This invasion combo is almost un-beatable

This week is Blue team week, and there’s this combo that is just un-beatable: Brute + QoH + Megara.

Ignore the other 2 creeps because they die in 2 seconds anyway.

My Blue heroes that are Invasion-ready are Felix, Olaf, Elsa, Alice, Genie, Woody, Zurg, Mad Hatter. That’s already quite a lot because I know some people only build 5 per color-team.

So there’re 3 ways you can usually deal with Megara:

  1. Back-reaching damage (Vanellope, or Elastigirl with Vanellope disk)
  2. Divers (Gaston or Darkwind Duck).
  3. Woody pulling Meg to front
  4. Knock all enemies back so that Meg is practically in front.
    Of course there’s also an option of having your team aoe damage so strong that Meg dies from it anyway, but let’s not talk about that in Invasion…

#1 doesn’t work because there’s no strong enough back-reaching damage in Blue team
#2 doesn’t work because Blue team has only 1 diver: Jessie. And who plays Jessie anyway…
#3 doesn’t work because Woody’s charms would trigger QoH healing, which makes enemies practically unkillable
#4 doesn’t work because Alice’s knock back is Normal damage, so the Brute creep is immune to that

The only 2 ways out of it, as far as I can see, is use Jessie (who might not even dive as far as Meg, and might still be blocked by QoH) or Rex, whose knockback is Fantastic.

I like the idea of synergy and counter, PerBlue, but using some super-hard-to-counter-combo to force us to use a certain hero is Not cool. Enemies should be counter-able in a variety of ways.

Suggestion: makes it so that once the linked enemy reaches 1HP, all of its taken damage will be transferred to Meg, instead of just 25%. Or at least 50-75% of damage, so that Meg is actually kill-able without standing right next to her.


In Invasion, there are some wards are even harder than breaker fights. So in some case, I don’t even try to defeat wards, I fight the breaker fights firsthand with all the buffs I have

And I could still manage to win. Maybe not all. But I think it’d be less tiring and frustrating than trying to defeat some super hard ward (and waste a lot of revives)

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No strong back line damage in blue team? Try Aladdin and/or Jessie and/or Buzz. Buzz & Aladdin are my primary damage dealers for blue.

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Calhoun has a grenade and her Megablast hits all enemies. If the Genie turns the Brute into a flamingo, it becomes a bit easier.

I had my Baymax and Sparrow pretty developed (thank goodness they showed up so much in powerup selections)

Yea that’s another problem with blue team. The options for high fantastic damage (which is super important in Invasion, both for Boss and Breaker) are fairly weak. For Red team you got Quorra who just wrecks anyone, and for Yellow you got Jack and Mike the famous Scare combo. With Blue team you’re stuck with Alice and Elsa who do only okay… And if you build them, you wont have much resources to build guys like Aladdin (although I might try Alladin in 3 weeks). Jessie is just not worth building cos she dies too quick.

I don’t have Elsa or Alice - I use Stitch as my main brute killer, with Jessie as a backup if more damage is needed. This invasion I ran Aladdin, Woody, Stitch, Calhoun, Buzz and reached the last tier comfortably :slight_smile:

Zurg, buzz, Rex, Elsa, stitch (with mh disk)

Aladdin, Jessie is actually decent used properly especially in things like breakers.

It’s only a 51% chance and it’s not that powerful. You may have to go at it a few times until the rng goes your way but you can still do it.

Why not? That’s basically the best way to do invasion.

Honestly, by the fire, that’s a fairly weak breaker. And that combo is not that strong. You also seem to be using too many heroes, pick 5 and stick to them.

The problem isn’t this combo, it’s that you personally don’t have the tools to beat it. And that is by design, the game isn’t designed for you to be able to do everything unless you are willing to dish out a decent amount of money.


Because by the 3rd day of invasion, the enemies’ team power is already 3-4x my team power. It’s really easy to hit a wall. At hitting this wall, it’s about synergy and counter, not brute power

And it’s not “just 51%”. I’ve tried many times. Any time my team has a charm hero, it’s impossible to kill Queen of Heart unless it’s a low breaker.
QoH’s white + blue skill together can one-shot any backline in Breaker fight. There’s really no margin for error vs QoH. She’s a lot like Alice: once they get full energy, it’s time to hit Retry, unless you’re prepared to spend Revives.

But that’s part of invasion. Revives and retrys. Sacrificing heroes and stamina to move forward.

I’ve gotten to about breaker 340 and brute Force still works. On most breakers you either use invincibility to ignore their first white that would insta kill your team at that level. Or you sacrifice a hero to trip their whites. Either way you need to be able to kill those heroes before their whites go off again, or at least get as close as you can so you can revive and finish it.

While you are right about synergy that is based on your Initial team selection, that’s what creates the brute force power. As for counter, once you’re that deep you’re lucky if you stumble upon a team you cpunter.

Oh and yes, QoH gives allies a 51% chance to resist charms and be healed.