The richest adventurer (Scrooge McDuck character concept)

Well I will change it to “There’s no such thing as talent. Only inspiration and ambition.”

I think Scrooge would come in December or January

Better later than NEVER.
Same as KIM :eyes:
I really want both of them.

I would like to get his new version but with costume of with his original version clothes.

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Dude Im pretty sure it’s old version with new costume The blue and red fit him more than black and red

Who’s better?

or in my opinion DarkWing is better

Being fair,why dont you just have 2 suits instead of using 1?

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then you can have both versions

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That’s exactly what I said before.

A costume.

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Well then your the only other smart one here

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1 outfit can used for the normal looking and the another for a custome

Bruh we said the old version is the default and new one is a alternate

Should be vice versa

…I have no interest in this, but to keep it more orderly,

  • Default should be original
  • Default should be new version

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Would prefer the reboot because the old one gets used too often, but any would work

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If only one, I prefer new version.

If there was an option to vote for comic version of Scrooge in the game I would have gone for that :-). A style I think could fit really well with the game as well as in my view ^^.


I have some DuckTales Comics and yes the artwork is super good I like the classic DuckTales art work more because it’s more detailed and also Scrooge’s outfit got turned red and black and Donald’s outfit got turned black a little to much black for new outfits but technology comic Scrooge is classic Scrooge

Yeah, comic Scrooge is the classic Scrooge or at least the original Scrooge and was what I was referring to :-).

I don’t mind the original Ducktales Scrooge’s design, but the new one is just a bit too weirdly stylized for me which might be partly due to me liking the comics so much.

As for Donald I can say that his sailor suit in the comics is usually black, but when in other clothes his main color is usually blue yeah :-).
Here is an example of how Donald is in the comics clothing wise beside the hat, and I suppose this page could give some ideas to Scrooge’s attacks in Disney Heroes :-).

In case wondering, it is Scrooge protecting his bin against the Beagle Boys, and yes in comics he does now and then in the comics have a blunderbuss even if it usually just show/threatening and not actually firing it. Same with the cannon.

This is the most likely choice Original Scrooge and Comics Scrooge as his costume because Comic Scrooge is both Original and new combined basically lol

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Here is a fun fact about Scrooge. He was only meant to appear in one comic and never to appear again

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