and seems about ready to tear you apart with his bare hands.

Will :neutral_face: : That’d be the guy who turned into a gorilla.

Great, that means he could tear you apart with bigger hands. You force yourself to keep your face neutral, refusing to cower and step forward.

You: I believe you have taken some of my friends, I would like them back.

Gorilla-man: Tarzan takes, but will not return.

You: We are travelers in your lands, we meant no harm.

Tarzan :raised_hand: : Tarzan kidnap them to bring you here. Chief wants you. You come to him.

You: I wasn’t raised to listen to hostage demands.

  • Fight Tarzan (Requires Strength)
  • Leave the fort.
  • Enter the fort.

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You sigh exasperatedly, but raised your hands in surrender.

Voice from the tower: Be sure you don’t try anything. I’ve got an arrow aimed at your chest and I never miss a shot.

You look up to the tower to see a fox with an arrow notched against his bow string, tail swishing back and forth as he glowers at you. Tarzan offers a grin.

Tarzan :raised_hand: : You our prisoner now.

You seethe as Tarzan takes three coils of rope and soon binds you all. Will whispers next to you.

Will :slight_smile: : Well, so much for running away, eh?

Arthur :slight_smile: : This was the best solution we could hope for…I suppose…

+5 Arthur Favor

+5 Will Favor

Tarzan leads you into the fort, the door slamming shut behind you. You notice the families bundled up by campfires, make shift tents arranged and cramped together to make room for everyone. Tarzan leads you steadily through the camp until you arrive at a giant tent in the center, where a massive man sits on a hand carved throne.

Tarzan :raised_hand: : Tarzan bring prisoners.

King :raised_hand: : Good. What is your name, boy?

  • You behave defiantly.
  • You cooperate.

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You: My name is Troy, we’re here to–

King :raised_hand: I don’t care why you were here, because you are now here to do my bidding.

Chapter Results:

Quaz: [80/100] :grin:

Jasmine: [95/100] :sunglasses:

Arthur: [30/100] :slight_smile:

Will: [30/100] :slight_smile:

Tarzan: [0/50] :raised_hand:

King: [0/20] :raised_hand:


Chapter 13: King’s Request

Quaz: [80/100] :grin:

Jasmine: [95/100] :sunglasses:

Arthur: [30/100] :slight_smile:

Will: [30/100] :slight_smile:

Tarzan: [0/50] :raised_hand:

King: [0/20] :raised_hand:


Experience (Level 3): [1400/1500]

Charisma: Unlocked
Manners: Unlocked
Agility: Locked
Cunning: Unlocked
Strength: Locked
Weapon Knowledge: Unlocked

Dueling: Unlocked
Hand to Hand: Locked
Heavy Weaponry: Locked

Discovered Kingdom skills:

Wizardry: Unlocked
Spiritual Assistance: Unlocked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked

You stand before a massive man, he must be at least 7 feet tall. His arms bulge with muscle and he is draped in furs and feathers. Many more adorn the tent walls around him, even the floor is covered by skins of fearsome predators. The man stands, now easily draping you in his shadow…

King :raised_hand: : I am Kerchak, the chief of this tribe. I bet you wonder who I am that you should do exactly as I order, well, let me show you.

Kerchak stepped around you and began making his way towards the tent flap. Despite the fact that he seemed to step gently, you can’t help but feel the slight tremor in the earth with each step of his swift gait. As he exits the tent, Tarzan pushes you, Arthur, and Will after him.

Will :slight_smile: : Okay, if Tarzan is loyal to this guy, then this guy must be ten times more terrifying.

Arthur :slight_smile: : Or a hundred…he looks like he could use me as a toothpick.

You are forced to a rocky cliff face the fort is built into. The many crevices among it are barred with iron bars clumisly fastened together with chain. As you draw closer, hands pop out of the holes, followed by a groaning. Kerchak turns to grin at you, now walking backwards.

Kerchak :raised_hand: : Our prisoners, they are absolutely miserable. I believe you might recognize a couple, although, then again, they are rather disheveled.

Kerchak nods at one of the guards and they nod before entering one open cavern, a couple minutes later you hear someone protesting being dragged away. You have to do a double take when you first see her. It was Jasmine.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Troy!

You: Jasmine!

She attempts to dart toward you, but the guard grabs her by the shoulder, she gasps in pain before swiftly covering it up, offering him a glare. Her hair is a mess and she has fresh cuts and bruises. She’s also cradling one arm as well as she can, but her eyes are bright and determined. Her spirit is not broken.

Kerchak nods again at the guard, and he pulls Jasmine back into the tunnel, you hear her protests echo up to you again, but they slowly fade. Kerchak turns back to you.

