The Disney Telltale Series Chapters 7-12

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Chapter 7: Escape.

Character Status:

Quaz: [65/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Jasmine: [85/100] :grin:

Tremaine: [45/50] :handshake:

Maleficent: [20/20] :handshake:

Experience (Level 3): [0/1500]


Charisma: Unlocked
Manners: Unlocked
Agility: Locked
Cunning: Unlocked
Strength: Locked
Weapon Knowledge: Unlocked

Dueling: Unlocked
Hand to Hand: Locked
Heavy Weaponry: Locked

Discovered Kingdom skills:

Wizardry: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked

Maleficent leads you and Quaz down a corridor and into a small room. A cauldron sits in the middle, boiling a greenish liquid. Despite it’s looks, the smell is actually a pleasant one. You detect hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Maleficent drops a handful of herbs into the pot then places a small bag into your right hand.

Maleficent :handshake: Pour this into the cauldron. I do sense you have attunement to magic, we just must bring it to the surface. Mr. Quasimodo, however, does not have attunement.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : That is alright, ma’am! I hardly want anything to do with this.

Quaz took a step back. You know better than to push him on something like this. You nod at Maleficent and empty the contents of the bag into the cauldron. Maleficent’s crow glares at you before cawing.

With the powder in the brew, the smell within the air has changed into the smell of decaying leaves in a forest. Maleficent swirls the smoke around her fingers before pointing at you. The smoke charges for you and intertwines with you before dispersing into the air. This done, Maleficent blows a pink powder over you, and then hands you a worn book.

Maleficent :handshake: There’s a lot of oral traditions and rituals that take up more time, but this is the essence of what needs to be done. That book is a spell book. Use it well. Now, you must flee. When your ritual here is completed, Lady Tremaine will wish to send you back to Agrabah to conquer it, but that is not something that can happen. I’m arranging a diversion so you all can escape, and I will cover your tracks myself.

You: Uh…wait what?

You have unlocked the Kingdom of Magic’s Kingdom skill: Wizardry!

Maleficent :handshake: No time for that. I’ll see to it that Jasmine and Esmeralda flee as well. You have what you came here for, now follow this passage to the outside and find someone leaving the castle. Get a ride with them.

Maleficent pulls a lever and one wall moved aside to reveal a secret pasage. She spins out of the room before slamming the door behind her, and Quaz glances after her before shrugging.

  • You plan to leave the castle with Elsa
  • You plan to leave the castle with Hans
  • You plan to use the magic carpet

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You race through the passage and soon push open a door at the other end. It leads to a courtyard with several carriages lined up. Elsa is just climbing into one. You dash up to her.

You: Elsa!

Elsa stops and turns to you. She seems confused for a moment before her eyes light up with recognition.

Elsa :raised_hand:: Ah, Golden Fox. Of course your name has been called Troy, if I read into the gossip. I must thank you for the support you gave me, Hans’ attempts have completely failed to rally the Kingdom of Magic to action.

+10 Elsa Favor

Elsa now likes you

You: Forgive me for skipping the pleasantries, but I am in need of a way out of here, and I hope me and my friends might ride with you.

Elsa glanced at the castle for a moment, then pursed her lips.

Elsa :+1:: If you have angered this kingdom, I cannot hide you for long, but I will certainly aid in your escape.

Elsa likes you enough to risk her reputation to help you. Elsa has passed her Favor Test.

You: I am beyond grateful.

*Your heart skips a beat as you realize Jasmine and Esmeralda are not here yet. Just then, you see something blue… A car? And in it… Some weird blue creature… An elf? And, you don’t trust your eyes, a white horse! This most be the distraction Maleficent spoke of. You must take advantage of this distraction to get Esmeralda and Jasmine out of there.

  • Order Quaz to stay with Elsa.
  • Let Quaz come with you.

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You: Quaz, with me. If you find them, get them back here. If we aren’t here by midnight, leave without us.

You dart away, catching a glimpse of Elsa nodding slowly. Quaz follows on your heals as your charge into the castle.

You enter the castle but cannot find Jasmine and Esmeralda anywhere. You notice the white horse is holding a sword in its mouth and is dueling with a guard. Suddenly you are facing the weird blue creature from before.

Blue Elf: Ho, young lad. My name is Barley and I am here to help. So, who are you and how can I help you?

You: I am sorry but I don’t think you can help me. I’m looking for my friends…

You trail off as you realize you don’t know this Barley and can’t be sure you can trust him.

  • Trust Barley and ask for his assistance.
  • Look for them on your own.

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You haven’t the time to be sure, but if Maleficent sent him, then surely he can help you in this way.

