The sound keeps disappearing


@Polaris I’ve got a bug that I’ve noticed fro a while but haven’t really bothered to report it (no idea why). Parts of the game sound just stop playing. The parts that seem to disappear are the background music that plays on the main screen and game mode lobbies, and parts of the combat fighting sounds. Normally I can make it all come back if I just go to the settings and turn all sound off and on again; but just a few minutes ago (as of typing this) the lobby music just keeps going away shortly after. It seems to disappear after quick changes of screens (in particular during changes of screens into and throughout the invasion lobby. Speaking of invasion, there’s this weird bug where if I defeat a boss on the first try, the screen that shows the hp of the boss being deleted and then the KO animation doesn’t always show that animation. Sometimes it just stops at 1 hp, but it still gives me the rewards for KO’ing it) anyway, back to what I was saying. It’s starting to get rather annoying.
Another sound bug that I’ve seen, yet not as often, seems to only happen in the normal campaign (elite, too, maybe). If I start a fight in a campaign stage at the wrong moment, the lobby music will continue to play, overlapping with the combat music. After the fight, the combat music will stop as normal and the lobby music will continue. Weird and annoying stuff. Hope this can be fixed soon! (Oof. Sorry for the essay length bug report)



An add on to what I said: The disappearing sounds isn’t limited to the invasion. I’ve seen it happen when switching screens pretty much everywhere. Also, here’s some specific examples of missing combat sounds in invasion: all of the enemies in the boss battle are missing sounds, including the boss getting hurt sounds made when it shows how much damage you did after the fight.



The Boss HP bug will be fixed in an upcoming update.

For the sound, we are investigating some issues with sound, and I can add your info to the ticket.



@Polaris In addition to the invasion bug, this might be a bug- I’m not sure. If I defeat a boss on the first try, no message about my destroying it shows up in the boss lobby. Again, I’m not sure if this is a bug or not.



This isn’t a bug. Only bosses that are available for the guild to battle appear in the log.



I was wondering if that might be it