They made Kim even worse

The massive damage increase is great but most of her utility is gone now!
Like what warrants such huge trade-offs??

Before people use Kim because even though her damage wasn’t that good her utility went a long way, but now she’s at best a gimmicky damage dealer which is often outperformed by a control hero.

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I might get hated on, but many players EXPLOITED Kim prior to her refresh.

Although Kim as a damage hero, people used her as a control (with stun) AND support (team heal) hero. Polaris removed these features, preventing this “exploit”, and making many angry.

The increase in damage signifies that Kim is DAMAGE, not support or control.

One thing I can agree on? The Health increase was too low!


Polaris is not behind the game’s development, Polaris is only the community manager, you meant PB or PerBlue. Also

Be this as it may, just because a character is one role does not mean they are, or should be, completely trash in another role. A good in game character is one that has utility in every aspect whilst being great at their primary role.

For example, Maximus and Pooh are Tanks, but they do good Damage. Cheshire is a Control, but his Damage is insane. Slinky is a Tank, but his skillset is almost a pseudo Support with the Shields, Armor and Reality he provides.

However this, I can say, I agree with, as most probably would.

Her HP increase was very minimal and some 2019 heroes have more honestly, which is just oof.


How did i forget about that

Also yes I did mean PerBlue, I just assumune they are the same thing when they are not since Polaris works at PB



… Cheshire and Basil definitely doesn’t make that sentence worthless.

Well… 4% more is equal to nothing.

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Ay, the thing is the newer characters are kind of blending into other roles. They’re becoming multi-class characters while still being good at what their doing with the primary role. Kim fitted into that but lost most of it and is now very specific in one, albeit mediocre at best.

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Genie and WALL-E have been doing it for years.

I think it is fine if characters multiclass as in having 2 types of class, it is when they triple class or semi-triple class that things get a bit too much.

Like Wall-E is a Control and Support(Utility) Hybrid which I think it fine, and technically these days he lean more towards Support(Utility) than Control in my view at least.

If Maximus and Cheshire Cat were just multiclass characters as in just Tank/Damage and Control/Damage they would have made them more balanced, but both are also Self-Healers which I think is what make them more so game breaking, or at least at the time they were released.

While it is true Kim Possible were in theory a triple class characters, but from what I understand she were more so a Support/Control hybrid since her damage were so outclassed that she wasn’t used as a Damage characters.
From what I understand Kim Possible’s damage is still outclassed damage wise, unless her Battle Badge changed that, but yeah from what I understand now a Damage class characters with some leftovers from her Support/Control days. Unfortunately though even if she is a Damage class character now, unless the Battle Badge change it she is still really outclassed damage wise and as not really worth investing in compared to before.

That’s how I at least understand Kim Possible’s situation and multiclassing/triple classing.

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Max is 4-in-1.

Huge BD and reality boost.
Huge HP, defence stats and self-heal.
Huge damage.

But she was able to perform one thing at time, not all three :frowning:

Battle badge didn’t change anything, like for all other heroes, plus her stat boost is terrible, she doesn’t need that energy but evasion.

As for her damage… fine… good… but if PB will again give worthless badges for her she will be lost once again, she needs armor negation, evasion and a bit of crit damage. Y0 really did good for her, finally her stats are working, the amounts are still small though.

Ah, true Maximus have the Apple stun part as well, although that’s single stun and not AOE stun.

True if that’s how Kim Possible’s kit works, and if so while she was still in theory a triple class character even if she wasn’t all of them at once. Sounds like it was balanced enough for me, so she didn’t really need to have all of her Team Healer abilities taken away and not just healing herself Self-Healer wise.

It is at least good that she got better badges with Y0, even if she unfortunately might be given bad badges in the future.
So her damage is okey these days or is it better to instead use Wasabi, Rocketeer or Hamm?
If the answer Wasabi, Rocketeer and/or Hamm then it goes to show that it is better to not focus on Kim Possible and that her refresh wasn’t gotten strong enough to actually do her Damage role job.

You defo have a point here. Some people I know are actually a bit frustrated with how roles are starting to not mean much in this game anymore. Maximus and Cheshire Cat seemed to have really started this trend but I have noticed ever since Wasabi, this trend has ended. At least for right now. Sort of.

Wasabi’s clearly Damage, Rocketeer is also clearly Damage, Mr. Big is clearly Control, Drakken is clearly Control, Demona is clearly Damage, and Barley is…definitely a Tank but with Support elements. Still, we have a oddball in Hamm this year who doesn’t seem to have found a place yet. He Saps like a Control, but Reflects like a Tank, and changes his position so his skillset is just awkward. Barley has a slightly awkward skillset also, but so far, if you know how to build a team around his Encourage buff, he can be lethal and soak up damage. Not bad.

Going back to Kim though, I feel like keeping her CC elements wouldn’t have broken her “niche” as PB puts it. It would actually make her a even more viable and reliable Damage that can also Stun, heal and do all that good stuff. My biggest hope is PB keeps her better damage, increases her HP and gives back her CC. That’s really it.


As someone who used to use him way back before he even had friendships, he’s always been more useful as a support than a control. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as Kim goes, I’ve fought her a few times in Arena, and I’ve yet to be impressed. She’s not common and I don’t use her, so I don’t have many thoughts about her. :thinking:

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It is :eyes:
It’s quite


Not AoE nor single target cause the apple doesn’t stun :sweat_smile:


Might be me who is misremembering there and sorry about that ;^^.

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