You: One was dressed in blue, the other in red. They were guests for the masquerade.

Barley: I have seen them indeed! They were talking to a guy with ginger hair and didn’t seem joyful. So, let’s go and find them, adventurer!

Barley leads you to a side hallway where Esmeralda and Jasmine are speaking in hushed tones with the ginger haired man.

You: Esmeralda! Jasmine! There you are! We must go!

Jasmine :grin: : There you two are. We were just having a discussion, but that is unimportant now.

She eyes Barley.

Jasmine :grin: : And who–and what-- is this?

Barley: I’m Barley, an elf, m’lady, and I’m here to help you. So where to now.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Master Troy, the clock.

You glance at the massive clock covering one wall and see it is already 11:30. If you book it, you could probably make it back to Elsa in time.

Barley: If it’s fleeing you need to do, I can get you outta here. Maximus can escape on his own and is already making the perfect distraction. Shall we?

  • Go to Arendelle with Barley.
  • Go to Arendelle with Elsa.

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You: I do appreciate the offer, but I already have a way out, we just need to get there.

Barley: Suit yourself.

Your group dashes from the room, but before you can get to the door leading to the courtyard, a bolt of lightning zaps right in front of you. Barley pulls you back before you get struck. Glancing to the source, you see another elf standing on a table. He has a long wooden staff in his hands. The elf lifts the staff and points it at you and another bolt shoots from it. Barley Yanks you away and then pushes a table unto it’s side. It seems it was a good idea to trust Barley.

+100 experience.
Experience: [100/1500]

Another bolt strikes harmlessly against the table’s top and Barley yells to be heard over the sound.

Barley: No way we getting out that door with him there. We have to stop him.

  • You distract him so that the others can run. (requires Agility)
  • You try to cast a spell (Requires Wizardry)
  • You ask Barley to distract him.

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You pull the book Maleficent gave you out and open it up. You feel slightly lightheaded as the book opens to a spell that just might work: Element Deflect. You note the symbols and words then stand. Time seems to slow as the elf lifts his staff to send another bolt of lightning. You tap the air as the book shown and whisper the words.

You: Elementa novirze!

The elf shoots the lightning, but it bounces away from you and harmlessly zaps into the wall. The elf raises an eyebrow and you glance down at your hands with new interest.

You: That’s…cool.

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Very cool…but since when can you use magic?

You: …I’ll have to tell you later.

+5 Jasmine Favor
+100 Experience
Experience: [200/1500]

Jasmine will now follow you to the ends of the earth.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Definitely.

Meanwhile, Barley snuck around the makeshift barrier and charged the other elf.

Barley: Ian!

Ian: If you are gonna attack, don’t warn me first!

Ian slammed his staff into the table sending a shockwave that threw both you and Barley to the floor. Ian twirled his staff in his hands then held it out, and you and Barley were pulled into the air.

Ian: I’m going to crush you both like the bug’s you are!

You cry out as your bones creak and bend, not far from cracking. Barley grits his teeth against the pain, refusing to cry out.

Ian grinned with a cruel smile as he squeezed even tighter. Suddenly you hear a familiar voice.

Tremaine :handshake: : Enough! Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

With a wave of her hand, a bright line shot through the air, slamming into Ian and sending him reeling off the table and onto the floor. Before he could stand, Tremaine waved her hand again and the table flipped on top of him.

Favor Test: Tremaine came to your rescue!

Tremaine :handshake: : Troy, good to see you are alright.

You wheeze a little, now on your hands and knees. Barley stands first and offers you his hand. You take it gratefully and he pulls you up. Ian let out an ungodly scream and the table flew off him, propelling straight for Lady Tremaine. Before you can react, the magic carpet hurtles past, catching Lady Tremaine and whisking her out of the way. As Ian retrieves his staff, you see Philip on the other side of the room.

Philip :handshake: : I was coming back for you, but I’ll help take down this elf instead, I guess.

Favor Test: Philip came back for you!

Lady Tremaine stood upon the magic carpet as it weaved around the room, hand raised. Ian angrily sent blasts of magic at her, but Tremaine dodged easily.

Ian: Come. Down. here!

Ian shot a massive bolt into the air. It burst apart before refracting around the room. The carpet dashed around, nimbly weaving through the star burst. As you watch this unfold, you feel someone grab your hand. Maleficent pulls you away from the chaos and shoves you towards the door. Upon doing this, she whirls around and sends blast of fire searing at Ian.

Maleficent :handshake: : We can handle this, now get out of her!

Favor test: Maleficent came back to aid in your escape.

