The king of animals : Mufasa hero concept

Mufasa hero concept

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Mufasa protects his allies with his courage and his fatherly instinct

“You forgot me forgetting who you were”

Role : Tank

Position : Front

Trial team : red :red_square:

Stars : :star2: :star2:

Entrance : comes walking then roars
Victory : smiles
Defeat : fall on the ground
Basic attack : roars

:white_circle: White skill : from the sky

Mufasa assumes his spectral form until he has run out of enrgy. When is his spectral form, he redirects 80% of the damage dealt to himself and his allies, and asorbs all the damage.

Redirection of damage is less effectie against allies of level X more.

:green_circle: Green skill : dad is coming

Normal damage :fist:

Once per wave, when Mufasa is below 50% of his max HP, he leaps into enemies, dealing X damage and stunnig them for 10 seconds.

:large_blue_circle: Blue skill : the king of animals

Fantastic damage :sparkles:

Mufasa roars, dealing X damage to all enemies and silence them for 8 seconds.

:purple_circle: Purple skill : immortal king

The first time Mufasa drops to 0 HP, he regains X HP and 300 Energy.

:red_circle: Red skill : protective dad

When Mufasa uses “from the sky”, he and his allies regain X HP per second until Mufasa runs out of energy.

+X HP max for Mufasa
+X skill power for Mufasa
+X damage for “dad is coming”


Mufasa and Simba & Nala

Adventurous lion cubs
Disable Immunity for Mufasa and his allies.

+X basic damage per level

Mufasa and his allies are immune to disables when “from the sky” is activated for 3 seconds per star.

Mufasa et Scar

Walk between brothers
“the king of animals” deals more damage

“the king of animals” deals X more damage per level

+X tenacity per star


Hello everyone, and welcome to my first concept. Firstly, I wanted to thank @Imagineer_V for their guide which was very helpful. Also, I encourage you to leave comments so that I can improve myself. Either way, thanks for reading this concept!

Glad that it helped. Good job for a first time :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I agree with @Imagineer_V, great job!

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