Kerchak :raised_hand: : Here’s how this’ll work. We’ll return one member of your party to you for each mission of ours you accomplish. She will be your reward for completing the first mission, and will be executed if you fail.

You: That’s barbaric!

Kerchak :raised_hand: : Welcome to the Animal Kingdom.

Kerchak grins broadly, a fanatic smile playing across his lips.

You growl, but your next words are sure, you couldn’t let them hurt anyone in your group.

Your moral compass will not allow you to risk your friends, you will not have the option to betray Kerchak until your friends are safe.

You: And what is it you want us to do, to get her back?

Kerchack :raised_hand: I’ve recently learned that an old shaman living deep in my empire is responsible for the death of my blood son. You will journey into my territory and kill Sheeta. Upon your return, we will release the girl to you.

You: And the others?

Kerchak :raised_hand: : One per mission, you’ll see each one before the mission so that you know they are alive, of course.

You: And how will you be sure that we do as you say?

Kerchak :raised_hand: : Tarzan will accompany you. He will not fight, but he will make sure you return either way.

  • Call him a coward for sending you.
  • Agree to go with no problem.

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You force your eyes to the ground and bow slightly.

You: We will do this.

Kerchak sniffed at you before turning his back and walking away.

Kerchak :raised_hand: : Off with you. And know that if Tarzan does not return, none of your other friends will be returned to you.

+5 Arthur Favor

Tarzan leads you through the forest, having now freed your hands to make walking easier. If he fears that you could betray him, he does not show it. He leaps through the trees, swinging on vines and perching on tree branches to scout ahead. Eventually you stop to rest. In hindsight, you should have left the extra bags back at the fort since you’d be back there either way. You pull out some dried fruits the natives of Montonui had packed for you. Tarzan eyes you as you eat one. For the first time since you’ve, met him he seems to lack his animosity. He looks at you curiously.

  • Offer him some fruit.
  • Ignore him.

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You hold out a piece of the dried fruit to him. He stares at you for a minute, suspiciously then ever so cautiously inches forward before tearing it out of your grasp. He spends some time poking it, and sniffing it before tasting it. He must have liked it because he soon has swallowed it up.

+5 Tarzan Favor.

After your little rest, your group continues on into the forest. Soon a trail becomes clear in the foilage, following it, your ford a creek, go up a hill, down the other side and are soon looping along a cliff edge. You are careful to watch your footing in the muddy trail, painfully aware that a slip up could result in you pitching over the side.

You soon see a small clearing with a hut. Taran pauses before crouching in the bushes near it. You need a strategy. Kerchak said Sheeta was a shaman, that could mean magic? You need info, but what information should you ask of Tarzan first?

  • You ask what Sheeta polymorphs into.
  • You ask what magic Sheeta possesses.
  • You ask how Sheeta is so strong.

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You: What makes Sheeta so strong?

Tarzan raised an eyebrow at you, obviously confused by the question.

You: I mean, why can’t you beat her?

Tarzan :raised_hand: : Tarzan is not the strongest. Sheeta use trees. They grab and hold. Then Sheeta uses claws.

You: The trees? Like, controlling them somehow.

Will: Kerchak did call her a shaman. Maybe she can do the tree thing, like what you did earlier?

Tarzan: Troy also move trees?

Tarzan pointed a spear at your chest suddenly.

Tarzan: Tarzan should kill other shaman?

  • You explain you are a good shaman. (Requires Charisma.)
  • You rip the spear from his hand and point out that you could have killed him at any time. (Requires Strength.)
  • You beg him to leave you be.

0 voters

You: No no, not bad shaman. I’m a good shaman.

Tarzan stares at you for another long minute before slowly retracting his spear.

Tarzan :raised_hand: : Good shaman?

You: Yes, and I won’t hurt you.

Tarzan pursed his lips, slowly nodding.

+5 Tarzan Favor

+100 Experience

Experience: [1500/1500]

Level Up!!

Tutorial: Choose a new skill to unlock

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Hand to Hand
  • Heavy Weaponry

0 voters

Strength Unlocked.

With that resolved, you turn you attention back to the hut. A middle-aged woman returns to the hut. She wears a gorrila skin robe and has a necklace of various teeth. From her staff dangle all sorts of charms, a rabbit’s foot, a piece of a deer’s antler, among other things. She drops several herbs into a pot of boiling water, and a pleasant smell begins to emanate from it. You decide the best attack you could use is a sneak attack. You stealthily draw your sword and sneak towards her. Jsut before you can reach her, she spins around and raises a hand. The ground beneath your feet quakes as tree roots jut out suddenly, pitching you to the side.

