The Next Disney Princess

With the quiet induction of Moana as an official Disney Princess, it should opens up world of possibility of who should be next to be inducted in the official line-up:

Bo Peep

If you want a princess they haven’t created to inducted here are some idea to start conversation:

An Egyptian princess
A princess of darkness (like the daughter of the boogie man)
A robot girl (an honory princess like Mulan)
A pirate princess
A fairy princess (to replace Tinker Bell since she has her own franchise)
An hindi princess
A princess with special needs (blind, an autistic princess, etc)
A princess of the jungle
The princess of the dead (like a vampire)
The princess of dreams (like the daughter of the sandman or something of that sort)
The princess of the forest
A princess that also serves as a villain
A prehistoric princess

Just remember the unspoken qualifications to being a princess

(Note: this is not for DHBM, but just a mere conversation starter)


We already have both of them, make account on s1-12 to have all heroes available. Jasmine is also play-able character.

Anna should visit this game around time of premiere Frozen 2 movie.


I think they mean a new princess not a new princess for the game, I think

No, i do not mean in the game, i mean in Princess Line-up in general

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Vanellope + Elsa + Jasmine + Meg + (Alice at some stage)
But 5th ‘‘offcial’’ isn’t still here, yet.

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Yes you are correct on that assumption

Kida, Anna, Elsa-yes, as they are actual princesses. Esmeralda and Bo are not and will never become. Meg, unsure here, according to myths she is, but here, I don’t know. Don’t know the rest of them.

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Can you share the link? As far as I know, for a girl to be announced as an official Disney princess, there should also be an official Disney prince as her partner.

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Elena actually is an official Disney princesses.

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Not necessarily. I don’t think that is one of the criteria for being a Disney Princess. I think these are the criteria:

  • Must be human
  • Must be a main protagonist introduced an original movie. In other words must not be introduced in a sequel.
  • Must be an animated movie
  • Must be one of these three things:
    • be born into royalty
    • marry into royalty
    • commit a significant act of heroism
  • (this one is a bit more success oriented) must make a certain amount of money at the box office (don’t know the amount)

Ok to get others to come forward with some ideas I made a princess, sorry about the picture I can’t draw people, I started with the dress and went from there hope you like it!


So Flora is my idea for a new princess, she’s Australian
She lives in the tropical jungle with her tribe
She loves flowers, trees, animals and everything nature grows :rose:

Her story would be something like…
Living in the jungle, separated from civilization Flora’s tribe live a very basic life but when hunters and deforestation appears the tribe flee in the hope to survive!
However soon they realize that the jungle is getting smaller and they will have to search for shelter in the cities!
Flora leads a small group to the city to find a place to live, but when they get there they discover the smells, sounds and sights are very hard to get used to!
Then it will follow them trying to fit in and save their tribe!
Hope you liked it!
And hopefully this will motivate you to have a go too! It was actually really fun!


For those who are confused on who is an official disney princess here is the list in chronological order:

Snow White

Flora almost looks like Poison Ivy

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What next princess.

There isn’t a next princess per say. I just thought that people might get creative and make one of their one if want or see if you think that existing female might be suitable to qualify

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I love Poison Ivy so I’m going to take that as a compliment :joy:

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I SERIOUSLY doubt these will ever be official Disney Princesses.

All of these have most likely run out of time.

The Disney Princess who took the longest to be added (not sure about Moana) was Merida.

Besides that, I believe that there is another rule that is a requirement to be a Disney Princess. The hint was given by Maui. An animal sidekick.

Of those listed here, who meet all requirements…I see none. (Olaf does count, but Elsa and Anna’s box office success was too great, consequently disqualifying them.)

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Esmeralda wears a dress and she has a goat

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But she’s not royalty of any sort. Mulan is like the one exception to that rule.

Not sure if this is truly a new criterium, but if it is, it checks out with all the official princesses.

  • Snow White had all her woodland creatures
  • Cinderella has Jaq and Gus
  • Aurora has woodland creatures as well
  • Ariel has Flounder and Sebastian
  • Belle has Phillipe
  • Jasmine has Rajah (wow, me. You totally forgot Jasmine first time through!)
  • Pocahontas has Meeko and Flit
  • Mulan has Khan and Mushu
  • Tiana has Ray and Luis
  • Rapunzel has Pascal and Max
  • Merida has Angus
  • Moana has Pua and Hei Hei (if she truly is a princess)
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