The Telltale Series Chapters 17-20

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Chapter 17: Atlantis

Quaz: [85/100] :grin:

Jasmine: [95/100] :sunglasses:

Arthur: [70/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Will: [50/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Silver: [5/20] :raised_hand:

Attina: [20/20] :handshake:


Experience (Level 4): [2200/4000]

Charisma: Unlocked
Manners: Unlocked
Agility: Locked
Cunning: Unlocked
Strength: Unlocked
Weapon Knowledge: Unlocked

Dueling: Unlocked
Hand to Hand: Locked
Heavy Weaponry: Locked

Discovered Kingdom skills:

Wizardry: Unlocked
Spiritual Assistance: Unlocked
Polymorphing: Locked
???: Locked
???: Locked

You’ve just swum up through a pool and now gaze upon the breath taking underground island paradise, Atlantis. Your mission is to steal, borrow, or trade to obtain some of their tech so you can gain admittance to the Tech Kingdom where you can find the fourth artifact.

You shake your head to clear your thoughts as a dozen Atlantians cross a bridge to meet you. The woman in front seems to be the leader. She Greets Ariel first then turns to the rest of you.

Atlantian Leader: Welcome, Ariel’s friends, to Atlantis!

She raises a crystal tied to a string around her neck and the water around you begins to glow. After another moment, you realize you have feet instead of fins again. The backpack on your shoulders is heavier now that it’s out of water and it’s hard to get a good angle to set it on the rim of the pool. You see one of the Atlantians coming over to help you with your burden.

  • Let them take it sheepishly.
  • Set it on the rim and insist on carrying it (Requires Strength)
  • Thank them for carrying it for you. (Requires Manners)

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You offer a light smile as the Atlantian gently helps you out of the pack before heaving it onto his own. You pull yourself out of the water and thank him. He returns your gratitude with a light nod and a slight smile of his own.

+5 Atlantians Favor

+200 Experience
Experiene: [2400/4000]

Atlantian Leader: I am Kida. You will be our guests while you are here, but you cannot tarry long.

Kida leads the way towards the city and you and your companions follow amongst the contingent of Atlantians, all of whom eye you with child-like curiosity. Ariel is ahead of your group, chatting with Kida. She’s now wearing a sky blue dress, the hems just at her ankles.

You glance around furtively, looking for any of the technology. Just then something zooms overhead, shaped somewhat like a giant fish, though this is made out of metal and has the blue glow, not unlike the crystals glow, coming from places on it’s back sides. Silver notices them too and offers you a smirk when he sees your dumbfounded face.

Silver :raised_hand: : Those crystals have so much power, the little ones they wear around their necks can power those massive thrusters. Sure, the machines aren’t as fast as some of the ones in the tech kingdom, but imagine if they were applied to the tech there? It’d be so much faster.

You blink at the word he used. Thrusters. Strange new word, but it settles into your vocabulary quite easily. You slap Silver’s wrist when you see him attempting to steal a man’s crystal and shake your head with a sigh. You need to keep an eye on him or he’s going to get you into a heap of trouble.

  • Distract him with a question about himself.
  • Distract him with a question about the natives.
  • Distract him with a question about the crystals.

0 voters

You: You know, I don’t know much about you. Tell me about yourself.

Silver retracts his hand again and looks over at you with a raised eyebrow.

Silver :raised_hand: : I’m a pirate. I prefer being a space pirate but… this is where the money’s at.

You: I meant more than that.

Silver :raised_hand: : Yah, I know… Well, I don’t know much about you either, so why don’t we trade?

You: Alright.

Silver :raised_hand: : First thing, John Silver isn’t my real name, it’s the dread pirate name. Real name is Jim. Jim Hawkins

The two of you catch up and you learn a bit more about him while keeping him from getting into trouble. Apparently he found a treasure on a planet but gave it up so he could roam space with another pirate, who upon dying, left Jim with his name. Despite being a famous pirate, he’s been generally unsuccessful in obtaining loot that he can sell. He wants to earn enough gol to rebuild his mom’s inn for her and that’s why he needs something from outside the kingdom he can sell.