Not missing a beat, Will leaps out of cover charging with his cutlass. He slashes, but Sheeta twirls away at the last second, leaving him to have slashed only her cloak.

Sheeta: Ha, you fools think you can beat me? I will add you to my collections!

Sheeta raised her staff and the vines in the trees swiftly wrapped around Will. She turned back to you now, her staff on the ground as she pounced, suddenly a leopard.

  • Dodge out of the way and counter. (Requires Agile)
  • Block her
  • Step back

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You lift your sword in front of you. As she dives into you, you slash across her chest, but she tackles you and you wind up with a nasty scratch across your face. Sheeta leaps off you and hisses at you again before raising a clawed hand. The jungle branches around you come to life and converge. Suddenly you cannot move. Sheeta whirls around, now charging for Arthur who yelps and dives for cover behind a nearby tree stump. Will is in an anguish as he he frantically attempts to slash through the vins binding him. You catch sight of Tarzan through the jungle, almost completely camouflaged. His eyes meet yours…and then he looked away.

Favor Test: Tarzan didn’t like you enough to help fight Sheeta.

Sheeta pounces on top of the tree stump, hissing down at Arthur on the other side who has his arms raised to shield his face. You have to help, and now!

  • Break out of your bindings. (Requires Spiritual Assistance.)
  • Slice through the vines. (Requires Dueling.)
  • Distract Sheeta.

0 voters

You struggle for another moment before you close your eyes. The spirits are so close, they are around you, determined to keep you trapped. You reach out to them and beseech them to change their minds, and they do. The vines wrapped around you begin to slacken. You meet Will’s eyes and note that he is free as well.

+10 Will Favor

+200 Experience

Experience: [200/4000]

Now free, you charge Sheeta, a growl rising in your throat from somewhere deep within you. Sheeta spins, surprised by your presence. She raises a hand, but the vines aren’t on her side anymore, they are on yours. You slash Sheeta’s side and she spins away from you swiftly attempting to dive away.

+5 Tarzan Favor.

Sheeta hisses at you, but before she can morph into her leopard and attack you, Will appears from behind, swinging on a vine and landing square on her shoulders, easily knocking her to the ground and pinning her there, sword against the back of her neck.

Will :slight_smile: : I officially hate the jungle!

Favor Test: Will was not afraid to brave the leopard shaman, Will has passed his first favor test!

You have defeated Sheeta!

+1000 Experience

Experience: [1200/4000]

+5 Arthur Favor

+5 Will Favor

+5 Tarzan Favor

Tarzan now likes you.

Sheeta: How dare you attack me! I will end you all! I will tear you all to pieces! Ragh!

Despite Sheeta’s thrashing, Will remained calm. Arthur came out from behind his tree stump, trembling at the woman. Before any of you could decide on what to do now, Tarzan leapt up and snapped her neck, swiftly causing her to fall silent.

Will :slight_smile: : Well… I guess that’s done. Let’s go free Jasmine!

Arthur swiftly turns away from the sight, but you stare at her prone form. She is dead, and you realize that the way these people do things here, is terrifically gruesome.

Tarzan: Troy is coming?

You turn back to see Tarzan waiting for you, eyebrows raised.

You: Yes, Tarzan, I am coming.

The trip back to the fort is much faster than the journey away, as it is when you’ve completed what you set out to do and are returning home.

You soon stand before Kerchak again. Outside the caverns of their prison. Jasmine is being held just inside the entrance, but as you approach, the guards holding her release her, allowing her to freely reach you.

+10 Kerchak Favor

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Troy! It’s so good to see you again!

You: It’s good to see you too, Jasmine.

You glance down at the arm she is cradling, it looks awful.

  • Demand a healer for Jasmine.
  • Set her arm yourself.
  • Ask Kerchak what the next step is.

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You: This isn’t how she was when we came her, how dare you do this to her! I demand a healer here, right now!

Kerchak rolled his eyes at you.

Kerchak :raised_hand: : You will not have a healer, your demands are hardly worth my time or energy and I absolutely refuse to–

Woman: That is enough, Kerchak. You will not get anywhere with this one unless you adhere to his requests as he adheres to yours.

A woman stepped out of a tent, also dressed in furs. She quickly stepped up to you and gently took Jasmine by her uninjured arm.

Woman: We will do our best to tend her wounds, and I can assure you, the other two have not been harmed.

Kerchak :raised_hand: : Kala! You cannot show your weakness!

Kala :raised_hand: : I do not show weakness, I show mercy, and you would be wise to rethink your opinion on the matter.

Kala glances at you appraisingly.

