This current contest

Just for myself, is it a city watch or a arena contest. I don’t see city watch in scoring, only arena. It’s confusing to me

well, you’ve answered your own question :man_shrugging:

@Nugget the contest name/description is wrong.

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The scoring for the Arena contest is correct, the wording does indeed need to be changed. The team is on it!


anybody getting points for leveling up Meilin??

i tried levelling her up, promoting her, but no points were awarded


You receive one round of points for every 30 levels you level her up, not for each level


thanks for the explanation

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but that´s just fairly worthless 55k points :man_shrugging:

Nice wording. Definitely not poorly explained in game.

I’d be interested in seeing your proposed wording for it to make it clearer. Maybe PerBlue could use it next time, to avoid confusion.

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Same for me

On one account I have her at level 113, and have gotten 15,000 points for her; on another, level 85 and 10,000 points. So it’s working for me. What level do you have her at?

Well the wording could be “Get 30 hero levels on Meilin”… :roll_eyes:

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