With her covering your backs, you, Esmeralda, Quaz and Jasmine dash down the hallways, bursting out the castle doors just as the clock tolled midnight. Elsa is already in her carriage waiting for you.

Elsa :+1: : Hurry, my friends, we must be going!

Quaz opens the carriage door for you and you all climb in. No sooner is the door closed again, than Elsa’s driver sends the horses into a gallop. In another minute, you are through the castle gates and on your way to Arendelle. You glance over you shoulder at the castle, hoping that everyone you left behind will be alright.

Esmeralda: You know, I hope we don’t have to flee from every kingdom after we steal their relic.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : We made it though, and we managed to acquire that sword too.

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : At a great risk to you, Master Troy. Next time you should let me go back alone instead.

  • Agree with Jasmine, it doesn’t matter what happens as long as we get the relics.
  • Agree with Esmeralda, hopefully we can get them without angering the kingdoms.
  • Address Quaz’ concern.
  • Focus on studying your spell book.

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You: If we had been more diplomatic, perhaps we could have managed to acquire the artifact without so much running around. I’d prefer less of that in the future.

Having said your piece, you turn back to the spellbook in your hands. You flick through the pages. There is strange writings, squiggles, and diagrams, but you can’t understand any of them, except for that one page you read back at the castle. The Elemental Deflect Spell. Just as you close the book, you look down and see the first page written in words you can actually read.

Author: I’ve attuned this book for a new spell caster. Each spell you need will be learnable as you need it. Eventually, you’ll learn them all. I hope this book will impact you in something great. You’re going to change the world,

Your heart skips a beat as you stare down at the last word on the page.

Author: Troy.

Chapter Status:

Quaz: [65/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Jasmine: [90/100] :sunglasses:

Elsa: [20/50] :+1:

Chapter 8: Arendelle

Character Status:

Quaz: [65/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Jasmine: [90/100] :sunglasses:

Elsa: [20/50] :+1:

Experience (Level 3): [300/1500]

Charisma: Unlocked
Manners: Unlocked
Agility: Locked
Cunning: Unlocked
Strength: Locked
Weapon Knowledge: Unlocked

Dueling: Unlocked
Hand to Hand: Locked
Heavy Weaponry: Locked

Discovered Kingdom skills:

Wizardry: Unlocked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked

Two hours later, Elsa’s carriage is pulling up to Arendelle within the Kingdom of Water. Rather than dwell on the strange letter within the front cover of your spellbook, you turn to gaze upon the sprawling city. Half of it is upon the water, long marble pillars piercing beneath the waves and lost from site. The other half sits on solid ground, backed up by cliff faces spread throughout. The only entrance and exit by land is a long bridge with a waterfall falling to it’s right. You can understand exactly why Hans wants such a kingdom. Elsa sits next to you, a light grin on her face.

Elsa :+1: : There’s so many aspects of our capital city. Every time I see it, I can’t help but marvel at how well my family has put it together.

You: Yes, it is quite impressive.

  • You comment on its beauty. (Requires Manners.)
  • You ask about the crime rate and defenses. (Requires Cunning.)
  • You point out the natural defenses. (Requires Weapon Knowledge.)

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You: All that marble and cobblestone. It’s so different from Agrabah. Your city seems to glow, all on it’s own.

Elsa nods with a grin. She may not care too much for personal compliments, but compliments of her kingdom definitely reach her.

+5 Elsa Favor

As you grow closer, you close your eyes and wait for the slight tug of the relic. It is stronger now, but still far away…and strangely lower…perhaps it is below the ocean waves? You’ll have to subtly ask Elsa about this later.

The carriage soon stops, and the door is opened. A man helps Elsa climb out, then each member of your party in turn. As another man goes to collect the luggage from beneath the carriage, he soon jumps back with a shriek. Another man rushes forward, and soon pulls out a young lad by the ear. You catch a glance of his face and realize that this is Arthur, from the ball. He growls at the man holding him and then kicks him in the shin. The man lets go and clutches his leg with a cry. The boy darts away from the growing crowd, heading straight for you.

  • Grab him! (requires strength)
  • Let Elsa handle it.
  • Try to hold him in place.

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You reach out and attempt to grab him. He snarls at you and delivers a kick to your abdomen. You grimace, but manage to hold him firm and he soon settles down.

+100 Experience
Experience: [100/1500]

You: Arthur? What are you–

Arthur :angry: : You’re the bad man who stole my sword, and my kingdom! Give me back excalibur!

Everyone around you gathers closer. Like it or not, Arthur is your companion, at least for now. He is already drawing unwanted attention to your quest. You need to deal with him effectively, but how?

