The (once) greatest racer

Turbo is a mid-line :star::star: control/support hero

Quote:“end of the line glitch!!!”

Description:once a popular arcade game character…now turbo is a power hungry madman that recodes enemies and heals himself and his allies

Basic attack:punches a enemy

Entrance:races in as his pixelizated counterpart until he turns into his 2d look from the movie

Victory:a trophy appears out of nowhere as turbo grabs it and celebrates

Defeat:turbo glitches out



Passive:turbo gives himself a attack power boost every fourth basic attack

Active:Turbo recodes a enemy which charms that enemy for x seconds.

Green:have some candy

Turbo turns into his king candy form and throws candy at his allies which heals them and increases their attack speed.


Turbo gives a thumbs up which increases his allies attack power by x amount

Purple:turbo speed!!!

Turbo gains x amount of health when a enemy he charmed defeats a enemy.


Racing rematch

Turbo now gains x armor and reality when he defeats a charmed enemy.

Bike vs kart

Turbos “turbo-tastic!!!” Skill now gives himself x amount of energy.

Did I inspire you?

Sin Counter

  • I made a same concept a week ago (+1)
  • No comma in quote (+1)
  • Doesn’t everybody “glitch” out when defeated? (+1)
  • 4th Basic Attack?! (+1)
  • Recoding can do much more (+1)
  • As for the Green Skill… King Candy gets his allies sugar high? (+1)
  • The Blue is EXACTLY like the blue skill I made (+1)
  • You can really only have one skill that grants attack speed (+1)
  • The Purple Skill will likely never happen. Because it is very rare for a charmed enemy to K.O. one of it’s allies. And what if you were fighting Xv1? (+1)
  • Vanellope disk is not made correctly (+1)
  • Bike vs. Kart? Quorra rides a damn motorcycle (+1)

Sin Counter: 11


XD this post was a joke btw don’t take it serious XD

Look I’m not gonna fight because there are many things wrong with your sin counter. But I’ll sin it

I said it was a joke

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