The mad hatter debuffs

Please guys what are debuffs in this game? I am using the mad hatter and I want to understand his purple skill and know what it does

There are 2 types of Negative Status Effects in the game:


Debuffs are those that “weaken” the Heroes but not too much that it causes them or their Attacks to be affected, since those are considered to be Disables.

The list of Debuffs are as follows:

  • Armor, Reality, Damage, Skill Power, Attack and Move Speed Decreased
  • Curse - which cuts all healing by 50%
  • Hex - which Stuns an enemy if they try to trigger a White Skill


Disables, unlike Debuffs, are only 5 and serve one purpose: To “control” the Enemies.

The list of Disables are as follows:

  • Stun - which makes the Stunned unable to do anything
  • Silence - which makes the Silenced unable to use Skills, only Basic Attacks
  • Blind - which makes Basic Attacks to miss
  • Charm - which makes the Charmed attacks its allies
  • Freeze - which delays the movement of the Frozen Enemy.

Mad Hatter is immune to both anyway

False. I have tested and disables are actually considered debuffs. Anything except for direct damage is a debuff (even damage over time is considered a debuff)

Also does anyone know how these work against invincible enemies? Because sometimes they work but others don’t?

Oh wow, and here I am, thinking that the 2 are different…

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I keep trying to post a gif of MH dodging barbossa’s burns, but for some reason it’s tiny, I’ll work on it though.

They are different - all disables are debuffs, but all debuffs are not disables :thinking:

I’m not entirely sure it’s supposed to be that way, though

So he’s immune to stuns and all these types of stuffs?

Or what exactly are examples of debuffs?

Literally everything except damage.

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