The Tough As Nails Tomboy

Name: Spinelli
Source: Disney’s Recess
Team: Blue
Class: Tank, Stun
Stars: 2
Position: Front

Quote: “They’ll listen to me once I introduce them to my good friend, Madame Fist!”

  • Animations
    ** Entrance: Spinelli puts up her dukes.
    ** Victory: Spinelli kisses her bicep.
    ** Defeat: Spinelli pulls her hat down over her face, and screams.

  • Skills
    ** White Skill: “Knuckle Sandwiches”. Spinelli gives a flurry of powerful punches.
    ** Green Skill: “Give 'Em The Boot”. Spinelli stomps the ground, causing a shockwave that damages all enemies.
    ** Blue Skill: “Going Down Fighting”. After being defeated, Spinelli gets back up, with at least half of her HP.
    ** Purple Skill: “Put Some Sole In It!” Give 'Em The Boot also stuns enemies.
    ** Red Skill: “Off The Mat”. Spinelli becomes temporarily invincible after Going Down Fighting.

  • Friendships

  • Spinelli and Dash
    ** Campaign: My Heart Races.
    ** Disk: Quick Romance- Chance to dodge projectiles +Attack Speed
    ** Description: Spinelli inadvertently makes Dash fall in love with her when he sees her defeat a wave of creeps singlehandedly.
    ** Allies: Tigger, Joy, Elsa

  • Spinelli and Minnie Mouse
    ** Campaign: Sugar, Mice, And Everything Nice.
    ** Description: Minnie tries to make Spinelli less abrasive and more girly, while Spinelli tries not to strangle Minnie.
    ** Disk: Improper Lady- Knuckle Sandwiches knocks back enemies.
    ** Allies: Jasmine, Rapunzel, Captain Amelia.

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