The sailor man

1 star,frontline,tank


Bio:using the power of spinach (and his bare hands) this classic sailor man beats up all the evil palooka’s

Quote:“im tough to the finish, cause i eat me spinach, im popeye the sailor man”

Basic attack:punches a enemy

Entrance:runs in

Victory:takes his pipe out of mouth and laughs

Defeat:flips around a number of times before landing face first


White:fists of fury

Players have to choose a enemy in which then Popeye punches that enemy a bunch of times which damages the enemy chosen for x amount

Green:wind-up blow

Popeye winds up his fist and delivers a powerful wind-up punch which damages the enemy hit by x amount and stuns that enemy for 15 seconds

Blue:i eat me spinach

Popeye eats a can of spinach which increases his attack power by 20%

Purple:sailor strong

Popeye now shields all his allies when using his “wind up blow” skill

Red skill

Popeyes basic attack now deals 15% more damage per blow


Open ocean
Wind up blow now takes armor

Popeyes wind-up blow skill now takes away armor from the enemy hit

Cartoon violence
I eat me spinach now heals allies

Popeyes i eat me spinach skill now heals allies by 15% per star


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facepalms this the hero concepts section…you can do concepts on disney and non-disney characters (likey and unlikely)

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Who should i do next??

  • The count(unlikely, sesame street)
  • Lola bunny(unlikely, space jam)
  • Brer rabbit(likely, song of the south)
  • Sonny eclipses(semi-likely,tomorrowland)

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I loved popeye as a kid