  • Tell him the sword is mine by right.
  • Tell him that you tried to help him, and didn’t know Tremaine would give it to you.
  • Explain the importance of your mission and why you need the sword.

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You: I wouldn’t have taken the sword if it weren’t absolutely necessary. I need it to save the realms–

Arthur :angry: : I don’t care what you need it for! I pulled it from the stone! It’s mine! I need it to get my own kingdom!

Right, that didn’t work…can’t say you didn’t try…

Elsa :+1: Troy, you know this lad?

You: Uh yes he is…

  • You say you are his cousin.
  • You say you are his friend.
  • You tell the truth.

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You: He’s from the Kingdom of Magic, Tremaine gave me the sword he brought to her and named me her heir. I don’t know why he’s here with me.

Arthur :angry: : Well I’m not leaving! You give me back my sword, and my kingdom!

Elsa :+1: You are not of this kingdom, and you will not speak that way to my guest. Guards, drop him back across the border.

Arthur :angry: : Yah! Go ahead! I’ll come back anyways! Nobody can stop me!

You muse over what he says as the guards grab him kicking and screaming and begin carrying him away. He could be useful, and if he took the sword after you were done with it, he could also become Tremaine’s heir…

  • You let him join me for now.
  • You explain that he can have the sword when I’m done using it.
  • You let Elsa’s guards take him away.

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You: Elsa, wait!

Elsa raises a hand and her guards pause. Even Arthur falls silent for a moment as Elsa turns to you with a raised brow.

You: Arthur, I have urgent need of this sword, but ultimately, I have no desire to be Tremaine’s heir. If you will allow me to use it now, then when I have completed my quest, I will allow you to be Tremaine’s heir.

Arthur stared at you for a long moment as he contemplated your offer.

Arthur :angry: : I…I will allow you to use the blade, but you must let me stay with you to be sure that you do not try to cheat me.

+10 Arthur Favor

Arthur no longer hates you.

You: That shall work for me.

Arthur nods slowly before glancing at the guards.

Arthur :frowning: : You heard him, I’m his companion, now get your meaty paws off me.

The guards glance to Elsa who nods slowly. Upon the guards letting go, Arthur slowly straightened his shirt and offered another glare at them before pulling up next to you.

Elsa :+1: : Now that that is resolved… You shall be my guests in the palace, and we will discuss the aid that you require.

Elsa gracefully leads you towards the palace. Upon entering through the courtyard doors, You immediately note a statue of young woman standing elegantly in the center of it. A plaque on it reads: “In loving memory of Princess Anna.”

You pass by the statue and continue indoors. Elsa seats herself on a plush sofa and gestures for you all to make yourselves comfortable. Upon sitting down, a servant offers you food on a tray, which you decline. Elsa leans slightly forward an fixes you with a stare.

Elsa :+1: : Now, I have assisted in getting you out of the Kingdom of Magic, but I want to know why you were there, and what you are doing here? I understand you stole this sword. If you intend to steal from my city, then I will lock you into the dungeons right now.

Arthur also stares at you, evidently wanting to know what is so important about this.

  • You explain your quest.
  • You refuse to tell her anything.

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You take a deep breath and gaze around the room. Then you plunge into the story, gleaning over a few aspects, but still bringing it full circle to where you are now. By the end of it, Arthur is at the edge of his seat. Elsa remained carefully neutral throughout your story, the only indication you were making any impact at all was her gloved hands tightening and releasing. Upon finishing, you sigh again and lean back into the sofa.

Arthur :frowning: : Wow, you guys are like heroes sacrificing everything to save the world that’s so-- I mean… uh… that…that’s probably all a lie.

+5 Arthur Favor

Arthur no longer dislikes you.

Elsa :+1: : Yes, it is quite the tale, isn’t it.

Elsa sipped a cup of cocoa a servant had brought at some point during your story.

Elsa :+1: : Unfortunately, I have no way to know where the relic within my kingdom is. There are a lot of ancient treasures within our kingdom, and anyone of them could be your relic. In any event, thank you for trusting me with the truth.

+5 Elsa Favor

You: I can tell that the relic isn’t within Arendelle, at the very least.

Elsa :+1: Well, that hardly narrows it down, I’m afraid, but I do know a way to help. You see once every week currently, the leaders of the different members of the Kingdom of Water meet to discuss our next move. Several of them carry ancient relics around with them. Perhaps one of them will have it on their person, and be willing to give it up.

Esmeralda: Right, getting stuffy leaders to give up their stuff? I… really doubt it.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : As one of those stuffy leaders…you are…probably correct…

Quaz: Not all leaders are stuffy and selfish! Take Troy for example, he has given up everything!