+5 Silver Favor

Eventually, the two stop gabbing as Kida brings you into a throne room and most of the other Atlantians head off with the supplies.

Kida: So, what brings you to Atlantis?

  • The beauty
  • The tech
  • The culture.

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You: Word has spread that you have technology that puts the rest of the world to shame, I wanted to see it for myself.

Kida: Feel free to look to your hearts content, but the tech and crystals do not leave our city. Is that clear?

You: Understood.

Kida nods before standing swiftly and speaking rapidly to the others in another language. Before long, the Atlantians have divided up, each one coming to stand next to your group.

Kida: These Atlantians will take you on a tour. You may go wherever you wish, I only ask that you stay with them.

You all nod and the Atlantians take you out of the room. As they lead on in front of you, your group comes closer and whispers to you.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Okay, now what?

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : We can’t just grab it and go because we need those fins if we’re going to get out of here.

Silver :raised_hand: : Which means there’s only one thing we can do.

You nod. What is your best chance to get the tech?

Tutorial: You are about to perform a heist! Any strategy will work and awards loads of experience, but each will also cost you the favor of some people so be mindful of the decisions you make. Not being able to perform any of the heist options will cause you to lose experience and favor, afterall, you should have already earned enough experience to do one of these options at least.

  • Explain your entire story and beseech them to part with the tech. (Requires Charisma, Dueling, and Strength.)
  • Create a distraction then take the important pieces of tech and smuggle them out. (Requires Cunning, Weapon Knowledge, and Hand to Hand)
  • Steal the tech and get a hostage to give you fins to escape. (Requires Agility, Manners, and Heavy Weaponry)
  • Hope someone else has a plan.

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You: We’re going to do this diplomatically, like we always have before. That’s the best chance we stand of accomplishing anything.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Agreed. So far most of the people we’ve met have been very helpful to our cause once they learned what it was. I don’t see why this need be any different.

Silver :raised_hand: : Cause? What cause? Am I the only one who is clueless here?

Esmeralda: Yup. But that means you can hear it when we tell Kida.

Silver :raised_hand: : Oh no… are you guys a bunch of do-gooders?

Silver makes a gagging sound with his mouth, but Will rolls his eyes.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Actually, we’ve got more important reasons to do this. Troy, if you think this is our best shot, then I’ll go along. You haven’t led us wrong once… well, except for maybe that time when you–

Esmeralda: Let’s save the exaggerated story telling for later, shall we? We have work to do.

You plot out the plan with your group and then you split off for the tour. The first step requires you to gain the approval of the Atlantians by showing them you mean only the best. You all are on your best behavior, even Silver, for the duration of the tour as you learn how life has been for them and even try tasting some enormous looking shrimp-like delicacy. All in all, the Atlantians seemed pleased with you all.

Atlantians Favor +5

After the tour has ended, the Atlantians take you back to the throne room where Kida and Ariel are waiting for you.

Kida: You have returned! I trust you have had time to enjoy our wonderful cultural, my new friends?

You: We did indeed. Your culture is breathtaking. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Kida nods in agreement with you, a look of pride playing across her features before her neutral expression reforms.

Kida: I thank you for your kind words, but… now you must leave our fair city.

You: Before we go, Kida… I hope you will hear me out for this favor I ask of you.

Kida glances at the Atlantian guard then turns towards you, you wince as you see the grip on her spear tighten and the trust fade from her eyes.

Kida: You may ask, but it is my power whether or not I grant it.

You are tactful with your request, starting by explaining your story thus far, and driving home the points of sympathy. You include Jasmine’s deportation, and portray Will and Elizabeth as star crossed lovers who have been separated by this fiendish curse. Kida and her guards listen with rapt attention, and you are pleased with your story telling skills. Finally, by the end, you finish the story with your request.

You: And so, for us to complete our quest, we need to present a technology to the Tech Kingdom. We were hoping that was something you could provide.