Kala :raised_hand: : Someone as young as he is is making a better leader than you are, that should certainly tell you something.

+10 Kala Favor.

+5 Jasmine Favor

-5 Kerchak Favor

Kerchak huffed but did not respond. As Kala led Jasmine away, Kerchak turned back to you and again led you before the prison. This time, they led Quaz out. He was struggling lightly, but you note that, aside from some bruises and scratches, he was not in terrible condition. Quaz was led back into the darkness and you turn to Kerchak.

You: And what is my next task?

Kerchak :raised_hand: : There is a trade route to a port through which we export resources. A guard is stationed their and prevents us from passing through it. The other route is long and miserable, full of both bandits and other dangers. Go take out the guard and we will release your next companion.

You nod slowly.

You: If we must we must. I suppose Tarzan will show us the way?

Kerchak grunts in response before heaving aside a tent flap. Tarzan guides you out of the fort and on to a different trail, once more.

  • Ask Tarzan why Kerchak is in charge.
  • Ask Tarzan why their is a civil war.
  • Ask Tarzan which side is winning the civil war.

0 voters

You: Tarzan?

Tarzan :+1: : Hmm?

You: Why are you fighting?

Tarzan :+1: The enemy want our land and our resources. We won’t give them.

You: But didn’t you try to compromise?

Tarzan raised an eyebrow at the word and you break it down.

You: Like, try to make it so you don’t fight? Give them a little so they leave you alone?

Tarzan nodded.

Tarzan :+1: : They don’t want little, they want all. Kerchak said if we give any, they will try to take all. We don’t want that. We want our land.

You purse your lips and nod, gears turning. So the other king wants their land? For what purpose? As someone raised in diplomacy, you know that there are always two sides to every coin. What is it the other king really wants?

You pause in your tracks as you hear the sound of rushing water. Ten minutes later you see the cause. I giant waterfall plummets down a sheer rock wall, converging on a pool from which the frothy water continues on the river’s course. The river itself is passing through a ravine, the banks are sheer cliffs of sturdy rock. It’d be a struggle to actually cross this river except for a huge tree that has fallen over the river. Given it’s mossy surface, you’d guess it’s been this way a long time. Tarzan draws out his spear and gazes around uneasily. Evidently, this is the place that the guard is stationed

You lock eyes with Will and simultaneously draw your swords. Arthur mutters something behind you about needing proper sword training. Across from you, on the other end of the bridge stands an armored knight. He heaves a massive broadsword before barking out.

Knight: More fools bound to take me out? Well you’ll be hard pressed to defeat me!

The knight took another menacing step forward, and you all do the same.

You glance around and study the area. What’s the best course of action for you to take here?

  • Rush him.
  • Knock him off balance (requires Wizardry)
  • Catch his blade and trip him up. (Requires Hand to hand.)

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You pull out your spell book and glance down at the page it has fallen open to. You position your hands and recite the words: Vēja brāzmas! As you do so, wind exudes from your fingertips and buffets the knight. The weight of his armor sends him reeling back, knocked off balance. Beside you Will leaps into action, quickly racing across the bridge and slamming his saber against the man’s armor.

+200 Experience

Experience: [1400/4000]

+5 Will Favor

You and Will are now friends.

+5 Tarzan Favor

Tarzan follows up Will’s attack by polymorphing into a gorilla and slamming the knight clean off the bridge. The knight splashes heavily into the water and swiftly sinks, the weight of his armor carrying him to the river’s bottom and a watery grave.

Will meets you eyes as Tarzan morphs back. Something exchanges between the two of you, and you know that he knows exactly what you will do. How could you do anything else? Kerchak may have your friends, and you may have killed Sheeta, but this time, you will save this enemy.

Your moral compass will not allow you to leave the knight to die. This will affect your standing with Kerchak.

You set your sword down and leap from the bridge, splashing into the swirling, cold water. At the bottom of the river, you can see the knight, his helmet is now off and a look of terror is upon his face. You swiftly swim around behind him and undo the clamps holding his armor into place, but you can’t heave the armor off of him. You suddenly become aware of another form beside you, it’s Will!

With Will’s help, you manage to lift the armor and set it down, then swiftly pull the man to the surface of the river. The rapids are a struggle with a half conscious, heavy-set man between the two of you, but you swim to the cliff edge despite it. You feel something poke your head and look up to see Arthur gripping several vines. It’s nice that he wants to help, but he can’t possibly lift any of you by himself… and then you see he ha wrapped the vines around a tree. Evidently he plans to use the tree as a lever to pull you up. You grab the vine and tie it around the knight as best you can. Arthur struggles to pull him up and you know it’s not going to happen. Arthur yells something, but you can’t hear what over the sound of the river. After another moment, the knight is easily pulled up and the vine is lowered again. Will ties you into it, and then you are floating, for just a minute.