As touched as you are by Quaz’s compliment, it doesn’t help convince Jasmine or Esmeralda of anything.

Elsa :+1: Perhaps the leaders of our people will surprise you.

  • You don’t think they’ll give anything up.
  • You think they might be willing to help.

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You: We can’t assume the worst of people. I’m sure that once they understand the importance of our mission, they’ll be willing to help us.

Your Moral Compass has shifted.

Elsa :+1: Well said, Troy, nobles can be stuffy, but I guarantee they will understand in the end.

+5 Elsa Favor

Jasmine :sunglasses: : I hope you’re right. Course if not, I won’t miss the opportunity to say I told you so.

-5 Jasmine Favor

Jasmine will no longer follow you to the ends of the earth.

Elsa :+1: : Then we’ve decided. You must all be exhausted. I’ll have rooms prepared for you. It will take me a day or so to call a meeting. Take this opportunity to rest and eat. If you need anything, the servants will be happy to provide it.

A while later, the servants lead you to a hallway with doors lining the walls. Jasmine, Esmeralda, Arthur, and Quaz each enter one. You gape at the ornate decor and plush bed of your room. A set of glass doors opens on to a balcony offering a breath taking view. You stride out to the balcony swallowing at the peaceful city, lights doused as everyone slumbers. The sky is full of stars that twinkle at you. You inhale the fresh air, delighting in how fresh it is compared to the sandy dunes you are used too.

Jasmine :grin: : So different from our own little capital, isn’t it?

Jasmine leans against the railing of her own balcony next to yours. She runs a hand along the balcony’s marble surface.

Jasmine :grin: : And yet, this balcony…it’s so similar to the one back home…

You remain quiet as you gather in the peace of this moment. You aren’t used to seeing Jasmine like this.

Jasmine :grin: : You know, it’s silly…but before all this…I used to dream of meeting a prince on my balcony. He’d sweep in and whisk me away on a magical night of romance and adventure. Tch.

She scoffs.

Jasmine :grin: : One night, a guard climbed up to my balcony, and he got me out of the palace right before Jafar decapitated my father and took over Agrabah. A dozen guards converged on the lone guard who was defending me. I ran away while he fought to protect me. Heh…never had a balcony to fantasize on again.

Jasmine turned to meet you, eyes brimming with tears.

Jasmine :grin: : Troy, when you fix all this…do you think I’ll get a happy ending?

  • You promise she will.
  • You admit you don’t know for sure.
  • You promise her revenge at the very least.

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You: Of course you will. I promise I’ll get you your happy ending.

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : I… don’t like promises you can’t keep.

You: It’s something that I am going to work so hard to complete, that you can be sure it’ll happen. I suppose it couldn’t be a promise that cannot be broken…but it is a promise that I will do all I can to make happen, and that’s better than a normal promise anyway.

Jasmine stands silently mulling over your words before finally offering a tentative smile.

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : That’s an interesting way to think of a promise, and I promise you, Troy, that I’m in it for the long run. We’re going to collect all of these artifacts.

+15 Jasmine Favor

Jasmine will follow you to the ends of the earth.

You offer her a grin before you find yourself yawning. Jasmine laughs lightly.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Same, actually. I should go sleep. Goodnight.

Jasmine offers a wave before she saunters back into her room and closes the balcony doors. You soon follow suit, barely pulling off your shoes and outer clothes before collapsing on the feathered bed.

Later that night, you awaken more from your sleep to pull the covers on top of you. A cold breeze blows through your open balcony door. You sigh as you mumble about forgetting to close them, and then it clicks. You didn’t. Someone else must have opened it. Perhaps if you were a guard or thief, you would’ve thought more clearly, but as it stands, you bolt upright in your bed to see a shadow picking through your now open pack. The figure immediatedly darts for the window as you try to adjust to the dark.

  • Charge after them. (Requires Agility.)
  • Call for help.
  • Stay silent.

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You call out for help and soon hear the castle bustling around you. Calling out helps to wake you up more so you groggily move to the balcony where you can see the hooded figure climbing down the castle wall with ease. It’s much too far away for you to chase after them, even if you could.

Several guards and servants rush into the room and you quickly explain what happened. The guards take off to spread the word to catch the thieves. Meanwhile, you slowly sift through your meager belongings to see if they stole anything. After doing another search, you sigh. Then you realize you no longer have Excalibur! You quickly up turn your room with the servants’ help, but it is no where to be found. A little while later, Jasmine, Esmeralda, and Quaz show up and also help you look.

You: Who was that? Why would they steal that sword? It doesn’t benefit anyone in this kingdom.

As you say this, Arthur pads into the room. He hesitates a moment before piping up.