Kida is silent for a very long moment, pondering.

+5 Atlantians Favor

The Atlantians are now your allies.

Kida: My people love you, outsiders. They think you are kind, and truly innocent.

Her eyes harden.

Kida: But not I. I remember all to well the last group of people who entered here with your friendliness. They ended it by attempting to burn down our city and steal our crystal.

You: We differ from them. We are not here to steal, that is why we have asked you for permission.

Kida waves a hand.

Kida: But if I refused? Hmm? You are determined to enter the Tech Kingdom. To that end, you need our technology. You ask, but only so you do not have to take.

Atlantian Soldier: Forgive me, my Queen, but these are people in need of help, as we were before they who dwell in the ocean helped us. Surely we can offer the same to these here?

The other Atlantians present nod in agreement with that Atlantian.

The Atlantians tried to persuade Kida to let you take their tech. The Atlantians have passed their favor test!

Kida subtly surveys the room, frowning at the agreement flooding throughout the chamber. Finally she sighs.

Kida: If my people wish to be so naive, then I can only comply with them. You may take our tech, but our crystals which power it will not leave Atlantis.

You sweep into a humble bow in agreement.

You: Deal, thank you.

Kida waves you away with a sigh and barks some orders to the guards who lead you from the room, and up a staircase to a room full of the machines. The guards remove a segment of paneling from one of the machines and you gape at the circuitry. Finally, they hand you a single piece from the machine.

Atlantian Guard: This is the crystal energy conversion conduit. It’s what makes are tech what it is.

Atlantian Soldier: At the same time, it will take another kingdom a long time to figure out how it works and how to use it.

Atlantian Engineer: In essence, it grants you access without granting the Tech Kingdom a thing.

You take the crystal energy conversion conduit and stow it in your pack. Before exiting the hall and reentering the throne room where Kida still sits.

Kida: Now that you have what you came here for. You may leave. Ariel has already left and awaits you at the pool.

Just then a guard runs in, out of breath.

Atlantian Guard: My queen! My crystal was stolen from around my neck!

He surveys your group before gesturing at Silver harshly.

Atlantian Guard: It was that man whom I saw!

Silver rolls his eyes but backs away.

Silver :raised_hand: : If I had stolen it… you wouldn’t even know it was me.

Kida: This is how you repay my kindness, I see? Then you will find yourselves in the same fate as the last group which came through here.

Kida stands up, spear gleaming in hand as she advances menacingly towards your group, a guard entourage alongside her.

-15 Atlantians Favor

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Silver, I’m gonna kick your butt myself if we get out of here.

Jasmine whipped out her daggers, Will ripped his saber from it’s sheathe.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : If you steal something, you aren’t supposed to get caught till after you are already leaving, Silver. You’re a terrible pirate, and I don’t mean it in a good way.

Esmeralda stands near the back of the group, face pale and fists balled up uncomfortably. Right, she doesn’t fight. Esmeralda quickly reached a hand into a little bag tied around her waist and pulled it out before blowing it around your group.

Esmeralda: Let’s go!

You hear the clamor of voices and shouting, as well as see the faint glow of crystal as Kida and her soldiers charge through the pink fog now shrouding you all. You draw your blade and parry a strike as it comes through the fog, then turn on heal and run out the door. Jasmine parries one guards attack before sweeping him down with her other dagger, and Will trips the other guard before pushing him over the wall. Silver is in the lead, dodging attacks and countering with a fighting style you’ve never seen before. He easily disarms an Atlantian by poking them with two fingers in strategic locations. In between you all, Esmeralda jogs ahead, surveying all around her with great care.

One soldier yells and you whirl around to face him. You just manage to parry his spear, but he runs full force into you, landing on top of you and crushing you. He brings his hands to your neck and begins to squeeze. Your vision blackens at the edges until you feel his jaw beneath your hand. You pull back and punch, and he goes down. As your vision slowly returns you shove him off of you and dart to your feet, surging back towards the pool. An Atlantian is waiting there, eyes closed and gripping their crystal, the pool pulsing with the crystals magic. How fortunate that they are not paying attention to all the chaos.

