The Greatest Late Night Host In The Galaxy

Name: Ned
Source: Earth To Ned
Team: Yellow
Class: Damage, Stun
Stars: 3
Position: Back

Quote: “It’s just me. Funny, likable, Ned.”

  • Animations
    ** Entrance: Ned starts out in the shadows, but the spotlight illuminates him.
    ** Victory: Ned records a mission report.
    ** Defeat: One of Ned’s fists pounds his desk in frustration, and his other three arms flail around

  • Skills
    ** White Skill: “CLODs And Ends”. Ned creates CLODs to attack enemies. The higher the skill level, the faster and stronger the CLODs become.
    ** Green Skill: “Blue’s Ooze”. Ned’s ooze is dumped onto the battlefield, stunning enemies.
    Blue Skill: “Y’all BETI For This?” At the start of a round, Ned uses BETI’s tractor beam to temporarily remove the strongest enemy from the battlefield.
    ** Purple Skill: “Late Night”. Blue’s Ooze damages enemies overtime.
    ** Red Skill: “My Next Guest”. Y’all BETI For This causes massive damage for the abducted enemy upon returning.

  • Friendships

  • Ned and Stitch
    ** Campaign: The Extra Extra Terrestrial.
    ** Disk: Close Encounters-CLODs absorb energy. +X Armor
    ** Description: Ned interviews Stitch, another blue, four armed alien, for his show.
    ** Allies: EVE, Bunsen and Beaker, Kim Possible

  • Ned and Mulan:
    ** Campaign: Daddy Issues
    ** Description: Ned talks to Mulan about how to make his Admiral Daddy proud.
    ** Disk: Extra Firepower: CLODs explode upon being defeated, stunning and damaging enemies. +X HP
    ** Allies: Mr. Incredible, Jasmine, Gonzo

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You got typo bunsen is spelled with e not with o

Okay! I fixed it!

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