Arthur :neutral_face: : Uh…they…didn’t take it.

Jasmine’s eyes narrowed as she glances at you.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : And how would you know that?

Arthur :neutral_face: : Because…I took it… I was going to go back to the Kingdom of Magic with it, but… I don’t know…it’s like… I… believe you, for some reason…

Arthur trails off an awkwardly fidgets before he hands you Excalibur.

Arthur returned Excalibur willingly. Arthur has passed his first favor test!

  • You scold him for taking it.
  • You thank him for returning it.

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You: Thanks for bringing it back…and taking it. I don’t know if that’s what they were after, but… it could’ve been.

Arthur :neutral_face: : Oh… yes…You’re welcome.

+5 Arthur Favor

Elsa soon comes into the room and informs you that nobody can find the thief. She sees to it that the balcony door is locked securely before bidding you all good night once again. You toss and turn the rest of the night mulling over who would do such a thing. The next morning you make your way to a massive dining table where your friends soon converge. Everything laid out is delicious and you are soon stuffed from the exuberant breakfast.

Elsa :+1: : I’ve actually called a meeting for this afternoon. There’s a lot that will be going on, so be sure you are ready.

Esmeralda: From what I understand, there’s a curse threatening that outer island, I believe it’s called Montonui?

Elsa pauses to have a sip of wine.

Elsa :+1: : That isn’t the only event going on. King Triton has mysteriously vanished a couple weeks ago. His daughter, Attina, has taken up his trident in his place. Montonui is also having a shift in power. The two tribes that comprise the island are at each others throats over uniting under one leader, and who that leader should be. Obviously, Arendelle is trying to deal with the Southern Isles impending threats of war.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Sounds like you guys are spread thin.

Elsa :+1: : We are. Each leader is dealing with their own issues at the moment.

Esmeralda: That’s your problem right there. You should all be coming together during this time, not letting everyone go solo.

Elsa :+1: : We haven’t the authority over anyone else’s domain. We meet to discuss mutually benefitting agreements, and that is all. The leaders can deal with their own domains far better than I could advise them.

  • You agree with Esmeralda, they should band together.
  • You agree with Elsa, they each know what they are doing.

0 voters

You: If being apart isn’t working, then coming together should work better.

Elsa frowns slightly, and Jasmine taps her chin thoughtfully.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : I mean…we banded together and still couldn’t take Jafar so…

Elsa :+1: : And just because it hasn’t helped yet, doesn’t mean it won’t work in the future.

Quaz :grin: : Maybe, but we’re all coming together, and look at all that we are accomplishing.

-5 Jasmine Favor
-5 Elsa Favor
+5 Quaz Favor

Jasmine is no longer loyal

You: Perhaps, but surely Attina doesn’t know what she is doing as a new ruler?

Elsa :+1: : King Triton has been bringing her up to take the trident from him one day. She is performing quite well.

Arthur :neutral_face: : Forget this chit chat! I wanna see the island!

Elsa purses her lips thoughtfully.

Elsa :+1: : I’m sure we could embark a bit sooner than the meetings time. It’d give you a chance to see some of Montonui and meet it’s two prospective future leaders. Or, you can stay here and prepare more and learn more about them via me.

  • You want to head to Montonui now.
  • You want to wait and gather more intel here first.

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You: It’d probably for the best if I remained here to learn more about them before we go.

Elsa :+1: : Very good then, I’ll do my best to explain.

Arthur :neutral_face: : Boo! More boring talking.

-5 Arthur Favor

You spend some time learning about the others present. Attina has taken her father’s place while he is missing. She’s a no-nonsense girl always in a rush. She wishes she wasn’t doing these duties and desperately hopes to find her father while maintaining relations with the other rulers.

Tui and Powhatan are the two chiefs. Powhatan does not believe that Moana is capable of leading there two tribes and so is attempting to put his own daughter, Pocahontas, on the throne.

You spend a little more time debriefing and learning about Elsa. Elsa declares that you have to leave now, and that she will send Gale to inform them of your arrival.

+5 Elsa Favor

An hour later, you and your companions are boarding a ship to take you to Montonui. As you are about to board, a chill wind whips through your clothes, whirls around you once before darting away. You notice a letter swirling around within it. Just before you decide to grab the letter, the wind whisks it over to Elsa’s open hands. Elsa opens the letter with a nod at the wind.

Esmeralda: …Did Elsa just get mail by the wind? Excuse me?

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : That must be Gale, a wind spirit. Nice to meet you Gale.

You raise an eyebrow at Quaz as he talks, but the wind whips around him and he offers a bark of laughter.

You: So, how’d you know that, Quaz?