Your companions must have already jumped into the water because they are nowhere to be seen. You leap in, forgetting to hold your breath, but you don’t need to anyways. You feet bind back together and suddenly you feel able to propel yourself faster than ever before. Esmeralda is waiting for you before she continues down the tunnel you first came through. You actually pulled this off in the end!

+1000 Experience
Experience: [3400/4000]

+15 Will Favor
+5 Jasmine Favor
-20 Attina Favor

You call out to everyone, including Ariel to wait. It takes a moment for everyone to process, but they have soon pulled up next to you.

Ariel: Why are we stopping?

Ariel asks this innocently, evidently oblivious to what went down.

  • Rail on Silver for causing this trouble.
  • Say you just wanted to catch your breath.
  • Say you wanted to make sure everyone was here.

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You: We left in a hurry, I just want to be sure that everyone’s here.

Ariel: Oh, well…

She glances around at everyone.

Ariel: I’d say everyone is!

She grinned brightly as I surveyed the group. Silver was at the edge. He seemed to be pouting. While you’re thinking about it, he did come here for crystal. Not incorporating that into the plan is most likely why he had to steal one and cause the trouble. You sigh heavily. Bringing it up will accomplish precious little, so you don’t. You see Silver notice your gaze, brace for a lecture, and then relax slightly when you turn away.

You: Okay, everyone’s here. Let’s go on, shall we?

Ariel: Right this way!

Ariel grins cheerfully before swimming off again. Jasmine offers you a worried look, as if she knows what you are thinking about before swimming off after her. You and Silver are the only ones left, and he seems to be struggling to say something to you.

Silver :raised_hand: : Look, I’m… I didn’t…

You wave a hand through the water.

You: Let’s talk about it later.

Silver :raised_hand: : Oh… yes… uh… later is good.

And with that you swim after your companions, Silver following.

+5 Silver Favor

You swim back through the reefs and tunnels you did before, but your heart is full of dread and the bright colors swirling around you can’t take your mind off it, off what you’ve done.

After an agonizingly long trip, you make it back to Attina. She has her arms crossed and looks absolutely livid. You brace yourself for a lecture involving yelling, threats, and perhaps lightning, but it never comes. She stands their icily as Ariel swims off then turns to you all eyes narrowed.

Attina: I trust you found what you were looking for?

Her words come out between clenched teeth and you can’t help but notice her white knuckled grip on the trident.

You: We have succeeded in getting the tech, yes. I thank you for your help, Attina.

Attina sighs heavily.

Attina: Relations with the Atlantians are rocky now, but it is not something they will not get over… I refuse to hand you all over to them, your mission is too great and you weren’t all responsible.

You nod in thanks but she sweeps her gaze over you all before pointing at Silver, eyes firey.

Attina: However, I see no reason why I cannot return the perpetrator to them. It would go a great deal to absolve these rocky relations with them and make them feel more justified.

Silver’s eyes widen and his breath quickens as he eyes all around him, seeming to look for a means of escape.

Silver :raised_hand: : Who me? Oh, no no! I’m not going back to Atlantis!

Attina: I didn’t ask what you wanted.

Attina raises her trident and you know in another moment it’ll be too late. You’d have to interject now, but should you? Silver has already been of use, and he might be again in the tech kingdom, but going in with a known criminal also might make things more difficult, not less.

Silver :raised_hand: : I uh… no!

Silver turns to you, pleadingly.

  • Tell Attina Silver is vital to your quest.
  • Stay silent.

0 voters

You: Attina… we need Silver with us. We’ve never been in the Tech Kingdom before and he’d make an excellent guide throughout it.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Plus, who would drive his sub there if not him?

Silver :raised_hand: : Ah, yes, See? I am needed by these people? Surely you wouldn’t prevent them from completing their quest?

Attina sighed heavily

Attina: …Ugh. All right. I will allow you to take him back with you, but I want that crystal returned.

