The Mayor Bellwether Issue

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to address the fact that when used on auto, it is almost impossible to defeat the opposing team when using Mayor Bellwether. Her white skill charms an enemy and turns them berserk. After this skill is used for its first time, Bellwether uses it almost immediately again. Due to this, at least one enemy is never fully defeated after a use of Mayor Bellwethers white skill on auto. In my opinion, this issue needs adressing.
@Nugget could you fix this?


Maybe dont use auto? I get for arena you can’t win even if you stall out but then you just don’t use her, otherwise just don’t use auto at all

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It’s not a problem of if you use her or you don’t, it’s a problem of balance.

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How lol? If you mean that she’s overpowered because of her skills then you are wrong, its not that hard to kill her

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“Bellwether uses it almost immediately again” - yep, this is an issue of running fights on Auto.

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Arena and Coliseum: Off auto, what’s that?

I hope PB will change how her white skill behaves.


I think you should tag Nugget to report this to the team. Auto fights in Arena with her are a trouble.

Just tagged!!

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