Quaz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : The gargoyles in Notre Dame used to tell me about other spirits, unbound by humans. When Elsa said Gale, I assumed it was a human, but now it all clicks into place.

Elsa sighs slightly as she pockets the letter.

Elsa :+1: Montonui is eager to invite you to their island, Troy.

You: Then why do you sound less than happy.

Elsa :+1: : The two tribes are on the verge of a war. Troy, if you can’t help them reach a compromise, they’ll declare independence from each other, and the Water Kingdom. In the end, they’ll both wind up wiping each other out completely.

You: Me? Why me?

Elsa :+1: : That’s the issue…for some reason, they think…you’re a demi-god.

You: What!?

Chapter Status:

Quaz: [70/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Jasmine: [95/100] :sunglasses:

Arthur: [0/100] :neutral_face:

Elsa: [35/50] :+1:

Chapter 9: Montonui

Character Status:

Quaz: [70/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Jasmine: [95/100] :sunglasses:

Arthur: [0/100] :neutral_face:

Elsa: [35/50] :+1:


Experience (Level 3): [300/1500]

Charisma: Unlocked
Manners: Unlocked
Agility: Locked
Cunning: Unlocked
Strength: Locked
Weapon Knowledge: Unlocked

Dueling: Unlocked
Hand to Hand: Locked
Heavy Weaponry: Locked

Discovered Kingdom skills:

Wizardry: Unlocked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked

You: I’m not a demi-god! I had normal parents, I come from a normal city, there is nothing special about me!

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : You know, if you pretended to be a demi-god, I bet this would all go over a lot smoother.

You won’t even consider such a scheme. Maybe if you were a different person, with different morals, you would and could pull it off. As it stands, you aren’t, and you won’t.

You: No way! I’m not about to lie to an island full of people.

Jasmine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Ugh, an opportunity falls right into our laps and you won’t play a long. Good grief!

-5 Jasmine Favor

Your moral compass prevents you from deceiving the islanders. It will be harder to win them over as a result.

The remainder of the journey to the island is in a tense silence as Jasmine pointedly ignores you and nobody else really wants to strike up a conversation. Upon reaching the island, you are greeted by two older men along with a throng of people carrying leis of flowers, beads of wood, and gorgeous furs. You immediately sense that it for you they bring their gifts. You must nip this right in the bud, but that doesn’t mean you need to be rough about it.

  • You explain that you aren’t a demi-god gently.
  • You explain that you aren’t a demi-god forcefully.

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Tui: We will listen, demi-god!

Powhatan: Tell us how we can assist you in removing the curse and we will do it!

You: That is not what this is about. I know you think I am a demi-god here to lift the curse that besieges your island. Make no mistake, I will do what I can to try to lift the curse, but I am not a demi-god, and I refuse to deceive you into believing that I am something I’m not.

The crowd begins to whisper, swiftly whipping into an uproar. Just as you fear you are going to lose control, a shrill voice yells over the multitude, silencing them.

Shrill Voice: This is what I told you all! Demi-gods are myths. You should respect that this young man told you the truth rather than taking advantage of your gifts.

The crowd parts, all looking to a young woman stepping through the crowd towards you.

Tui: On the contrary, Moana! The stories we have heard of this lad are hardly those of a mere mortal. He wishes to shirk his responsibilties and I will not allow it!

Moana snorts before squaring off with the old man.

Moana: Oh, please father. This little shrimp is hardly the great Maui, demi-god of the land and sea. Elsa has brought him as a guest in an attempt to keep us united, but his words should not be weighed as if he is a supremely powerful being.

Powhatan: Regardless of whom he is, if he is not a demi-god then what value does his word even have?

You roll your eyes as the three continue to fight and tune them out, instead scanning the crowd. All other onlookers seem to be agreeing with one or the other of those three and pointedly ignoring you. Moana one of the heirs to the chiefs, but where is the other?

  • You ask where the other heir is.
  • You tell them all to stop fighting.
  • You stay silent.

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You: Will you all quit fighting long enough for me to get a word in edge wise!

Moana turned to study you for a moment before rubbing her hands across her skirts and rolling her eyes.

Moana :raised_hand: : Fine, what do you have to say, not demi-god.

You pause briefly before glancing around, unsure of how to begin.

You: Uh, I only see one heir, where is Pocahontas?

Moana :raised_hand: : She didn’t think you were worth her time to show up on time. Not that I’m saying she was wrong in this particular case, but this is hardly the first time she’s–

Powhatan :raised_hand: : Hold your tongue when you talk about my daughter!

Tui :raised_hand: How dare you talk to my daughter that way, Powhatan.