When you touch solid ground again, you take in your surrondings. Arthur is binding the knight and you see Tarzan reel in Will. Upon finishing this task, Tarzan turns to glare at you.

Tarzan :+1: : What you doing? You help enemy! You are enemy!

You: No, Tarzan! Killing people isn’t helping anything. I refuse to let your father turn me into a killer! I couldn’t save Sheeta, but I certainly could save him!

Tarzan gapes at you, eyes wide. Will stretches next to you.

+5 Will Favor

+5 Arthur Favor

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : So…what do we do with this one?

  • Let him go free.
  • Take him to Kerchak as a prisoner.

0 voters

You: We’ll have to take him prisoner.

Arthur :slight_smile: : What!?

You nod toward Tarzan who has a tight grip on his spear.

You: I doubt very much that Tarzan would let us release him anyways.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : When you’re right, you’re right.

+5 Will Favor

-5 Arthur Favor

Tarzan pursed his lips before nodding and roughly leading the knight through the jungle. The knight was mostly silent as he went and you take the opportunity to study the first of the other side you’ve seen. His red hair and beard are long and cascade down his back and chest. He has a rich tan and hardened red eyes.

You soon reach the fort again, which opens for you. Tarzan shoves the knight to the ground and Kerchak steps through a crowd of onlookers to glare at you.

Kerchak :raised_hand: : I told you to kill him, not bring him back.

  • Point out he has a means to gain information. (Requires Cunning)
  • Tell him the deed is done.
  • Explain why you saved him. (Requires Strength and Cunning)

0 voters

You: I have no intention of killing your enemies. I could save him, and so I did. If you have a problem, then…

You kick out the knight’s knees and he collapses to the ground. He glances up at you, eyes filled with hatred, but you ignore it. You dart over to a nearby weapons rack and lift a giant war axe off it. You carry it over to Kerchak and slam it down in front of him.

You: Then kill him, right here, right now, in front of all of your people. Let them see the foolish loss of life that this war is. You have the chance before you to start working towards a different goal. Don’t work towards war.

Kerchak huffed, but his eyes roamed over the gathering crowd. Mothers watching, some covering their children’s eyes. Young men with arms crossed and eyebrows raised. The knight at his feet, despite his glowering, a spark of fear in his eyes. Kerchak kicked the axe away before snapping. Two men grabbed the knight and began hauling him away.

Kerchak :raised_hand: : We’ll interrogate him and gain as much info as we can.

-5 Kerchak Favor

+10 Kala Favor

Kala is now your ally

+10 Tarzan Favor

+200 Experience
Experience: [1600/4000]

Kerchak :raised_hand: : Meanwhile, you’ll be pleased with your next assignment. You are going to convince the king of the other kingdom to come to a meeting to discuss the terms of his surrender.

Chapter Results:

Quaz: [80/100] :grin:

Jasmine: [100/100] :sunglasses:

Arthur: [40/100] :slight_smile:

Will: [60/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Tarzan: [30/50] :+1:

Kerchak: [0/20] :raised_hand:

Kala: [15/20] :handshake:


Chapter 14: Peace Attempts

Quaz: [80/100] :grin:

Jasmine: [100/100] :sunglasses:

Arthur: [40/100] :slight_smile:

Will: [60/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Tarzan: [30/50] :+1:

Kerchak: [0/20] :raised_hand:

Kala: [15/20]


Experience (Level 4): [1600/4000]

Charisma: Unlocked
Manners: Unlocked
Agility: Locked
Cunning: Unlocked
Strength: Unlocked
Weapon Knowledge: Unlocked

Dueling: Unlocked
Hand to Hand: Locked
Heavy Weaponry: Locked

Discovered Kingdom skills:

Wizardry: Unlocked
Spiritual Assistance: Unlocked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked

You: What do you mean, ‘the terms of his surrender’?

Kerchak: :raised_hand: : You seem to think that this war is pointless, that the loss of life is unneccesary. Very well then. End the war with his surrender.

Kerchak raised a hand and guards emerged from the prison, releasing Quaz. Two other guards were holding Esmeralda, she seemed alright, though she looked tired. The guards disappeared back into the darkness with her and Quaz slowly plodded over to you.

Quaz :grin: : Master Troy, You look well.

You: You’ve seen better days, Quaz.

Quaz :grin: : I suppose I have, haven’t I?

+5 Quaz Favor

Kerchak clears his throat and you redirect your attention again.

