The World's Dumbest Chicken (Hei Hei Character Concept)

Hei Hei

Role: Tank

Position: Front

“Bawk, Bawk”

Despite the fact that this chicken lacks the intelligence for… everything, he does not give up on protecting his friend.

Entrance: Walks to position and trips

Victory: Pecks the ground

Defeat: His eye begins to twitch

Basic Attack: Pecks an enemy

White Skill: Rock Hard: Hei Hei swallow a rock and spits it back out at enemies, stunning them.

Green Skill: BAWKAAAA!!!: Hei Hei lets out a loud sqwack, silencing enemies.

Blue Skill: Chicken Feed: Hei Hei munches on seeds healing him, but his messy eating causes seeds to fling at enemies.

Purple Skill: Hidden Strengths: Chicken Feed increase attack.

Red Skill: Far Beneath the Surface: BAWKAAAA!!! increase armor negotiation.




Campaign: A Wild Chicken Stunt: Gonzo borrows Hei Hei for chicken-only stunt, much to a worrying Moana

Disk: Playing Chicken

Disk Memory: Rock Hard adds a stack of hardy

Disk Power: X Tenacity


Campaign: Witless Protection: Maximus protects Hei Hei while bringing him back to Moana.

Disk: Witless Protection

Disk Memory: Applies a shield at the beginning of each waves

Disk Power: X armor X Reality

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So strong men :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::wink:

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