Powhatan :raised_hand: : How dare you allow your daughter to speak of mine the way she has, Tui?

Both tribes now stood on two sides of an invisible line, spears pointed, clubs raised, and arrows notched and aimed. Where the weapons came from was beyond you.

  • Knock their weapons out of their hands. (Requires Wizardry.)
  • Laugh at them to point out how ridculous they are being (Requires Cunning.)
  • Tell them to stop.

0 voters

You swiftly pull out your spellbook and open it to a page you couldn’t decipher before, but can now. A shockwave literally designed to cause a limpness in hands. That’ll work. You position your fingers and mumble the spell activation words.

You: Ļenganas rokas!

As you say the words, you gesture forth with your hands. Wind whips past you and directly through the crowd as everyone drops their weapons. The people turn to gape at you, mouths open. Elsa applauds lightly next to you.

Elsa :+1: : Quite the spell, Troy. Color me impressed!

+5 Elsa Favor
+100 Experience.
Experience: [500/1500]

Tui :raised_hand: : What magic is this? If you are not a demi-god, then you must be an enemy!

Tui glanced down at his spear on the ground then loosely balled up his fists instead.

Elsa :+1: : Peace, Chief Tui. Troy possesses magic, much as I do.

Powhatan :raised_hand: : You are wrong! I do not sense the presence of the spirits from him. His magic stems from another source entirely.

People whisper throughout the throng, but you can’t say it matters. The important thing is that they are no longer fighting. This bit about your magic not stemming from spirits makes little sense, but Elsa seems to be defending you, so that works. As Elsa continues to defend you, you tune the crowd out once again, listening to the wind. Something stirs within you as you listen and you slowly step through the crowd, almost in a trance. You wander down a beaten trail, balance across a log, and soon see what you heard from so far away. A woman sitting beneath a massive willow tree. She is singing words you can’t understand, but cut right into your heart. The woman looks up and sees you. Behind her, on the side of the tree trunk, you see an old woman’s face smiling kindly at you.

You: Who are you?

Singing Woman: I am called Pocahontas.

Face on tree: This is the one I told you of, Pocahontas!

Pocahontas: Troy? You are not what I expected.

You: How do you know who I am?

Face on tree: I knew your great grandfather long ago. There was a man. His attunement to the spirits was so great, sometimes he seemed more insightful than even me.

You: My…great grandfather? Came from here? I don’t…understand.

Face on Tree: I am Grandmother Willow. I’m sure there is a lot you don’t understand. I don’t have all the answers either, but…

Grandmother Willow trailed off as she faded from the bark of the tree. Behind you, Moana stepped out of the forest and marched towards the two of you.

Moana :raised_hand: : Here you are, Troy. Ah, I see you’ve met Pocahontas. The meeting will be starting soon. You had best both come along.

Moana glared at Pocahontas another moment before leaving. After another moment, Grandmother Willow reappeared within the tree trunk.

Grandmother Willow: Ah, that one has a connection to the oceans, but that’s as far as her spirit attunement goes.

Pocahontas: Troy, I think you should know. I have no interest in becoming our tribes’ leader. Up until recently, I was never going to be, but with that curse worsening, my father feared that Moana would lead us to ruin. I disagree.

Pocahontas stood up swiftly and darted away, heading for the meeting.

Grandmother Willow: Despite what she says, Troy, she would make for a very empathetic leader, and I think that’s worth a lot.

You slowly follow, mulling over your options. Moana isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and pursue her own beliefs, but Pocahontas would be able to reach compromises more easily, but she doesn’t even wish to be a leader, that might not be a good recipe.

At the moment, who are you planning to make chief?

  • Moana, brave and bold and stubborn.
  • Pocahontas, meek and empathetic and quiet.

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Chapters 11 and 12

Just in case it runs too long to fit in the previous posts.

Time to make some magic!!!

So far the story has been great and I certainly am awaiting how it continues!! I would advice everyone to read up on what has happened so far!

I hope it will be of use some day!!

Kronk being Maleficent. Yzma as Troy :joy:

I say we got with Elsa to Arendelle!!

Spoiler Chapters 1-6

Remember that we have to restore all kingdoms!! Visiting Arendelle with Elsa seems a good new step


I claim credit for giving it that name!

I agree!


Yup! I’m really awful at names. Imagineer found good words for all the kingdom skill names. :grin:


Great story so far!

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Next choice is out. @Irrer-Minnie helped me write this next segment since I haven’t seen Onward.


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Next choice is out.


Yes, we go with Elsa to Arendelle!



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It’s okay. We’ll just see tomorrow what we encounter on our way to Arendelle!


Next choice is out.

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