Kerchak :raised_hand: : Tarzan will take you as far as our border, after that, you’re on your own. Once you return successful, we’ll release your friend and you can be on your way. Any questions?

  • Yeah, How the heck am I suppose to get him to agree to peace?
  • Yeah, is this some kind of a joke?
  • Nope, no questions…

0 voters

You: Nope, no questions…

Kerchak :raised_hand: : Good! Here I was expecting I’d have to listen to more of your whining. Of with you!

+5 Kerchak Favor

It doesn’t take long for you to be out of the fort and on your way. Much to your cheer, Jasmine and Quaz are coming along as well. Will seems to be cheerful, whistling a tune and strolling forward into the jungle. Tarzan is on edge, moving silently as he keeps his spear pointed in front of him.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : You sure seem to be in a good mood, Will, what’s the occasion?

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : We’re almost out of this hole! I’m ready to be done with jungle, done with civil wars, and done with shapeshifting beastmen!

Quaz lowered his voice before speaking.

Quaz :grin: : There’s still the matter of finding the artifact. It could be back in their fort for all we know.

You: Actually, it isn’t, I checked and I sensed it pulled from this direction. It must be in this other tribe’s domain.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Great, our luck is really something, huh? Even if we obtain it, we’ve still gotta go along with Kerchak so we can free Esmeralda.

Arthur :slight_smile: : Speaking of all this stuff, I need to learn how to fight, in any way, preferably with a blade…anybody gonna teach me and offer me a weapon?

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : I’d be glad to teach you a few swipes, but…weapon? We can’t just pull one out of thin air, unless our fearless leader has a magic spell like that?

You flip through your spellbook, nothing stood out so you slowly shook your head. However, there was one weapon not in use. You could let Arthur use Excalibur. But should you? That’s all he wants from you, and he might try something after geting it.

  • Offer to let Arthur use Excalibur.
  • Decide against it.

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You purse your lips before reaching into your back and pulling out Excalibur, carefully wrapped. Even if this was an elaborate attempt by Arthur to get a hold of the sword, it’s not like he could escape with it. No, there’s no reason to worry about that, least ways not now.

You: Arthur, you can use this, at least for the moment.

You hold the sword out to him, offering him the hilt. He glances over at you in surprise before swallowing.

Arthur :slight_smile: : But I thought…

You: You pulled it from the stone, that means it must have been made for you. It’s not like you are planning to run off into the forest with it, right? That’d be dangerous to your life anyways.

Arthur :slight_smile: : Right. Th-thank you, Troy. I will use it well.

+15 Arthur Favor

You and Arthur are now friends.

Arthur wags the sword in the air awkwardly, unsure of what to do with it. You all stop to rest and Will begins a pirate lesson on how to wield a sword. That is, he challenges Arthur to a spar and offers tips as he lazily fences with the lad. Despite only just receiving the sword, Arthur seems to take heart at Will’s instruction. He adjusts his grip to hold the blade properly and after a couple minutes is soon parrying Will’s attacks, which got fiercer and faster. The spar ends rather abruptly with Will’s sword point against Arthur’s throat, which is no surprise of course.

With this lesson finished, Will helps tie the sword against Arthur’s side in a makeshift hilt of sorts. Tarzan watched all of the proceedings with a wary eye, but said nothing. Once the rest was over, everyone packed up and continued on down the path.

An hour later, Tarzan stopped abruptly before backflipping over your entourage and darting back into the forest.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Well, goodbye to you too!

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Guess that’s the end of our guided tour.

You and companions down the forest trail before you. Of course there’s no difference in what you’ve seen from before, but the temperature seemed to skyrocket down and the creatures around you seemed suddenly louder as if jeering you on.

What course of action do you plan to take?

  • Continue stealthily.
  • Continue confidently.

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You swivel around to gaze through your surrondings.

You: We should be fine if we proceed with caution.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : They’ll probably know we’re there before we know they are there…being sneaky isn’t a good idea…

Arthur :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : But if we are quiet, then they won’t know we’re there.

-5 Will Favor

+5 Arthur Favor

Your group continues slowly. Avoiding crunching over leaves and cracking the broken twigs. The forest sounds continue to jeer at you from all sides, but you keep the ball of nerves in your gut at bay. You proceed for another two hours without interruption until you finally decide to take a break. Will takes the opportunity to tell the tale of one of the many adventures he’s been on. Like all tales, you get the distinct impression that this one has been…altered to make Will seem more impressive.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : So there we were. Jack and I against fifty Brits.

Jasmine :grin: : Really now, fifty?

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : So then we hurled them over board and I had to sail an entire ship on my own.

