This is my first Hero concept lady tiger

Lady tiger

Team red team

White skill tiger magic lady tiger use the power of the tiger miraculous
Green skill water power lady tiger use the power of the power of water tiger for 9 seconds
Blue skill sand magic lady tiger has sand magic for 100% as possible
Purple skill Space power lady eats a Space macaroons and turn to space tiger
For 5 seconds
Red skill strikes on Lady tiger smile for 9 seconds
Mulan IMG_4030

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Stitch IMG_4031

I hope I don’t come across as rude, but you are missing a lot in this concept. This guide can help you a lot if you read it. Of course, making a concept requires a lot of courage since some people might criticize, so good for you for making a Hero Concept!


Is a unlikely Hero concepts

Yeah!I know that, but it doesn’t matter if it is unlikely or likely, they should have the basic components.

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