Attina held out her hand. Silver seemed about to refuse, then sighed and closed his eyes as he put a hand into one of his pockets and pulled out the crystal necklace and handed it to Attina. Attina gripped it tightly in her hand then whirled around to a nearby Merman and whispered something to him. He nodded as she deposited the crystal in his hand and he took off.

Attina: Alright, get out of here. If I ever see you in my waters again, Silver, I’ll ship you straight to the Atlantians. Clear?

Silver paused, a bemused smile on his face.

Silver :raised_hand: : Crystal.

And with that, she raised the trident and everyone’s fins evaporated as you were deposited on dry land by the sub where Quaz and Arthur awaited you.

Arthur :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : You’re back!

Quaz :grin: : Ah, Master Troy, you are looking well.

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Atlantis was breat taking, you guys really missed out!

Arthur :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : I don’t know, while you were gone, I was practicing doing whatever it was I did while we were in te animal kingdom, and I did it again! I don’t know what kind it is… I guess it’s magic, and it seems to be all I can do, but it’s so cool!

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Who’d have thought the little kid would have the magic. Huh.

Esmeralda: Let’s not waste anymore time, we have to keep moving.

Quaz :grin: : Ah, so you got what you went there for?

You: Yup, all good to go!

Meanwhile, Silver has already boarded his submarine.

Silver :raised_hand: : All aboard getting out of here, climb on in!

Everyone quickly shuffles inside, but Silver stops you by the door.

Silver :raised_hand: : Troy… thanks for getting me out of that… I didn’t…

He closes his eyes and shakes his head, then opens them again and shuffles away.

+10 Silver Favor

Silver is now your ally!

With Silver piloting, you soon surface near the gate again. You all hop out and you take the engine part out of your pack. It’s still warm to the touch. Something in it must prevent it from getting wet. Interesting.

Robot Guard: None may enter the Tech Kingdom unless they bring a new tech.

You: But we have a new tech. A part of an engine from Atlantis!

Robot Guard: Brrrt Atlantis?

You nod.

Robot Guard: Entrance we grant to all in your party!

The gates open and you all finally enter. Inside, several technicians await you. As soon as you hand over the part to them, they inspect it before nodding to several robots. The robots step forward, and grab you each by your arms.

You: Hey! Let go!

Robot Guard: You will be simulated. Your knowledge will be ours!

Jasmine :sunglasses: : Silver, what the heck is this?

Silver :handshake: : I don’t know! This has never happened before, I swear!

Quaz let’s out a screech as one robot tries to pin him and he tears off the robot’s arm before batting it over the head with it. It goes down, screeching. Meanwhile, Arthur concentrates and a burst of light discharges from his fingertips before slamming into the guard on him and sending them flying.

Arthur :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Don’t even think about tieing me up again!

Arthur draws Excalibur from it’s sheathe and slashes it into the circuitry of the robot holding Will causing them to go limp.

Will :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: : Woah, nice one, Arthur!

Will whips around and parries the attack of another robot with his saber while Quaz frees Jasmine. You observe all of this as the guard pinning you painfully lifts you off your feet, now carrying you solely by your arms. You feel your bones creaking as he carts you down a hall, Silver next to you. Esmeralda is back with your other friends, obviously being freed. You hear Jasmine call after you before a metal door slides down, blocking them from you. The robot throws you into a white room and you land painfully on one of your arms, screaming out as you hear it crack beneath you.

Silver is no where to be seen and you gape around the room as you adjust your position, cradling your broken arm and scooching to a corner of the room. The silence is complete except for a faint hum coming from the walls. You can’t help but call out.

You: Quaz? Jasmine? Will? Arthur? Silver? … anyone? Someone… help… help me!

You stammer weakly, but there is no response to your pleas…

Chapter Complete

Quaz: [85/100] :grin:

Jasmine: [100/100] :sunglasses:

Arthur: [70/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Will: [65/100] :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Silver: [20/20] :handshake:


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