Arthur :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Whatever happened to Jack Sparrow? Wasn’t he helping any?

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Given it was Jack Sparrow…no. He just stood their and flapped his arms around.

Quaz :sunglasses: : Sounds like he was drunk to me.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Jack Sparrow always sounds and act drunk…I don’t know why, really.

Jasmine :grin: : Well you act drunk about fifty percent of the time so it’s not that hard to believe…especially since he’s a pirate, I mean… yo ho ho and a bottle of rum is how you guys are, right?

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : I’m not drunk half of the time!

You: You said Jack spent a lot of time on an abandoned island? Maybe he’s just insane.

Quaz :sunglasses: That makes sense, Master Troy. Will is only half insane because he had someone else to keep him company.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : I’m not insane, at all!

Jasmine and Quaz grin and Arthur hesitantly pipes up.

Arthur :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Well actually, when Troy and him were fighting Sheeta…he couldn’t help but swing off a vine. I don’t think it was really necessary but…

Jasmine :grin: : Sounds like something a crazy person would do, if you ask me.

Quaz :sunglasses: : Crazier yet, he and Elizabeth both stayed on an island full of cursed skeleton people for the longest time.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Yah, yah, yah. I’m so crazy… the craziest thing I’ve ever done is join you guys on this quest! I hoped to get out of the jungle, and now look, we’re right back in the middle of one.

Jasmine :grin: : Majority rules, you are officially crazy.

Everyone laughs as the banter continues, until it is interrupted by the distinct sound of a twig snapping underfoot.

  • Call out.
  • Reman quiet and prepare an ambush.

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You bring a finger to your lips and your companions settle down for a moment…and then Will continues speaking loudly. Jasmine laughs at the nonsense he says. You smile a little. They’ll keep the cover so that whoever is out there has no reason to suspect that you heard them. You and Quaz qietly slide away from the campfire soon adjusting to the darkness. You spot a figure watching your group from behind some bushes. Quaz meets your eyes and you know he has spotted them too.

The two of you leap out, and your hands land squarely around their neck. They eep shrilly and then attempt to get away, but you hold on tight. Quaz helps you bring them by the fire and there you gape at the form before you. A rather large bunny? They aren’t as tall as you, but they might be four feet tall.

Bunny: Let go of me or I’ll kick you into next week!

You: Not until you tell us why you were spying on us!

Bunny: Because I felt like it! Why else would I do it? Now let. me. go.

You hesitate for a minute before setting the bunny down in the center of the camp. Everyone else has weapons trained on the bunny, who shapeshifts back into a human girl and gaining a foot in height.

Bunny: My name’s Judy. Judy Hopps.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : And what were you doing spying on us?

Judy: Research. I didn’t realize you guys weren’t inhabitants of this land.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Given your polymorph, I’d say you are an inhabitant of this land too.

Judy: Well, actually, that’s not entirely accurate. Part of this land is merged with the Tech Kingdom, I’m from there. This place is much more barbaric and technologically lacking.

Quaz :grin: : And what are you doing here?

Judy: I’m doing some research, as I’ve said. I’m investigating how different people live in their animal counterpart environments and how it affects them psychologically. It’s my senior thesis before I graduate from law school. I’m with a buddy of mine, Nick Wilde. He’s investigating the origin of polymorphing and how it became integrated into society.

Your companions stare at her blankly.

Arthur :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Uh… law school… sighlolly, uh…

Judy: Psychologically.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : I understood about half of those words…but I think it was only the little halfs that are unimportant…

Jasmine :sunglasses: : The tech kingdom is extraordinarily advanced in many ways, but they choose to keep their technology behind their walls. While they advance to the future, everyone else is just scraping out of the dark ages.

Judy: Hey, don’t you start hate like that. The other leaders showed no interest in what the tech kingdom had to offer, not our fault.

Quaz turned to you.

Quaz :grin: : Well, Master Troy, what are we going to do with her?

Judy: Do with me? What is there to do with me?

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : She could be a spy.

Or she could just be telling the truth. You could make her come with you, let her be on her way, or tie her up and leave her here. Know telling for sure which choice is right, but each will certainly dictate her attitude toward you as well.

  • Take her with you.
  • Tie her up and leave her here.
  • Let her be on her way.

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You: We’re just going to let her go on her way.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Really? That seems… trusting?

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Honestly, I agree. She’s no threat to us and her story checks out.

Judy: Good to know someone is being sensible here. I’ll just pretend I never saw your strange group as long as you pretend you never saw me should we meet again.

You: Deal.

Quaz :grin: : But if we catch you foloowing us, we’ll tie you up and leave you here.

