The Mad Boomer (Unlikely Concept)

Ripper Roo


Source: Crash Bandicoot

Role: Damage

Position: Middle

“Insane Giggle”

This crazed kangaroo throws TNT crates and nitro crates that blow up enemies sky high.

Entrance: Hops into position

Victory: Laughs insanely


Defeat: A TNT crates blows up in Ripper’s face

Basic Attack: Throws a nitro crate

White Skill: Explosive Experience: Ripper plants nitro pads in enemy which explodes

Green Skill: Dyno-mite: Ripper throws a TNT crate which counts down from 3.

Blue Skill: Hop To It: Ripper jumps and scratches an enemy.

Purple Skill: Big TNT: Dyno-mite is upgraded to Big TNT crate which has a bigger blast.



Campaign: Destruction Buddy: Ripper and Stitch causes as much mayhem as possible in the city.

Disk: Destructive Instinct: Dyno-mite pushes back frontmost enemies.

Huey, Dewey and Louie


Campaign: Prank Week: Ripper is recruited by the triplets to help them make there prank a little more… explosive.

Disk: Third Degree Burn: Basic Atrack adds burn debuff.

I love crash bandicoot thanks for the wonderful concept! :grin:

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Lol why do the triplets look so evil in that picture

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