The Underminer

Entrance: Comes out of the ground and walks out

Basic Attack: The Underminer walks up to an enemy and uses Jackhammer to punch his enemies a few times.

Victory Pose: digs underground to leave while shaking two money bags

Defeat: The drill shuts down and falls over on Underminer

Trials Team: Red

Quote “Behold the Underminer, I am always beneath you but NOTHING is beneath me! I hereby declare war on peace and happiness! Soon all will tremble before me!”

White Skill: Undercut
Fantastic Damage

The Underminer climbs in his drill and drills underground, then comes out in front of his enemies pushing frontmost enemies back.

Green Skill: Terrifying Laugh
Fantastic Damage
The Underminer laughs in his microphone, scaring enemies for 10 seconds.
Scared enemies crit on Fantastic.

Blue Skill: Dirty Drilling

Normal Damage
The Underminer drills into the ground and dirt flies at enemies dealing damage, and blinding them.

Purple Skill: Consider Yourself Undermined!
Whenever Underminer performs Terrifying Laugh he heals for X HP and gains armor

Red Skill: All Will Tremble!
Whenever Underminer uses basic attacks, he heals for X HP, and everytime he uses it; the next time, the attack deals higher damage; this stacks up to 5 times.

Whenever he uses Terrifying Laugh he also silences enemies. The silence has a chance to fail against enemies at level X.

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