Judy: Fair enough. Ta!

Judy morphs back into a bunny and hops away. Will frowns but soon relents.

+5 Jasmine Favor

-5 Will Favor

Your group turns in for the night with Jasmine and Quaz keeping the watch. At some point in the night you here shouting and force yourself out of a dream. Before you can do anything, you feel claws at your throat.

???: I wouldn’t try anything unless you want to lose your whole throat.

You: That’s not…preferable, no…

You mumble, still sleepy. Other hands roughly pull you up and you shake the sleep out of your eyes to see all of your friends in similarly held positions.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Can this maybe not happen again?

Quaz :grin: : Well, Master Troy, see you once you’ve completed their missions, I guess.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : I. Hate. This. Jungle. Like really, does it hurt for them to wait till morning? Or how about they just nicely wake us up first.

Arthur :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Well, at least they aren’t leaving me by myself. Though if they did I suppose I could come try to save everyone?

You notice a woman who had claws around your neck morphing her arm back into a human’s.

Woman: Your little stealth attack ends here. Where is my husband?

The woman’s arm turned back into what you now recognize as a lion’s paw.

Woman: Whichever one of you killed him, will die in his place.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Y’know, saying “my husband” doesn’t really narrow down who you’re talking about, right? I mean…for all you know, we might have killed hundreds of people…

Woman: His name is Simba. He was guarding the fallen log bridge you had to have crossed to be on this path.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Oh that guy! He’s alive. At least… he was… mmmm…maybe he’s dead now. I don’t know.

The woman backhanded Will and he grunted, her claws leaving marks on his cheeks that slowly closed on their own.

You: We took him prisoner. He is alive, at least for now, but you won’t stand a chance if you try to bust him out.

The woman retracted her hand from Will and stepped over to you.

Woman: Well, I suppose we’ll just have to take you all prisoners then.

The woman turned away from you and snapped. The people holding you began to push you roughly forward while a couple others gather all of your stuff. They made no effort to take your weapons away from you which struck you as strange. They must not think you are a threat to them.

You are led through the jungle and finally through a massive gate in an even more massive cobblestone wall. From then on, the forest is gone, now replaced with rough cobblestone paths and actual wooden houses. Children run about playing, some pausing to gape at you as you pass. You can’t help but notice the stark difference between this part of the kingdom and the roughly thrown together fort Kerchak is in.

You continue through the streets until you reach a castle with walls of it’s own. You enter another gate and are soon led inside and to a throne room where a young man paces. He has piercing blue eyes and long blonde hair. You get the distinct impression that this is the king in charge over here.

Woman: King Adam, we have found the stealth mission party.

Adam: Bah! And you expected that you could get by me? Who do you think I am?

The gruffness of his voice fully shocks you.

You: We…we weren’t on a stealth mission!

Adam: Right, right. Then what were you here for? Hmm!?

You: We came to… uh…

Now that you think about it, saying you came to discuss the terms of his surrender sounds like a great way to get ripped apart.

  • You say you came to discuss the terms of his surrender.
  • You say you need his help.
  • You explain that you are an outside party.

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You: We need your help.

Adam: Oh? My help? And what can I possibly do for you all.

You: …come to agreeable terms in a surrender to end this civil war.

Adam: Bah! Surrender!

You: Your kingdom should have peace–

Adam: Bah! Peace! We are animals! Animals do not have peace.

Upon snarling this out, Adam inhals deeply before straightening his collar and running a hand over his hair.

You: Of course animals have peace. Animals live in harmony with each other, but you are hardly animals. You are people.

Adam turns away from you and looks out a window at children playing in the square.

Adam: Do you know, the first person to ever polymorph was a queen? Her daughter fed her an enchanted tart and she turned into a bear. The daughter was devastated by what she had done, but she managed to reverse the curse bestowed by the tart…or so she had thought. What she didn’t know at the time, was that her mother was always able to turn into a bear after that. That was the birth of polymorphing. It is in our veins. If we stay in our animal state for too long, we become the animals themselves and go mindless!

Adam turned to face you, his clean-shaven face now covered in fur that was groing fast as his teeth bloomed with razor sharp fangs.

Adam: An enchantress did this to me. If not for my beloved Belle, I would not have broken her curse either.

Adam shifts back to his human appearance.

Adam: It takes great will power to keep control of ones sanity, and the enemies do not possess this willpower. So they must be wiped out before we get an army of rabid beasts charging after us.

You purse your lips considering carefully.

  • Explain the fear you saw at Kerchak’s fort.
  • Tell him what Kerchak thinks is going on.
  • Point out the hypocritical savageness in his desire.

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