Things people should know about Heists but don't

  1. “Guard” is a useful option. Suppose there’s a fight happening (ambush after searching for clues or maybe an accomplice or bodyguard). Only one character is initiating that fight and you want the rest of your team to help out. How do you get them close enough? Should I have them go to nearby “points of interest”? No. Touch the map near the fight in an open space. You then have the guard option available to you. Have your team guard near the fight before starting the fight.

Honestly, I’ve seen people in super hard heists who haven’t learned this yet.

Also, to find the best spot possible, get a closer view of the map.

  1. NEVER use your white skills. That means you need to make sure “auto” is off.

Why? Well, your energy meter is also your speed on the map. There’s nothing worse than when you have a character with an empty meter who needs to travel across the map. Seeing “2m” or even sometimes “3m” for your arrival time is quite disheartening. You need to get there faster! So don’t use your energy meter. Don’t use your white skills. You can still win every fight.

There are exceptions, like when you get stuck fighting the thief when the bodyguards ( in super hard mode) are still around, or when you’re fighting in the hideout.

But whatever you do, don’t steal someone else’s heroes and also destroy their energy meter.

  1. Super hard and very hard heists are different from easy heists. Guarding gems is a waste of time in super hard and very hard heists.

Yes, it would be nice to get the points for having all the gems protected… but we need your heroes actually doing things.

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Well, I would argue with some things.

  1. You can use your white skill if you’re sure it defeats the enemy to regain your energy.
  2. Defending gems in Hard modes IS helpful. It makes you more money. When you start the Heist of 5 players, each can send 2 of his/her weakest to guard gems.

‘Rest’ is significantly better for this purpose. Guarding is usually pointless, while ‘Resting’ allows the hero to recover their energy while waiting.

This is hugely dependent on who’s playing in the heist and their heros’ power. I totally agree that conserving energy is one of the most important things about heist, and battles should always be played on manual, but it’s much better to use a few skills than to take a loss! (though yeah, players at or approaching the 125 level cap should usually breeze through Super Hard heist without using skills).

I disagree here in most cases, if 5 people are playing the heist that still leaves 15 heroes available to ‘do things’. It just depends how quickly you want the heist to go - if you’re trying to sneak one in while on the loo, then by all means leave the gems, but otherwise I don’t think there’s any reason to ignore them.


I agree with you. But when people are blitzing, you aren’t thinking straight. A strategy I’d do is

  1. Guard all gems
  2. Search for clues outside the white circle
  3. Look for clues inside the white circle when it is at its smallest size

It doesn’t count as blitzing


I will never support this strategy. Yes, everybody does it, but a complete VH heist with 7 gems? Man, that’s not something to be proud of.


Re: guarding gems

Let’s take a typical super hard heist in which you’re lucky to (after waiting for a very long time) to finally get a third person (some heists seem to start with a second player instead because it can take so long to wait for a 3rd). Now are you gonna guard gems? Let’s see how that would work out.

If you’re not guarding all of the gems, then it’s a waste of time ( because gems can still be stolen). So all 10 gems need to be guarded. There are only 15 heroes at the moment. So two players use their entire teams, leaving only one guy to do things like defeat the bodyguards and accomplices. And maybe you think that’s fine, it’ll just take a while.

But then eventually the thief tries to steal a gem. One guy’s hero chases after the thief. What now? He probably can’t defeat the thief by himself (especially if bodyguards haven’t been eliminated since only one player has been going after them). So he needs more heroes. Where do they come from? You can’t take heroes off gems because that’ll leave them undefended. So, you have to hope that one guy whose heroes are free can lend a hand. But maybe he can’t. Maybe he’s fighting a bodyguard right at that moment Or his heroes are too far away for you to steal them. Or worse yet, you steal his heroes just before he manages to hit the fight button for a fight of his own, so you end up killing the guys left behind because you stole the heroes he needed to fight his own fight because you’re such a selfish person. Regardless, there aren’t enough heroes to go around and pretending like there are enough heroes is just to get people killed. And if you try fighting the thief without stealing heroes that will probably result in the thief winning and stealing the gem anyway, so what was the point?

And since the thief has infinite lives, even if you win, you’re not making progress.

Rest is not an option for moving characters though. If I need to get my guys all the way across the map, I have to tell them to guard a spot way over there. I can’t tell them to rest until I want them to stop. But once they’re there, it’s time to fight not rest.

The point that I was trying to make is that a lot of players don’t seem to understand that you can move heroes to a fight without having to send them to a “point of interest”. To do do, “Guard” is the option. “Rest” won’t work

Maybe this might help you.

In Hard and VH heists, have 2-3 heroes guard the gems, and the other searches POIs. Always search inside the white circle, but never on the black circle. Of course, you need to have the other four heist members to do this strategy.

You can move while resting